Former Houston cop indicted for allegedly driving man off the road over an election conspiracy

Former Houston cop indicted for allegedly driving man off the road over an election conspiracy
Houston Police Department

On Tuesday, former Houston police captain Mark Aguirre was indicted on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for his 2020 attack on and air conditioning technician he believed was secretly transporting 750,000 “harvested ballots.” In the middle of the day, the 64-year-old Aguirre reportedly slammed his SUV into the technician’s work truck and then rushed upon him and pressed a gun to his head.

Aguirre was arrested in December 2020 after his attempts to prove a fictional voter fraud scheme. Oh, and he was pretty gung-ho about it all because, according to prosecutors, he would be paid $250,000 by a group called "Liberty Center for God & Country" to find this proof. Aguirre faces 20 years in prison if he’s convicted.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg told reporters that they are still looking for another suspect, which is in part why it took a year for an indictment to come down. "We've been investigating the other individuals involved with former Captain Aguirre. There was at least one other person on the scene who fled. Aguirre has not cooperated. So there’s been a review of many different types of records to determine who the other individuals are."

When law enforcement responded to the incident of Aguirre slamming his car into the innocent air conditioning technician’s truck and subsequently running at him and pointing a gun to his head, Aguirre did what all contrite folks who have made a terrible mistake do: He tried to get a cover-up going. He also mentioned he thought the guy he was driving off the road and pointing a gun at had 750,000 fraudulent ballots in his truck. Like literally every single mass voter fraud claim from conservatives in the past 50 years, this one was false, too.

This isn’t Aguirre’s first time being something of an abusive POS, according to

This is the second time Aguirre has been indicted for his work as an investigator. In 2002, while working as a captain for HPD, he ordered the arrests of nearly 300 people who were in a Kmart parking lot on Westheimer Road at the same time that a group was street racing. It turned out that many of those arrested were either passersby or store customers and not involved, but Aguirre still ordered their arrest. The city ended up paying close to $1 million in civil settlements and attorneys' fees due to the captain's orders.

Aguirre was indicted on charges of “official oppression,” but was found not guilty during a later trial. Maybe this time, sans the active badge, Aguirre will finally receive the justice he seems to deserve.

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