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Chicago officials release horrifying video of police officer killing 13-year-old Adam Toledo

On Thursday, after weeks of protests and calls for answers and action, the Chicago Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) released footage of the shooting death of 13-year-old Adam Toledo. Toledo was shot and killed by a Chicago Police officer on March 29, 2021, in the predominantly Latino community of Little Village. The video is graphic, and disturbing, and Adam Toledo is clearly a child. He runs from the police officer, who chases him down an alley with a chain-linked fence along the right side. Toledo stops at the fence, slightly turned away from the officer. The officer screams at him to turn around and Toledo turns around, his hands bare and both up in the air at his shoulders—and he is shot. Once in the chest.

Before releasing the video, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot issued a public plea for calm, saying: "We must proceed with deep empathy and calm and importantly, peace," and "No family should ever have a video broadcast widely of their child's last moments, much less be placed in the terrible situation of losing their child in the first place." The video was released with the consent of the Toledo family.

Chicago is going to see unrest tonight. They are going to see unrest because the video is devastating. They are going to see a very small 13-year-old shot and killed, seemingly murdered, by a law enforcement officer. They are going to see an unarmed 13-year-old boy slump down and die in front of their eyes. And besides being fed up with it all, and besides being gaslit over and over again, they are going to remember one thing: Every goddamn thing that law enforcement and city officials said about this shooting was a lie. Every. Goddamn. Detail.

At the time of the shooting, the 13-year-old was called an "offender." For two days, they didn't inform his mother that her son had been killed by police. Police say they were responding to a "shot spotter" alert, a technology that triangulates the sound of gun shots. The Chicago Police even tweeted out an image of a gun against the fence where Toledo was killed, implying he was armed when the officer shot him. The unnamed police officer is reportedly on a month's paid administrative leave.

As WGN 9 reported on Thursday before the release of the footage, "During a bond hearing for 21-year-old Ruben Roman, who was with Adam the night of the shooting, Cook County Assistant State's Attorney James Murphy described the altercation in a proffer: 'The officer tells [Toledo] to drop it as [Toledo] turns towards the officer. [Toledo] has a gun in his right hand.'" The WGN report came with the new information that the state's attorney's office said that the statement was made in error. This is what they actually said:

"An attorney who works in this office failed to fully inform himself before speaking in court."

Then he should be fired or seriously censured I'm guessing, right? That's a super big legal mistake. Prosecutors have also told the judge in that case that Toledo had gun residue on his right hand. Maybe that's true? Maybe he was the one that set off the shot spotter? Maybe the fact that the Chicago police department and the state's attorney's office haven't been honest at any step of this process means that I don't believe them. The burden of proof is on them, not on Adam Toledo. Not on his mother, his grandfather, or the two siblings he leaves behind.

Adam Toledo was 13 years old. He was a seventh-grader at Gary Elementary School.

Fox News tried to launch a comedy show — it did not go well

Greg Gutfeld has always been Fox News' version of Greg Gutfeld. He has positioned himself as the funny person at Fox News, which is sort of like being the best-smelling dung beetle in a pile of manure. He has a new show on Fox, and boy is it a … hoot? Called Gutfeld!, Greg takes on Fox News' versions of the day's events and lampoons the Biden administration and the illiberal media. An early review online by @EvalsAdorable summed up the general overview of the Gutfeld! experience: "It's basically the Daily Show, but without the humor, imagination, or poignant observations."

The show began on Monday, and it was not good. At all. Its second night seems to have solidified Gutfeld's place in history. It's tough to truly explain how not funny this comedy show is. In some respects it is so acutely unfunny that one wonders if Greg Gutfeld might pull off his face mask at some point to reveal Andy Kaufman, back from the great beyond, playing one final long-con performance art piece on right-wing psychosis. But everyone is weighing in, and everyone professional or not, is more of a comedian than Greg Gutfeld will ever be.

There are a few things Gutfeld does on his show: he attacks MSNBC's Brian Williams, making the same joke over and over again—Brian Williams tells big story lies; he says Joe Biden is old and makes jokes about Joe Biden being old and senile; he attacks liberals for being racists who are all white and condescending; and he attacks comedy for being funny. The attacks on Biden and liberals are standard Fox News copy, and the attacks on Brian Williams are likely the result of Gutfeld's financial need to outperform Williams as the two men share a time slot, and Gutfeld's Gutfeld! likely only lives as long as it can compete with Williams.

To be clear, the idea of having a conservative comedy show has long been a holy grail that compassion-free right-wingers have hoped to achieve. You might remember the short-lived Fox News attempt at doing their own Daily Show, back in 2007, Half Hour News Hour. You don't have to watch it, but I would suggest you take a peek at the 50 second mark joke attacking liberals for not being able to tell the difference between television characters and real life politicians.

Half Hour News Hour Snipits

Gutfeld hosted Fox News' Red Eye, a wee hours in the morning show that frequently had on real comedians, in a radio morning-drive-style format. As Red Eye faded away, Gutfeld found himself getting shots on other Fox panels, and the whiff of his sense of humor seems to have been the only quality he had.

Gutfeld's lack of intelligence, and his general mediocrity, has always been touched with this delusion that he was somehow the wry humorist on Fox News panels. Really, he just says the exact same racist shit that the rest of Fox News' hosts say, but from a lightly reclined physical position (see Glenn Beck's use of pens or glasses as a hand prop to denote thoughtfulness and avuncular trust), with a smug (most likely Bill Maher-inspired) turn of the face that indicates to the white supremacist automatons on the panel that he is making a sort of joke and one should laugh after he's finished.

But let's get to the jokes! Trigger warning: These jokes are neither laugh-out-loud funny nor are they groan-out-loud groan-y. In fact they aren't really anything more than somehow more poorly written Fox News copy, said in an approximation of a humorous delivery.

Oh. My.

One of the reasons why conservatives want and need people like Gutfeld to succeed is that humor and satire does have the ability to allow for more controversial opinions to get through into the mainstream without being analyzed for their worth. Not truly great humor, mind you, but being allowed to make generalizations is a part of comedy, and sweeping generalizations are the entirety of the right-wing intellectual platform.

There is also a large comedy market for more libertarian-like (mostly) males that are not nearly as conservative as the Republican Party, but are stressed out about cultural change. Frequently, people like Gutfeld use the excuse that they were "joking" when saying something offensive, hoping to lessen the brunt of the backlash to their putrid ideas. There is a never-ending conversation from the comedy world about "cancel culture," and it is identical to the conversation comedians had about political correctness years ago.

The argument goes that people's livelihoods are being attacked because some people don't find them funny. The comedy-line goes that any comedian should be allowed to say anything because comedians are constantly trying to push the envelope on socially accepted boundaries in search of humor, and sometimes they will miss the mark. The conclusion of these arguments is that attacks on comedians amount to censorship.

Truly great comedian Laurie Kilmartin pointed out that Gutfeld isn't the guy to carry this version of comedy across the finish line.

And because she's actually funny.

We are talking about this show.


Here's a little comedy math for you.

But not everyone is excited about being scooped by Gutfeld!.

Frighteningly, like a performance artist, there is something so watchable about a garbage fire.

Seriously, this is so bad it almost seems like it was written by someone punishing Greg Gutfeld.

In fact, a parody account popped right up, called "Gutfeld Writer's Room." It's a fine slice of pastry, but it's considerably funnier than the Greg Gutfeld show.

And this made me laugh.

Greg Gutfeld says the reviews are wrong because he knows funny.

Well, we got that out of our system.

Stephen Miller tries attacking Meghan, Prince Harry and Oprah — gets immediately demolished

Since losing the election, Trump's team of incompetent bigots have been moving about, figuring out ways to stay out of prison, while also staying active enough that they can plausibly say they've been working on the coup d'état if that overthrow of the government ever happens. One of the least likable, least intelligent, people in the Trump administration is Stephen Miller. Miller's ability to dig down to the very bottom of a barrel of craven gargoyles is a feat unto itself. Miller has been thankfully out of power for a few weeks now, and is no longer writing C-minus level racist screeds for Donald Trump and the no-longer ruling Republican Party. however, in recent weeks, Miller has been called into "brief" House republicans on immigration matters, and remind everyone that the Republican Party and Donald Trump's dreams of an oligarchy that controls its population through the mythology of an egalitarian ethnostate, are one and the same.

On Monday, one of the big stories circulating around the internet was Oprah Winfrey's interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. In the interview, the couple shared all kinds of thoughts and opinions on the experience of being in the public eye and stepping away from living the life of Royalty in the United Kingdom. The tradition of racism was spoken about, the British press lost their minds, and the internet was ablaze with Royals gossip and opinions. The right-wing in our country, not unlike the more conservative elements of England, have had a difficult time dealing with the interracial couple and their decisions to step away from the lame, outdated and stodgy traditions of the Royal family. Some right-wing pundits have chosen to attack the masculinity of Prince Harry, reminding everyone that only classy and intelligent people attack other people based on amorphous concepts like "masculinity." Other right-wingers have just straight out been racist about Meghan Markle not being white. Predictably Stephen Miller falls on the latter side of the Republican think tank spectrum. Today Miller sent out two tweets, both of which were met with an avalanche of responses that remind us all how truly despised Stephen Miller is.

In his first Tweet, miller wrote: "Here's the question Oprah should have asked Harry & Meghan: isn't the whole point of the Royal Family that it's *not* about you but about your country? It's about service to the UK and the Commonwealth." He followed up that doozy with one that was a little more on that ruddy red nose. "During President Trump's head of state visit to the UK, I had the privilege of getting to meet several members of the Royal Family . They were unfailingly gracious & deeply committed to preserving the traditions and heritage of the UK." For all the canceling us liberals are reportedly doing, Stephen Miller and the dog whistle he has permanently mashed between his lips, seems to get right through, right?

The responses came fast and funny.

That's the stuff. Here's a little GOT.

And a history reminder.

And while Oprah doesn't need to do much in the way of defending herself from anything Stephen Miller would say about anything in the history of everything...

Finally. It goes without saying, but it is important to still say.

Ben Carson went on Fox News to attack Dr. Seuss ‘cancel culture’ and oh boy

On Thursday, Fox News continued its around-the-clock coverage of COVID-19 and what Congress and President Joe Biden are going to do to help American families in need! Just kidding. Of course they didn't do that. Instead of covering the Republican Party's political delaying of COVID-19 relief and survival checks for Americans, and instead of covering how corrupt and racist Florida Gov. Rick DeSantis is, Fox News spent most of its airtime being both racist and corrupt, with a touch of the Dr. Seuss cancel culture controversy that doesn't really exist.

If you hadn't heard, beloved children's book cartoonist and author Theodor Geisel, known as Dr. Seuss, has been canceled! Burn all of your books! But, if you would rather live in this real world, at this real time, in this real dimension, you can also just know that the late author's estate decided it will no longer publish six of his early children's stories because of the racist caricatures inside of them. This leaves more than 54 other books that you might very well own. People will continue to sell the books, read the books, and keep the books. It isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things. But for the right-wing disinformationsphere, race and culture are everything. Most importantly, the perception of those things and the concept that liberals are coming to take away everything you know and love, from your Bible to your gun to your favorite children's book to your Christmas tree, is the only message.

Former Housing and Urban Development secretary Ben Carson took time away from apparently imitating Rip Van Winkle to come on Fox News and give his clever little take on the Dr. Seuss non-controversy.

Playing on Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham (not one of the six books that publisher Dr. Seuss Enterprises will no longer publish), Carson labored on a little rhyme he came up:

I do not like to cancel books.
I do not like how that looks.
I do not like it here nor there.
I do not like it anywhere.
I do not like it in a store.
I do not want it anymore.
I do think it's time past
No longer to have thought a crime.
I do one day hope to see
across my country tis of thee.
Books used to read and learn
Instead of set ablaze to burn.
Our heritage for all to share.
Little patriots everywhere.
Our nation's rich [sic] story rich and vast.
Our true history taught in class.
A special place for all to be.
A place known for its liberty.

Give me a second while I wipe away the tears from my brain. I transcribed the above for you because it almost takes Mr. Carson a full minute to get that out. This is the kind of boring that makes the boring guy fall asleep while he's being boring. Here's a quick rhyme I just came up with.

I do not like Green Eggs and Ham

I do not like them Sam I am.

I do not like Ben Carson.

He's a really terrible person with zero morals.

I think that works.

Ted Cruz slammed on Twitter in record time after sniveling anti-Biden tweet

Sen. Ted Cruz, after being outed as a coward and someone who somehow is an even less appetizing leader than Donald Trump, has decided to fully embrace the grotesquery which is his existence. Whether it is political theater at the expense of millions of Americans suffering from COVID-19 or political theater at the expense of billions of human beings in general, Ted Cruz is willing to say and do anything he believes will keep him in power and afloat. He's made a bed filled with hatred and ignorance and lies and he would like to continue to hang upside down, perched just above it, to feed off of whomever is hoodwinked enough to lie down in it.

Cruz took to his Twitter feed today in the late afternoon, after a day of, I don't know, trimming his gross facial hair in an office mirror for eight hours, maybe? The Texas senator used his social media platform to type: "Team Biden is soft on China." It's a perfect example of what Ted Cruz is—a weak and scared and intellectually subpar rhetorician who has gotten by on having the ability to say and do whatever his donors and Mitch McConnell tell him to do. Nobody likes him and he clearly doesn't like anyone not named Ted Cruz. Within minutes, #TeamCruz began trending on Twitter as the ratio on Teddy C's tweet got lopsided really fast.

First, the reminder of what Ted Cruz represents today:

And one simple thing that could make the entire world a better place.

And a reminder that Donald Trump went above and beyond to insult Cruz's family members and Cruz … well, it was depressing how gross Cruz has been about that.

And less we forget who is on Ted Cruz's "team."

But he does have a talent.

Also, even though it is more obvious to people around these here parts, it's important to remember how Republicans like Cruz misuse words to make them mean the opposite of what they mean.

You can read about that here.

And here's something superficial to make fun of Ted Cruz for.

And here's a mean one that is super honest, so maybe it isn't mean?

Federal prosecutors and former senior DOJ officials agree: Video evidence is damning against Trump

Online news outlet Just Security, which focuses on 'rigorous analysis of law, rights, and U.S. national security policy,' has created an intense 10-minute compilation splicing together video clips from events leading up to the Capitol insurrection alongside Donald Trump's speech to the mob before they marched to and into the Capitol.

Using videos that were created and uploaded by users of the gutter of right-wing social media dumpster Parler (before the FBI lights came on and users started to scramble), the events of Jan. 6 are becoming clearer. The original video was collected by ProPublica and made available to the public, and Just Security was able to create more context for Donald Trump's speech, using the crowd responses. Set chronologically, the video is a damning piece of evidence that could and should be used in the impeachment trial of the twice-impeached former president. It shows the crowd reacting in real-time to Donald Trump's calls to "fight" for him at the Capitol, as well as whipping the crowd into a white-hot frenzy toward his own vice president.

Just Security reporters Ryan Goodman and Justin Hendrix interviewed numerous "former senior Justice Department officials and former federal prosecutors" to get their takes on the video compilation and the result is a roadmap into the possible second impeachment of Donald Trump.

The video begins with footage of Donald Trump speaking to the Jan. 6 Stop the Steal crowd, highlighting his claims that "We will never give up. We will never concede. You don't concede when there is theft involved," and "We want to be so nice. We want to be so respectful of everybody, including bad people."

Video of the crowd obtained from Parler shows people yelling and cheering, and responding to Trump's call to action by yelling things like "Storm the Capitol," "Invade the Capitol building," and "Take the Capitol." Calling the "left" of the United States, "ruthless," Trump continuously called on then-Vice President Mike Pence to "do what's right for the Constitution and the country."

Trump hits the war and fighting metaphor again, saying that "Now it is up to Congress to confront this egregious assault on our democracy," and how the Stop The Steal folks will now march down to the Capitol building and make themselves a herd heard. The video then pivots to the march down to the Capitol building, showing charlatan luminaries like InfoWars' Alex Jones telling the crowd to go to the "other side of the Capitol building," where he claims Trump will be.

Later, the video shows a crowd at the door of the Capitol building chanting "We want Pence," over and over again. It's not a bunch of people calling for Mike Pence to speak—that's something that's never happened in America, frankly. A man inside of the Capitol building is videotaped talking into a landline phone in the building, asking for Speaker Pelosi and Mike Pence, saying "We are coming for you, bitch!"

Other video taped next to scaffolding erected at the Capitol building shows a guy speaking into a megaphone, saying he hopes Mike Pence goes to the "gallows," and that he would like to see him in front of a "firing squad." I wonder why Mike Pence didn't come out to nod paternalistically at the MAGA supporters, like he has for the past four years?

Video inside of the Capitol building hallways shows big bearded faketriots screaming at D.C. and Capitol police, telling them that "You're outnumbered. There's a million of us out there, and we are listening to Donald Trump—your boss."

The chant of "Fight for Trump" continues.

At 4:17 PM that day, after hours of inaction, Trump released his weak sauce Twitter video, once again calling the election "fraudulent," but telling his supporters to go home. This is followed by video of Mr. QAnon Narcissistic Mascot Jacob Chansley saying that Trump told them to go home and that the rioters had "won the day," because it had sent the message they would remove officials from office "one way or another" if they didn't overturn the results of the election—or whatever demands they come up with, I guess?

Finally, they cut in MAGA acolytes like Texas realtor Jenna Ryan, who chartered a private jet to go and storm the Capitol building. After first telling people she hadn't gone in the building, only to have her own footage and a lot of other footage show that she was lying, the video has a local news interview with her saying that she thought she was following Trump's instructions. She was, but that's still a crime.

Former Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York Elie Honig tells Just Security that "The House impeachment managers should consider rolling this tape as their final exhibit at the trial. It shows, clearly and viscerally, how President Trump's words in fact incited the insurrectionist mob — particularly when taken in combination with Trump's own tweet, after the riot, praising the mob as 'great patriots' who should 'remember this day forever.'"

Former U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania and former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Harry Litman disagrees with Honig on strategy, but not on how damning this all is:

From a legal standpoint, a prosecutor in a case charging Trump with seditious conspiracy would play this tape in an opening, and then say, "Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, the evidence will show that the insurrectionists came to Washington that day because they believed the President had called them there to do their patriotic duty; once there, the President worked them into a demented rage, telling them they had to fight like hell, and that he would be there with them at the Capitol. They went with blood in their eyes screaming 'Fight for Trump!,' threatening the lives of Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence, and proceeded to storm and lay waste to the Capitol, the sanctum of our democracy, all while President Trump viewed the bedlam with delight from his safe perch back at the White House. They were criminals and deserved to be punished; but any fair-minded person will see from this evidence and more that we will bring forward that it was the President who lit the match and threw it on the fire because he wanted – and at a minimum reasonably foresaw – that they would become an out-of-control mob."

In lieu of real evidence of fraud, the Trump administration and its surrogates—and those wanting to make some last-minute money off the MAGA crowds—promoted the idea that the entire election of Joe Biden over Donald Trump was rigged. In every form of media, at every opportunity, they told millions of Americans that not only were their suspicions of problematic votes cast, but that in fact, a coordinated effort to overthrow the "landslide" victory of Donald Trump was underway.

You can argue that the people who believe the things that Donald Trump says are being conned. They are. You can say they truly believed that their attempt to force Congress to throw out millions of American votes was just and constitutional. You can say all of those things because Donald Trump, the president of the United States, told them exactly that. Other elected officials, including senators, told them it was true.

The fact of the matter is that Trump's guilt is very easily verified. He purposely misled his supporters and then attempted to have them illegally overthrow our government. The only defense the MAGA insurrectionists being arrested right now have amounts to an insanity plea. They believed the government was out to get them and they needed to violently defend themselves because they believed they were about to be hurt by magic. It's not a worthwhile defense in most of their cases, and hopefully, they can watch from a jail cell's closed-captioned television set as their fearful leader and liar is convicted of crimes against our Constitution and the Executive office of our country.

Georgia Republican actually faces consequence from state general assembly for refusing COVID-19 test

As of the publishing of this story, Georgia has 722,062 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Georgia is passing 12,000 confirmed deaths due to COVID-19, with more than 48,498 Georgians being admitted to the hospital because of the virus. Over 8,000 people have ended up in intensive care units across the Peach State. Like most places throughout the United States, the pandemic is very much not under control. Like many places in the country, the reason for this is bad leadership combined with a federal government response that was terrible from the start. Republican operators promoting bad science and attacking public health and safety measures has also eroded the efficacy of public health departments across the country's advice.

Joe Ripley of 11 Alive News reports that Republican Rep. David Clark of Buford, Georgia, was escorted out of the state Capitol chambers Tuesday morning for refusing to take a COVID-19 test. This is a part of a set of protocols established by house leadership along with advice from the health department. Ripley, in video after being escorted out, said Clark hadn't wanted to make a big deal about everything, and then proceeded to make a big deal about everything: "I even told leadership over two weeks ago, and last night, let's not make it a big deal, can we talk about this, I'm not trying to make it an issue, I'm not trying to make it political." What exactly Clark expected his fellow human beings to do, stuck in a small space with an asshole that frequently doesn't wear a mask and refuses to take a COVID-19 test, is not clear. Republicans with piss-poor health habits have put various lawmakers health in jeopardy time and time again due to similar selfish stances.

Well, radio news anchor Rahul Bali reports that Clark just lost his office space across the street from the state Capitol. This of course, is a temporary measure, and will be remedied if Clark wants to be a big boy and "participate in safety protocols and not put other members and staff in harm's way."

Clark told reporters that his big problem was that, "I check my temperature when I come in, I go in the chambers, I wear my mask, I follow the protocols that they want in the chamber. But two tests a week is wrong, on my conscious, when teachers can't get it and first responders can't get it. We get two tests when nobody else gets the same thing out there. My grandma doesn't get two tests." The idea that Clark's test was taking away from his grandma is idiotic. If his grandma is practicing proper social distancing and public safety protections she will hopefully never need to get a COVID-19 test.

Clark seems to have been protesting a memo sent by Speaker Ralston that outlined the new health and safety protocols for the 2021 legislative session. Sidenote: there's a global pandemic going on.

During the 2021 Session, Georgia Tech will be operating a testing site for General Assembly Members and Capitol Staff. The test that Georgia Tech will be using is a saliva-based PCR test (no nasal swab required) and is intended for asymptomatic individuals only. (In the event that a Member or House staff is symptomatic, they should not report to the Capitol to be tested, but rather should seek out a test off-site. If a Member or House staff has difficulty finding a testing site with availability, they should contact the Office of the Speaker for assistance.) [...]
All Members and House staff will be required to be tested twice weekly during the 2021 Session. House staff must begin testing the week prior to session. All Members shall be tested prior the beginning of the 2021 Session at the testing location of their choosing. In the event that a Member wishes to be tested at the Capitol prior to Session beginning, they should make plans to be at the Capitol between 7:00 AM and 11:00 AM on either Tuesday, January 5, or Thursday, January 7.

Speaker Ralston released a statement saying that "the member in question had been advised numerous times about the requirements and had refused to be tested at any point during this session." It's not about Clark's feelings it's "about preventing the spread of a disease that has killed more than 12,000 Georgians."

Gov. Brian Kemp was asked during a press conference today about Clark's removal from the state House, and tried to walk a circular tightrope of logic in the hopes of not offending the indefensible position of Clark. "I don't really know a whole lot about that but I know that Speaker Ralston and the House leadership has worked with their members and worked with Dr. Tumi's team to set up protocols to be able to keep this building safe during this session." He went on to say that his office also had a testing protocol and everyone should follow the "best practices," and test protocols set up. This is rich coming from a governor who has very directly helped exacerbate the pandemic in his state, for similar choices of political whimsy over good policy.

Gov. Kemp and his new tune.

Gov. Kemp responds to Georgia legislator removed from House for refusing COVID-19 test

Republican facing multiple convictions for human trafficking and fraud begins sentence

In October of 2019, former elected county assessor for Maricopa County Paul Petersen was charged by Utah's attorney general with 11 felonies. Those felonies included "human smuggling, sale of a child and communications fraud." The charges stemmed from what prosecutors said was an illegal "adoption scheme" where Petersen recruited and transported at least 40 pregnant women from the Republic of the Marshall Islands to Utah, where they birthed and then gave up their babies. Petersen cut a plea deal in Arizona and was sentenced to 74 months in prison.

On Jan. 21, Petersen began his sentence at a federal prison near El Paso, Texas. Petersen is still facing sentencing for fraud convictions in Arizona and the human trafficking convictions in Utah. The Associated Press reports that Petersen is appealing the sentencing in the Arizona case after the judge gave him two years more than the guidelines recommend.

Petersen was able to cut a deal allowing him to plead guilty to "Alien Smuggling For Financial Gain," a way of saying he's a straight-up monster and that Arizona is racist. According to CNN, Petersen is also on the hook for $105,100 in fines and court costs and will submit to three years of supervised release after his time in federal prison. The Utah conviction was a deal with Petersen pleading guilty to "three counts of human smuggling and one count of communications fraud."

QAnon are still running around looking for human traffickers at pizza shops.

Devin Nunes complains that Republicans are being censored — while talking to about 1.5m viewers

Devin Nunes, a man who has sued Twitter to stop freedom of speech, went on Fox News Sunday to tell the world that Republicans—like Devin Nunes—have lost their freedom to communicate with one another. He said this on Maria Bartiromo's Sunday Fox news show that is watched by around 1.5 million people every week. Nunes is specifically talking about Parler, the right-wing alternative social media site that Nunes was an early devotee of. At the end of last week, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Google, and others shut down Trump's social media accounts. Trump is still the president of the United States and has all kinds of avenues from which he could shriek his brand of narcissistic bigotry, but for many conservatives, this was the last straw in the war against conservatism.

Nunes tells viewers that there is "no longer a free and open social media company of site for any American to get on any longer." The power-abusing Nunes, a man who may have used his position on the House Intelligence Committee to investigate political opponents like Hillary Clinton using super dubious actors like Giuliani associate Lev Parnas wants you to know that he's lost 3 million followers on Parler. Saying that this act is "clearly a violation of antitrust, civil rights, the rico statue," Nunes called on the government to open "a racketeering investigation on all the people who coordinated this attack on not only a company but on all of those like us, like me, like you, Maria."

The next best part of this push for Parler as the true right-wing conservative Republican utopia of freedom of speech is this tremendous statement by Nunes: "Unlike the fake social media sites, we know that everybody that's on Parler, because you get certified. it's actually a very safe platform and if you break the law on Parler, the FBI can subpoena to find out who those people are." This is an interesting point coming from the Second Amendment touting, the-government-is-trying-to-register-everybody-with-a-microchip-and-arrest-you conservative. It's almost like his whole ideology is bullshit and he's mostly just stressed out that whatever revenue he was pulling in from his Parler successes has been cut down.

At the end of last week, Twitter, Facebook, and others shut down the accounts of right \-wingers like Trump, citing the violence in the Capitol on Jan. 6 of this year. Parler was subsequently squashed by Apple, Google, and other platforms, which refused to host the app and platform. This move, in essence, choked off Parler's ability to work as a social media platform. Does it violate the First Amendment of the Constitution? No. Is this an attack on free speech? That is a real question that needs to be answered.

The first thing to acknowledge here is that when Sen. Elizabeth Warren called for the big tech companies like Facebook and Twitter to be broken up, most of us agreed that these companies have too much monopolistic power. The need to strengthen our anti-trust laws and break up monopolies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook are important for a variety of reasons. However, it is clear from the Republican Party's positions on the matter that Nunes and friends haven't suddenly turned into Big Bill Haywood of the IWW.

Rep Nunes calls for racketeering probe into Big Tech over Parler ban

Here's a breakdown of all 126 seditious Republicans who signed on for a coup d'état

When Texas sued to overturn four other states' election results in the hopes of installing illegitimate, two-time popular vote loser, and white supremacist mediocrity Donald Trump into a second presidential term, they exposed how many elected officials are straight-up wannabe oligarchs. The fact that even in the upside-down world we are living in, with the hijacked ultra conservative Supreme Court in place, most everybody knew there was little chance of the Supreme Court stepping in and hearing the case, which should tip one off to how far afield this maneuver is. It's the kind of thing that most people would rather not put their name on since it is the sort of thing people should go to jail for—if laws concerning sedition and treason are real laws.

Many of the people on this list came into office during the tea party wave of 2010. If you don't remember what the tea party is, it's sort of like if you looked at the American Revolution for independence and democracy and your takeaway was … being a racist asshole. Another way to look at it is if you looked at the Civil War in the United States and boiled it down to … being a racist asshole. Let's make sure we remember the 126 fascists who signed on for this attack on American democracy, and maybe even learn a smidgen more about them and their histories of being terrible people. A tip of the hat goes to community members republicinsanity and Carmeninvermont—republicinsanity for the Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day series that is frequently sourced here, and Carmeninvermont for the easy-to-read and understand list of GOP anti-democracy Republicans who want to overthrow our elections process in order to hoist up the most mediocre man in American history.

Here is a nice list of the 126 Republican officials who whether charged with sedition and treason or not, are guilty of trying to, at the very least, thwart the will of the American people and overturn our democratically elected president:

Mike Johnson of Louisiana's 4th Congressional District made small headlines this past summer when his attempts to "gotcha" assistant U.S. attorney in Maryland Aaron Zelinsky for not appearing in person during a pandemic blew up in his face. Zelinsky, who had a newborn at home, explained that he had spoken with his family's doctor and they thought potentially exposing the newborn to a pandemic wasn't a good move.

Gary Palmer of Alabama's 6th Congressional District is one of those conservative think tankers whose big ideas include: attacking same sex marriage and nonbinary public restrooms. Big thinker.

Steve Scalise of Louisiana's 1st Congressional District is a storied hypocrite and swamp creature of epic proportions.

Jim Jordan of Ohio's 4th Congressional District is a person, so cowardly and so craven, he has built a career on his ability to ignore some of the most heinous crimes happening under his watch. Jordan's act of sedition comes down lower on his list of sins than most others on this list.

Ralph Abraham of Louisiana's 5th Congressional District is a shoot from the hip bigot with ideas that were last considered fresh in 1770.

Rick W. Allen of Georgia's 12th Congressional District has one truly great claim to fame, he "disgusted" some Republicans once upon a time by reading anti-LGBTQ passages from the Bible. Different times. Different times.

James R. Baird of Indiana's 4th Congressional District was attacked with an insensitive and offensive mailer, by an out of state conservative super PAC in 2018, during his Republican primary. He seemed pretty offended at the time, but I guess he's decided to let all of that go in order to overthrow the government.

Jim Banks of Indiana's 3rd Congressional District spent the early weeks of the global pandemic to help pen a nonbonding resolution blaming China for COVID-19. That's what he did to help Americans.

Jack Bergman of Michigan's 1st Congressional District blamed the press for the domestic terrorist shooting that injured Rep. Steve Scalise.

Andy Biggs of Arizona's 5th Congressional District didn't go so far as to call Democrats who didn't applaud during Donald Trump's State of the Union "treasonous" but did believe they were "disrespectful" and that they might have to answer to God. He's also had to leave public events after being booed offstage for saying that climate change wasn't settled science.

Gus Bilirakis of Florida's 12th Congressional District came into the office he sort of inherited from his father. He's been a good anti-women's rights Republican since 2006 and pretty much does what he's told to do. And he's in Florida where Republicans tell you to do the real bottom of the barrel stuff.

Dan Bishop of North Carolina's 9th Congressional District came into office after actual election fraudster Republican Mark Harris had to step away due to controversy over … election fraud. Bishop is best known for writing North Carolina's anti-trans "bathroom bill."

Mike Bost of Illinois's 12th Congressional District is famously prone to outrageous outbursts. He's also known for cowering away from constituents when asked about his attempts to rip away millions of people's health insurance.

Kevin Brady of Texas's 8th Congressional District was that diminutive bald white guy that got a nice grin going in the Rose garden for when the Republican Party gave away billions to the rich in their tax scam. That's his great achievement.

Mo Brooks of Alabama's 5th Congressional District read Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf on the floor of the House in a twisted attempt to skewer the Democratic officials over their pursuit of an investigation into Trump's campaign ties to Russia. He did this on the heels of calling for the National Guard to "be allowed to use whatever force is necessary to secure that border."

Ken Buck of Colorado's 4th Congressional District has faced questions over whether he pressured another party official to submit incorrect election results and then blew through some RNC money to make that fraud work. To call Buck a scumbag is offensive to bags filled with scum.

Ted Budd of North Carolina's 13th Congressional District is one of the Republicans who signed on to this bit of treason while in quarantine, after announcing he had tested positive for COVID-19.

Tim Burchett of Tennessee's 2nd Congressional District believes in Bigfoot and eating roadkill instead of providing better social services.

Michael C. Burgess of Texas's 26th Congressional District is the kind of guy that called for President Barack Obama to be impeached over Benghazi and then became suspiciously silent when Donald Trump was impeached for his law breaking and corruption-filled campaign.

Bradley Byrne of Alabama's 1st Congressional District took time away from releasing racist attack ads to sign on for fascism!

Ken Calvert of California's 42nd Congressional District is a famous "family values" hypocrite (see busted with pants around his ankles, with a sex worker who was not his wife).

Earl L. "Buddy" Carter of Georgia's 1st Congressional District. I couldn't find much on Buddy, but I do know that he doesn't believe in democracy.

Ben Cline of Virginia's 6th Congressional District was one of the dozen security threats with feet that breached national security for a hack partisan performance piece, led by Florida man Matt Gaetz.

Michael Cloud of Texas's 27th Congressional District owes his seat to the fact that repeatedly disgraceful Blake Farenthold had to leave office, and Republicans have successfully repressed the vote in his district.

Mike Conaway of Texas's 11th Congressional District knows a ton about stealing elections as he famously said, in 2017, that Democratic Sen. Harry Reid and other Democrats had enlisted "Mexican soap opera stars, singers and entertainers who had immense influence in those communities into Las Vegas, to entertain, get out the vote and so forth. Those are foreign actors, foreign people, influencing the vote in Nevada."

Rick Crawford of Arkansas's 1st Congressional District is maybe best known for his opposition to taking down Confederate monuments saying it was akin to Holocaust denialism and would lead to the closure of Holocaust museums. There's not much else to say about that.

Dan Crenshaw of Texas's 2nd Congressional District is a dirtbag who lies and pretends he isn't just a groveling McConnell follower.

Mario Diaz-Balart of Florida's 25th Congressional District has the distinction of being the first member of Congress to test positive for COVID-19. He will also be remembered as one of those Republicans who refused to speak to Donald Trump's describing countries as "shitholes." Courage is something these men do not have.

Jeff Duncan of South Carolina's 3rd Congressional District has enjoyed trying, and failing, to do away with important census data, by attempting to have it legislated out of being collected. Too much thinking for Mr. Duncan, I guess.

Neal P. Dunn of Florida's 2nd Congressional District has made sure to tell news outlets how worried he was and is for children separated from their loved ones due to Trump and the Republican Party's zero tolerance immigration policies. Not surprisingly, he's done absolutely nothing to fix this inhumane practice.

Tom Emmer of Minnesota's 6th Congressional District has complained about constituents wanting stuff like healthcare protections and he's tried in vain to weaken the Endangered Species Act. He's never been particularly interested in a Democracy and doesn't plan on starting now.

Ron Estes of Kansas's 4th Congressional District literally walked in a swamp in the hopes of riding his way through a tight election. Sadly, Estes never left that swamp, he seems to have just grown gills.

Drew Ferguson of Georgia's 3rd Congressional District has a social media team that can't tell the difference between World War II American soldiers and Nazis. True story!

Chuck Fleischmann of Tennessee's 3rd Congressional District is the kind of guy that takes a question about the many outrageous attacks made publicly by Donald Trump and answers it by blaming Nancy Pelosi for being mean. But in Fleischmann's defense, he's been peddling the election fraud fantasy publicly, with zero evidence, since his lord and liege Trump told him to.

Bill Flores of Texas's 17th Congressional District has made sure to point out that he would ignore the calls from his constituents in regards to Trump's problematic relationship with Russia and instead make claims that same sex marriage led to civil unrest in Baltimore. The civil unrest in Baltimore connected to the death of Freddie Gray in police custody and the lack of justice he ultimately received.

Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska's 1st Congressional District got off his high horse to finally openly expose himself as the right-wing, batshit bananas hack that he's always been and pretended not to be.

Virginia Foxx of North Carolina's 5th Congressional District took time away from analogizing the regulation of for-profit colleges with the Holocaust to practice some good old Nazi fascism and overthrow our Democracy. She also once tried to argue that the murder of Matthew Shepard was not a hate crime. In fact, she said the premise was a "hoax."

Russ Fulcher of Idaho's 1st Congressional District is a climate denier … as of 2018. He also claims that God wants Idahoians to mine the ground and log away the trees in the state.

Matt Gaetz of Florida's 1st Congressional District is this guy. What can be said about Matt Gaetz that hasn't been written in excrement on the soles of Donald Trump and Sean Hannity's tiny shoes?

Greg Gianforte, governor-elect of Montana, assaulted a reporter for asking tough questions and then lied about it to police.

Bob Gibbs of Ohio's 7th Congressional District is the classic overly emotional conservative white male politician that uses hyperbole but demands that people take that incongruous hyperbole as fact.

Louie Gohmert of Texas's 1st Congressional District is an unintelligent person but he is also a relatively powerful and disturbingly racist and unintelligent person.

Lance Gooden of Texas's 5th Congressional District has been in the pocket of a Texas hotelier for years and owes most of his financial support to him. In fact, Gooden is in business with millionaire Monty Bennett and it seems that Bennett is the only person in the state of Texas that Gooden feels he needs to answer to. Gooden's one claim to fame over the past couple of years was coming up with a plan to DNA test all new immigrants at the border, something that is problematic for about 1 million reasons.

Sam Graves of Missouri's 6th Congressional District is the kind of guy that runs on homophobia.

Mark Green of Tennessee's 7th Congressional District is also a homophobe with a history of trying to create laws that would allow for the wholesale discrimination of LGBTQ folks in businesses throughout the Volunteer State.

Michael Guest of Mississippi's 3rd Congressional District is on the House Committee on Ethics. Drink that in: a guy that signed on for a coup d'etat represents Republican ethics in the House. Guest is also a supporter of Confederate fashion-lover and general old-timey racist Cindy Hyde-Smith.

Andy Harris of Maryland's 1st Congressional District is a person who ran on a campaign against the Affordable Healthcare Act and then demanded to know why his government-sponsored healthcare didn't take effect until after one month in office. And his dad was a Nazi-supporter—not like a neo-Nazi supporter, but an actual Germany during World War II Nazi supporter. Hubris is too nice a word for what Andy Harris is about.

Vicky Hartzler of Missouri's 4th Congressional District is really most famous for being an anti-gay activist. Imagine if that was your claim to fame?

Kevin Hern of Oklahoma's 1st Congressional District is directly connected to arguably the single most corrupt official in recent Oklahoma history, Scott Pruitt. He's also been a big promoter of superspreader COVID-19 events.

Clay Higgins of Louisiana's 3rd Congressional District is a former Louisiana police officer who lost his job for what would be considered criminal behavior if he hadn't been on the unjust side of the thin blue line. He's also a scary racist fascist who believes in authoritarian rule.

Trey Hollingsworth of Indiana's 9th Congressional District believes that the hundreds of thousands of Americans dead from COVID-19 are the "lesser of these two evils." The other evil in that sentence is "our way of life as Americans."

Richard Hudson of North Carolina's 8th Congressional District is your run-of-the-mill, anti-women's rights, Obama birther conspiracy theorist, demands drug testing in exchange for food assistance Republican.

Bill Huizenga of Michigan's 2nd Congressional District has been investigated for corruption and has gone so far as to try and get rid of corruption laws that might conflict with his … corruption.

Bill Johnson of Ohio's 6th Congressional District is a big Islamophobe GOP official. That seems to be his main strength. Like many of the people on this list, Johnson came into office on the ultra-conservative tea party wave of 2010.

John Joyce of Pennsylvania's 13th Congressional District is new to the scene, but we now know one thing about his political ideology.

Fred Keller of Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District barely understands his own elections, let alone national ones.

Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania's 16th Congressional District has been on board this election fraud train since suing to have Black people's votes in Pennsylvania nullified.

Trent Kelly of Mississippi's 1st Congressional District gave his in-person seal of approval on the Trump administration's family separation practices.

Steve King of Iowa's 4th Congressional District is a lame duck racist who would sign anything so long as the devil told him to.

David Kustoff of Tennessee's 8th Congressional District's biggest claim to fame is being a sort of poor man's Tom Cotton.

Darin LaHood of Illinois's 18th Congressional District took time away from trying to govern women's bodies with his Bible to sign off on treason!

Doug LaMalfa of California's 1st Congressional District has been promoting doubt about the Democratic process, with zero evidence, since the beginning of November. LaMalfa is a mixture of painfully pathetic xenophobia along with quoting the bible to deny climate science.

Doug Lamborn of Colorado's 5th Congressional District is the guy that continued to force his staff to work in the close proximity of his office during the current pandemic, and then reportedly told his staff not to tell their roommates about COVID-19 symptoms they were having after coming into contact with someone with COVID-19. Think about that.

Robert E. Latta of Ohio's 5th Congressional District has magically increased his wealth while in Washington by a reported 238%, and while he isn't the wealthiest Ohio Republican, he's made the biggest jump in wealth since entering office. Strange!

Debbie Lesko of Arizona's 8th Congressional District once said that the dozens of sexual assaults alleged against Donald Trump should be investigated and then promptly forgot all about that as she co-sponsored a bill that would require women to prove to their employers that they took birth control for reasons other than … birth control.

Blaine Luetkemeyer of Missouri's 3rd Congressional District's main function in the Republican Party is to figure out ways to allow payday lenders to launder their money.

Kenny Marchant of Texas's 24th Congressional District is retiring and throwing democracy under the bus as he walks out the door.

Roger Marshall of Kansas's 1st Congressional District is the kind of guy that runs away from answering questions and participating in debates while also plagiarizing other people's campaigns, because he has no ethical standards.

Tom McClintock of California's 4th Congressional District is the kind of guy that was still hanging out with right-wing criminal and strange lying machine Dinesh D'Souza. D'Souza is one of those guys that almost makes you feel bad for being a human being.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington's 5th Congressional District is a person that literally said she had made "protecting those with pre-existing conditions" a "priority" during her time in office. She voted to repeal those very protections nine times—as in one less than 10 times.

Dan Meuser of Pennsylvania's 9th Congressional District has called the Postal Service's dismantling by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy a "fabricated problem being pushed by Democrats."

Carol D. Miller of West Virginia's 3rd Congressional District has the distinction of being the only new woman Republican congressional member in the 2018 blue wave election cycle. Miller wants to make sure the other fascists in her party know that she, too, can be a fascist!

John Moolenaar of Michigan's 4th Congressional District's only claim to fame has been to vote against calling Donald Trump's racist statement against "the Squad" racist. This makes John Moolenaar a racist.

Alex X. Mooney of West Virginia's 2nd Congressional District was one of the dunderheaded crew of Matt Gaetz-led legislators breaking the law and threatening the country's national security in the hopes of being on camera

Markwayne Mullin of Oklahoma's 2nd Congressional District doesn't know how many branches of government there are, nor does he understand how government works. He's clearly not alone in this.

Gregory Murphy of North Carolina's 3rd Congressional District told the public that the only reason Sen. Kamala Harris was chosen to be Joe Biden's running mate was because of "her color and her race." He finished that thought by wondering aloud if this was "how we pick our leaders now in America??" I guess Murphy is hoping that we just pick a white pseudo-billionaire to make important decisions for a majority of people that do not want him to?

Dan Newhouse of Washington's 4th Congressional District is one of the many Republican officials that recently contracted COVID-19.

Ralph Norman of South Carolina's 5th Congressional District brandished a loaded weapon during a constituent breakfast and placed it on the table in front of people discussing gun safety.

Scott Perry of Pennsylvania's 10th Congressional District once argued that God, as in the Judeo-Christian deity of the Bible, was an environmental polluter like, say, Duke Energy.

Guy Reschenthaler of Pennsylvania's 14th Congressional District believes that the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police means that taxpayers should invest more money into police departments. He's also a guy that wrote a forward for an incredibly hate-filled book, and then said he hadn't read the book, even though his forward was about reading the writer's hate-filled work. U-S-A!

Tom Rice of South Carolina's 7th Congressional District spent weeks in the state legislature refusing to wear a mask indoors and then announced that he and his wife and his son had all tested positive for COVID-19.

John Rose of Tennessee's 6th Congressional District's big claim to fame was being one of the many Republicans, at different times, to block disaster relief help for Puerto Rico.

David Rouzer of North Carolina's 7th Congressional District is a Trump defender with all of the general Republican bonafides we have come to expect: tax breaks for the rich, voting against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act, and being a part of the Gaetz impeachment crash party.

John Rutherford of Florida's 4th Congressional District has frequently been dragged on Twitter for the most racist and idiotic attacks on Democratic women of color.

Austin Scott of Georgia's 8th Congressional District recently tested positive for COVID-19.

Mike Simpson of Idaho's 2nd Congressional District took his head from out of his own ass long enough to sign on for fascism.

Adrian Smith of Nebraska's 3rd Congressional District sort of disappeared on his constituents, just like the rest of the Republican Party during this year's pandemic.

Jason Smith of Missouri's 8th Congressional District's great moment of cleverness was when he attacked the ACA for taxing tanning salons, saying Democrats might as well "tax the sun." He also spun it as a tax on women. Of course, Smith had a long history of attacking women in the legislature by trying to defund Planned Parenthood, as well as attacking children by voting against Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program funds.

Ross Spano of Florida's 15th Congressional District took time away from his campaign finance scandal, and losing his primary, to support another one-term corrupt politician.

Elise Stefanik of New York's 21st Congressional District is something of an easily verifiable liar. Let's all look forward to the day, likely a few weeks from now, when Stefanik tells a local news reporter that she never supported the wholesale destruction of the democratic process.

Glenn Thompson of Pennsylvania's 15th Congressional District is a big Second Amendment fella who has said things in the past like "You know, the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. It's about safety. If someone is coming into my house in the middle of the night to hurt my family, I want as many bullets as possible." I guess he needs all the bullets to shoot holes in Democratically casted votes?

Tom Tiffany of Wisconsin's 7th Congressional District knows lots about election fraud and election law violations as he has been tied to all kinds of under-the-table, dirty, and likely illegal tricks to win his position in Wisconsin's legislature.

William Timmons of South Carolina's 4th Congressional District is most recently remembered for defending Trump's racism by saying everybody is being called racist and so nobody is racist. Trying to get rid of Black Americans' votes wholesale is a great example of an attempt at systemizing racism. Just a thought.

Ann Wagner of Missouri's 2nd Congressional District is one of the legislators in Congress with the least amount of votes on actual legislation. I guess she's lazy? She was one of the first Republican officials to stand in front of microphones and tell Americans that based on her high level of knowledge, from "multiple, multiple briefings at the federal level," she knew—as of March 7—that the United States was at a very "low risk" of having a COVID-19 pandemic. Ann Wagner should be disqualified from doing anything but eating oatmeal.

Tim Walberg of Michigan's 7th Congressional District is one of those "family values" Republicans who wants to take away everyone else's rights using the federal government.

Michael Waltz of Florida's 6th Congressional District is already having newspapers who endorsed him apologize for supporting sedition. This is one of those "never Trumpers" who very quickly began licking the boots of Donald Trump the moment Trump came into power.

Randy Weber of Texas's 14th Congressional District replaced Ron Paul in Congress. There's not much more that needs to be said. A second-rate version of Ron Paul, while better than the fifth-rate version of Paul that is Rand, is still worse than having an old can of Tab sitting in a seat and being your representative.

Daniel Webster of Florida's 11th Congressional District is … so much Florida!

Brad Wenstrup of Ohio's 2nd Congressional District just followed in the footsteps of Jim "I-turn-the-other-way-when-being-told-about-the-wholesale-molestation-of-young-people-I'm-supposed-to-be-in-charge-of" Jordan.

Bruce Westerman of Arkansas's 4th Congressional District has sat on top of a pile of logging industry money for years and shockingly (read: "not shockingly") has been a lead sponsor on some super anti-climate, pro-logging bits of legislation that attempt to hand our trees over to private industry for profit.

Roger Williams of Texas' 25th Congressional District is the guy that tried to pressure a bank to help out his flailing oil investor donor. Swamp stuff.

Joe Wilson of South Carolina's 2nd Congressional District loves to vote for American wars but not for healthcare funding for American veterans of said wars. He's almost a perfect Republican! He's also in a district that's drawn deeply red and acts like the petty little emperor he wants to be.

Rob Wittman of Virginia's 1st Congressional District was able to fly mostly under the radar for his attempts at profiteering off of the COVID-19 pandemic when he bought into a pharmaceutical company which was producing an antiviral drug that hoped to help with COVID-19 treatments, and at the exact same time emailing his constituents that there was no coronavirus pandemic in the United States, and you didn't need to worry about it. You know, like a real piece of shit.

Ron Wright of Texas's 6th Congressional District is a relatively new congressman, whose views on school mass shootings include calling for public hangings as a solution. Not working on the gun thing, just hanging people.

Ted S. Yoho of Florida's 3rd Congressional District is the soon-to-be retiring congressman from Florida who famously "didn't attend one single deposition" as a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee when Congress was investigating Trump's Ukrainian bribery. He's also the sweetie pie who, in a confrontation with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez resorted to calling her a "fucking bitch," because his ability to debate matches the size of his courage.

Lee Zeldin of New York's 1st Congressional District is best known for his intense Islamophobia and his unerring and idiotic support of the Trump administration from Day One.

Remember these (mostly white) men (and a couple of white women). They are the people who hope to be a middle-management fascistic vanguard in an oligarchy for the rich. Share your own stories about any of the people listed above down below in the comments.

Happy New Year!


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