House Republican falsely claims to constituents that inflation is nearly five times higher than reality

A sitting U.S. Congresswoman who may have violated a federal conflict of interest law by incorrectly reporting receipt of $500,000 in stocks took a page out of Dr. Oz’s playbook Wednesday, cutting an ad showing her shopping – not for crudité, but for back-to-school supplies as she complains about prices while falsely claiming U.S. inflation is 40%.

Rep. María Elvira Salazar, Republican of Florida, who voted against the Inflation Reduction Act, recorded the ad (below) in Spanish with English subtitles inside a Target and posted it to her personal Twitter account.

In it she falsely states the rate of inflation. Current U.S. inflation is 8.5% annually. For the month of July it was at zero percent, which caused the annual rate to drop from 9.1% in June to 8.5%.

Many other countries have much higher inflation. The UK’s annual rate just jumped to 10.1%, a quarter of what she claimed the U.S. inflation rate is. Inflation is highest in Venezuela at 1198%. Sudan is at 340%. Argentina is at 51.2%, and Turkey is at 36.1%.

Congresswoman Salazar voted against the Inflation Reduction Act, as did every House and Senate Republican. Defensively, after she posted her video, on Twitter she wrote: “Let me be clear: the Inflation Reduction Act will do NOTHING to reduce inflation. Instead, it’s going to raise your taxes, send American jobs overseas, and weaponize the IRS to come for your hard-earned dollars.” All of which is false for the vast majority of Americans.

In a press release targeting Rep. Salazar the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) announced the House passed “the Inflation Reduction Act, broadly popular legislation that will lower the cost of prescription drugs, health insurance, and everyday energy costs — all while reducing the deficit and carbon emissions, by making the wealthiest corporations finally pay their fair share.”

“Despite Americans supporting every component of this bill, María Elvira Salazar chose to play politics, lie to voters, and vote against legislation that will benefit American families.”

According to reported Insider, Salazar “appears to have violated a federal conflicts-of-interest law by improperly disclosing a 6-figure stock trade.”

“On June 10, Salazar disclosed in a congressional financial filing that, on February 14, she had received up to $500,000 worth of publicly traded stock in Cano Health Inc., a company that provides health care services for seniors.”

Watch Rep. Salazar’s video below or at this link:

Mehmet Oz trounced by Newsmax host demanding an explanation for 'Wegner’s' and 'crudité' ad

Republican Mehmet Oz is having a tough time in his entrance to Pennsylvania politics. The multi-millionaire celebrity TV doctor, running for a U.S. Senate seat, released a video which this week went viral with liberals – and his Democratic opponent, Lt. Governor John Fetterman – picking it apart.

In the video, an attack ad on President Joe Biden, who he is not running against, Dr. Oz says he’s shopping at “Wegner’s,” a grocery store that does not exist. Internet sleuths deduced he was shopping at Redner’s, although some believe he was at Wegmans — including a Newsmax TV host, who Oz did not correct.

Why did he get something as simple as the name of a beloved Pennsylvania grocery store wrong?

“I was exhausted,” Oz told Newsmax, after “campaigning 18 hours a day.”

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He also admitted he gets the names of his children wrong.

Curiously, the 39-second video Oz recorded is from April, and it got criticized then, but he left it up – only for the Fetterman campaign to go after it again. Back in April it led to questions about his tremendous wealth, put at around $400 million, and calls of being a “carpetbagger,” as many say he actually lives in New Jersey, not Pennsylvania.

Politico reports the Fetterman campaign “said it had raised more than $500,000 from the crudité video alone — including a sticker of the non-existent ‘Wegners.’ ‘Oz clearly has never been in a grocery store before. That’s why this is resonating with supporters across Pennsylvania,’ said Brendan McPhillips, Fetterman’s campaign manager.”

The Fetterman campaign appears to have created a “Wegner’s Groceries” account on Twitter, and is pounding Oz with snark.

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania voters do not appear to be impressed with Oz.

One Republican poll shows Fetterman beating Oz by 18 points.

“New poll conducted by GOP firm Public Opinion Strategies for Pittsburgh Works Together shows big leads for Dems in the PA Senate and governors races. Fetterman up 18 points over Oz,” reports Politico’s Alex Isenstadt. The Democratic nominee for governor, Josh Shapiro is up 15 points over Republican Doug Mastriano, he adds.

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Back over at Newsmax, here was host Shaun Kraisman hammering Oz:

“As you know, this video went viral,” Kraisman says, as Mediate reports. “You were at Wegmans going through the veggie aisle, essentially hitting on inflation and how things cost more, putting together a plate of crudité would cost you more than 20 bucks. You said that you were at Wegner’s – this is a very popular local grocery in this region called Wegmans.”

Kraisman later says, “I don’t mean to fixate on it, but just for those watching in Pennsylvania, you know how particular many people are about their groceries, what happened with Wegmans and Wegner’s? Can you explain that to them?”

“Yeah. I was exhausted. Well, you’re campaigning 18 hours a day. I’ve gotten my kids’ names wrong as well. I don’t think that’s a measure of someone’s ability to lead the Commonwealth.”

Kraisman also says, “it does get to the factor: Is Dr. Oz relatable to the everyday, hardworking American there in Pennsylvania?”

“We’ll do whatever we need to do to make sure the people of Pennsylvania respect what we’re about,” Oz replies, “and that we’re going to work as hard as we can to fix their problems. It’s what I’ve done my whole life. It’s what I’ll continue to do. I challenged my opponent. What have you done? Rolling your sleeves up in your own life to make life better for the people of Pennsylvania?”

Before he was elected Lt. Governor, Fetterman was elected mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania, four times, and served for 13 years.

Oz concludes, “I’m the person who put us on the right track and addressed many of the challenges. Cost of living, crime, and our schools that afflict so many Pennsylvanians.”

Some have also questioned if Oz understands what job he’s running for.

U.S. Senators don’t have tremendous responsibility over their state’s cost of living, crime, and school issues. Nor do they “lead the Commonwealth,” as he said to the Newsmax host.

'Afghan people are boiling grass to eat' while the US refuses to release frozen assets

The Biden administration has ruled out releasing roughly $7 billion of frozen U.S.-held Afghan assets, a year after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan and occupation, even as the United Nations warns a staggering 95% of Afghans are not getting enough to eat. “This money belongs to the Afghan people. And the U.S., for 365 days, has been holding their money in a New York vault while Afghan people are boiling grass to eat, are selling their kidneys, are watching their children starve,” says Unfreeze Afghanistan co-founder Medea Benjamin. We also speak with Shah Mehrabi, chair of the audit committee of the central bank of Afghanistan, who says the return of funds is necessary to bring back price stability, which would put cash back into the hands of Afghan people so they can afford basic necessities.


This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form.


This week marks one year since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, after more than two decades of U.S. war and occupation. As the United Nations warns a staggering 95% of Afghans are not getting enough to eat, with that number rising to almost 100% in households headed by women, the Biden administration announced this week that it had ruled out releasing roughly $7 billion in foreign assets held by Afghanistan’s central bank on U.S. soil. That’s according to The Wall Street Journal, which reports Biden’s decision not to return the funds came after he ordered the assassination of al-Qaeda’s leader in Kabul. On Monday, State Department spokesperson Ned Price disputed reports that the Biden administration has ruled out releasing the billions of dollars in foreign assets.
NED PRICE: I don’t mean to play media critic today, but there has also been some inaccurate — highly inaccurate reporting today regarding the ultimate disposition of the $3.5 billion in reserve funds. The idea that we have decided not to use these funds for the benefit of the Afghan people is simply wrong. It is not true. Our focus right now is on ongoing efforts to enable the $3.5 billion in licensed Afghan central bank reserves to be used precisely for the benefit of the Afghan people. …
The presence of Ayman al-Zawahiri on Afghan soil with the knowledge of senior members of the Haqqani Taliban Network only reinforces the deep concerns that we have regarding the potential diversion of such funds to terrorist groups. So right now we’re looking at mechanisms that could be put in place to see to it that these $3.5 billion in preserved assets make their way efficiently and effectively to the people of Afghanistan in a way that doesn’t make them ripe for diversion to terrorist groups or elsewhere.


For more, we’re joined by two guests. Shah Mehrabi is the chair of the audit committee of the central bank of Afghanistan, professor of economics at Montgomery College. He’s also a former adviser to the Afghan president. His recent piece for Al Jazeera is headlined 'Afghanistan’s economy is collapsing, the US can help stop it.' Also with us, longtime peace activist Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Unfreeze Afghanistan and CodePink. She last visited Afghanistan in April with an American Women’s Peace and Education Delegation.

We welcome you both to Democracy Now! Shah Mehrabi, let’s begin with you. Can you clarify what the U.S. is doing, what this $7 billion is, why the U.S. is holding onto it, if they are?


Thank you very much for inviting me.

It’s important, I think, to mention the fact that President Biden, on February 11th, split the Afghanistan reserve, which was $7 billion, into two — that is, $3.5 billion to be used, as President Biden mentioned, and I quote, 'for the benefits of Afghan people' and the remaining $3.5 billion to be set aside for September 11 plaintiffs to litigate. Now, the policy of splitting this, obviously, has created a situation where the central bank of Afghanistan could easily — this policy could easily decapitalize the central bank and, in turn, could easily dismantle it.

So, establishing, in a way, a mechanism that will allow central bank to use its reserve for the purpose — and the main purpose of the central bank is to bring stability and to strengthen the currency and also stabilize the economy — is very important. I think this function cannot be performed — the central bank cannot fulfill its primary objective of price stability, that is done by continuously engaging in foreign exchange auctions to prevent depreciation of local currency against foreign currencies and be able to bring price stability, because ordinary Afghans, if there’s no stable prices, they are not going to be able to buy basic household goods at reasonable prices. Reducing inflation will have to be done, because inflation now is at 52%. And auctioning will allow a situation where this inflation of double digit of 52% could be reduced to a single level, because higher prices are one of the major causes of poverty.

Now more than 70% of the world’s poorest people are women. And you have the women and children who cannot go ahead afford to buy the basic necessities. They cannot buy bread. They cannot buy cooking oil. They cannot buy sugar and fuel. I think it’s very important that Afghans be allowed to have their cash to be able to buy these basic necessities, to be able to have access to cash. And the Afghanistan reserve need to be returned to the central bank so that ordinary Afghans, as well as businesses, will be able to have access to USD, to be — businesses specifically to be able to pay for imports, and then ordinary Afghans to be able to get access to the deposits, because now the cap that is placed on ordinary Afghans and businesses, even at that cap, many of ordinary Afghans and businesses cannot get access because there is a shortage of reserve in the country.

So, I had suggested back in September that the United States should allow limited monetary release of reserve to pay for imports. And I suggested $150 million. And access could be conditioned, I said, on specific use, and that is for auctioning purposes. And this can be independently monitored and audited by an external auditing firm.


So, Ned Price —


And if it’s — if it’s not, then it should be terminated. Yes.


Ned Price, the State Department spokesperson, directly addressed the issue of the money going to the Afghan central bank. This is what he said.
NED PRICE: We don’t see recapitalization of the Afghan central bank as a near-term option. We’ve engaged, and we still continue to engage, Afghan technocrats with the central bank for many months now about measures to enhance the country’s economic — macroeconomic stability. We just don’t have confidence that the institutions, safeguards and monitoring are in place to manage those assets responsibly.


Shah Mehrabi, he’s directly addressing your bank, the central bank of Afghanistan, says can’t handle it.


This is what I said. There has to be a way, a mechanism, established to be able to test us, as a trust-building mechanism. As I said here, that what needs to be done, release this thing and monitor it, independently have auditors trying to see if the money is going to be used for the purpose for which it is designed to be used. And that is to auctioning and bring price stability. And this process could build confidence and could be considered a trust-building mechanism between the United States government and Taliban.

Now, the United States government needs to be actively engaged, and I think dialogue should continue, as it is, I’ve argued, in the best interest of the United States. Now, and I think this temporary pause that exists now, I think, is understandable. But the United States’ strategic interest in the long run dictates that there has to be a dialogue and engagement; otherwise, I think I would argue the United States will pay higher price if Afghanistan collapses, because a failed state could create more space for terror organizations.


Medea Benjamin, The Wall Street Journal reports that the Biden administration has ruled out releasing the billions of dollars in foreign assets because of their learning of and then killing the al-Qaeda leader in Kabul, Ayman al-Zawahiri. Your response?


Thirty-eight million Afghan people should not be punished because a 71-year-old figurehead of al-Qaeda was living in Kabul. This money belongs to the Afghan people. And the U.S., for 365 days, has been holding their money in a New York vault while Afghan people are boiling grass to eat, are selling their kidneys, are watching their children starve. This is unconscionable. That money has to be returned. The U.S., for 20 years, built up a central bank in Afghanistan with a monitoring mechanism. It’s one of the only things that continues to exist after 20 years of U.S. occupation. And now it wants to hollow out that central bank, create a separate mechanism.

I think the Biden administration, instead of listening to the war hawks in his own party and the Republicans, should listen to the women’s organizations in Afghanistan, the 9/11 family members, the economists from around the world, including Joseph Stiglitz, the human rights organizations, who have all said that this humanitarian crisis can only be solved by reinvigorating the economy and returning the Afghans’ money to their central bank.


We’re here talking about — I don’t know if it’s seven — whether it’s $7 billion or $9 billion, but half of that, because the other half, the Biden administration has determined, would go to the 9/11 victims. If you could respond to that, Medea? And also this issue — I mean, you’re a longtime women’s rights activist, a feminist — of the enormous crackdown on women and girls in Afghanistan, how that money would not go to supporting the Taliban, who are doing this?


The lawsuits by a small number of 9/11 family members really will enrich the lawyers more than anyone else. And I think we should listen to the September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, who have spearheaded a letter that 76 family members have signed, calling — saying that not a penny of that money should go for the 9/11 families, it should all go for the Afghan people.
As a feminist, I am certainly opposed to the policies of the Taliban, which have been horrific in not letting girls go to secondary schools and forcing women to cover themselves when they’re out in public and saying they can’t travel around the country without a guardian. All of these things must be opposed. And we are in touch with Afghan women every day that are working to change those policies. But they are already victimized by the Taliban; they should not be victimized by the United States by stealing the funds that they need to get their economy going. There are about 50,000 women businesses that are still trying to function in Afghanistan. They need access to the bank to pay for the salaries of their staff. Pensioners, women, need access to the bank to get their pensions. So, as a feminist, and I think all feminists should say, let’s help reinvigorate the Afghan economy so that people can get jobs and that they can feed their children.


Shah Mehrabi, your final comments? And would you support a third party getting that money?


I think a mechanism that is under negotiation that will enable the transfer of fund to be used for, from my point of view, for price stability and also for reducing the volatility in exchange rate, I think, is a positive move. Now, there has been, as I said, in one way or another, a pause, and the pause hopefully is temporary. And I think negotiation and dialogue that will enable the central bank of Afghanistan to have access to its reserve must continue, as it is not only in the best interest of the United States, but it’s in the best interest of ordinary Afghans.
I want to also mention that there’s no — that no increase in the humanitarian aid can compensate for the macroeconomic harm of higher prices for basic commodities. That is, you know, aiming for a banking collapse or balance of payment crisis. And I think severe consequences could ripple throughout Afghan society and harm the most vulnerable people. And I think we have the tools and mechanism to be able to reverse it. And I think the freezing of Afghan assets will not — very important: It will not weaken the interim Taliban administration, while the overwhelming impact of that will be on — it will fall on innocent Afghans, who have suffered decades of — decades of war and poverty.

And I think, while we have the means to be able to reverse this, why not go ahead and reverse this worst economic and humanitarian crisis? And I think the best way is by having — releasing the Afghanistan reserve, that rightfully belong to Afghan people, who established an independent central bank, and allow the central bank to be able to manage, to maintain this reserve and to be able to safeguard the international value of afghani, which is the national currency, and restore and keep and maintain price stability and also be able to allow and foster liquidity and also bring confidence in Afghanistan money and exchange rate policies.


Shah Mehrabi, we want to thank you for being with us, chair of the audit committee of the Afghanistan central bank, longtime economist, economics professor at Montgomery College. And, Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CodePink, Unfreeze Afghanistan, please stay with us. When we come back, I want to ask you about the Biden administration’s sanctions on Cuba, making it difficult for Cuba to effectively respond to a recent tragic fire, also the military budget that has been proposed, and the sentencing of a Saudi feminist to decades in prison in Saudi Arabia. Stay with us.

Watch below:

House Republican blasts GOP's 'really dangerous' fomenting of paranoia

On Monday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), one of the two Republicans on the House January 6 Committee, tore into former President Donald Trump, and his own party, for fomenting paranoia about the FBI in the wake of the search warrant executed at Mar-a-Lago — a chorus that has been accompanied by violent attacks and threats on FBI agents.

"Do you hold the former President Donald Trump responsible for inciting his supporters?" asked anchor Wolf Blitzer.

"Yeah, absolutely. 100 percent, Wolf," said Kinzinger. "I posted a thread somebody put up of a number of folks on TikTok that were putting out, you know, not just anti-government, but really threats to violence, pictures of their guns saying it is time, we're coming. I mean, this is ridiculous. I mean, it is ridiculous obviously for what the former president has done in terms of saying this is an attack on my home, I did nothing wrong, and of course the little bit that we do know it seems like there is certainly at least good reason for the FBI to have done what they did. But then members of Congress, senators, you know, any Republican elected official out there that rushes to be the first on television or the first to Twitter to basically condemn the FBI."

"I mean, look, I'll tell you, as a guy that grew up in the right and grew up as a Republican, there has always been a strain of people that believe that the government is, you know, out there to get them. That the FBI represents that part of the government that is out there to get people," Kinzinger added. "This stokes that. It's really dangerous, and I fear it could get worse unless people are way more responsible."

"The New York Times is reporting, Congressman, that former President Trump tried to pass a message along to the Attorney General Merrick Garland, saying, and I'm quoting now, 'The country is on fire, what can I do to reduce the heat?' Did you strike you as odd that the man that set the fire apparently tried to ask the attorney general to put it out?"

"It is a creepy message, to be honest with you," said Kinzinger. "Only Donald Trump in his own head knows what that means. But it does strike me as something like, you know, what you hear from the mafia. If you want your store to be secure, give us money. We'll make sure you're secure, when there was never a threat in the first place. I think, look, to every Republican out there that's knee-jerk reaction is to defend this guy, I know people are frustrated that Merrick Garland did not move faster on some of the January 6 stuff and I don't think he is a man to overreact and do it too quickly. It takes a lot information for him to do that and for him to approve a raid on Mar-a-Lago, to go after what appears to be classified information, there had to be good reason, and I encourage anybody in a position of authority to take some time to figure out what this is about you jump on the Donald Trump bandwagon on this."

Watch below or at this link.

Adam Kinzinger slams GOP for stoking FBI paranoia

'We're living in a fascist state': Rudy Giuliani melts down as potential indictments loom

Former President Donald Trump's embattled personal attorney and ex-New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani complained in an appearance on Newsmax that Monday's revelations that he is a "target" in Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis' Georgia's investigation into Trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election are evidence that the United States is descending into fascism.

“It’s just a further desecration of the Sixth Amendment. I was his lawyer of record in that case. The statements that I made are either attorney-client privileged because they were between me and him, or they were being made on his behalf in order to defend him," Giuliani said. "When you start turning around lawyers into defendants when they're defending their clients, we’re starting to live in a fascist state. Look, I’ve already had my law office raided. I never thought I'd ever see that happen."

Multiple media reports have indicated that Giuliani, who is scheduled to testify before a special grand jury in Atlanta on Wednesday, "should expect to be indicted" in Willis' ongoing criminal probe. Reuters noted that Giuliani has already claimed that he "would refuse to answer any questions about Trump that would violate attorney-client privilege."

READ MORE: Donald Trump labeled a 'flight risk' after he revealed that the FBI seized his passports

But therein lies a potential problem for Giuliani, because attorney-client privilege is not assertable when knowledge of or participation in a crime exists. According to NOLO, "the crime-fraud exception applies if the client was in the process of committing or intended to commit a crime or fraudulent act, and the client communicated with the lawyer with intent to further the crime or fraud, or to cover it up."

Watch below or at this link.

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Matt Gaetz accuses the IRS of 'gearing up for war'

United States Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) claimed on his Rumble channel on Monday that the Internal Revenue Service is inflaming the risks of a second civil war. Gaetz also accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) of instigating a "nuclear war in Asia" following her recent trip to Taiwan.

"Chaos at the IRS where they are gearing up for something, like, is the IRS gearing up for war in our country? Is Nancy Pelosi trying to start a nuclear war in Asia? Is there an effort by the national security state to stoke violence and a civil war here at home? We certainly hope not," Gaetz said.

Gaetz, a staunch defender of former President Donald Trump, shared his conspiracy theory a week after the Federal Bureau of Investigation executed a search warrant at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, which triggered outrage among right-wing politicians and pundits. On Thursday it was revealed that top-secret documents pertaining to nuclear weapons were suspected of being stored at Mar-a-Lago and that Trump is under investigation for possible violations of the Espionage Act.

READ MORE: Abortion rights foe Matt Gaetz defends 'choice' in presidential primaries

Watch below or at this link.

READ MORE: 'Ever-shifting explanations': Donald Trump’s defenders struggle to keep their stories straight

Donald Trump's first impeachment defense counsel subpoenaed by federal grand jury

Attorney and former senior advisor to then-President Donald Trump, Eric Herschmann, has been subpoenaed by a federal grand jury, after his explosive primetime testimony before the U.S. House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack last month.

“A federal grand jury investigating the Jan. 6 attack has subpoenaed Trump White House lawyer Eric Herschmann for documents and testimony, according to a person familiar with the matter,” Politico reports.

Herschmann, who also defended Trump as part of the first Senate impeachment trial, famously attended the “craziest meeting of the Trump presidency,” a post-election Oval Office meeting during which he allegedly told conspiracy theory promoter and Trump loyalist Patrick Byrne, “Do you even know who the fuck I am, you idiot?”

READ MORE: Trump Discussed Declaring National Security Emergency Powers He Didn’t Have to Overturn the Election: Report

In February of 2021, less than one month after the January 6 insurrection, Axios reported on that meeting, adding this exchange between Herschmann and Trump’s “Kraken” attorney Sidney Powell:

“Powell, fixing on Trump, continued to elaborate on a fantastical election narrative involving Venezuela, Iran, China and others. She named a county in Georgia where she claimed she could prove that [voting machine manufacturer] Dominion had illegally flipped the vote,” Axios reported. “Herschmann interrupted to point out that Trump had actually won the Georgia county in question: ‘So your theory is that Dominion intentionally flipped the votes so we could win that county?'”

Herschmann, who is also becoming known for his colorful language, says he told coup memo author and far right attorney John Eastman to “Get a great f’ing criminal defense lawyer,” on January 7, 2021, one day after the insurrection.

“He started to ask me about something dealing with Georgia, preserving something, potentially for appeal,” Herschmann says in his testimony to the U.S. House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack, NBC News reported. “And I said to him, are you out of your f’ing mind? Right? I said I only want to hear two words coming out of your mouth from now on, ‘orderly transition.’”

“Now I’m going to give you the best free legal advice you’re ever getting in your life: Get a great f’ing criminal defense lawyer. You’re gonna need it.”

During the first impeachment hearing, Herschmann argued that Trump should not be convicted by the Senate, claiming he was no threat to the nation because his approval rating was high.

WATCH: Herschmann uses Trump’s approval rating to argue he isn’t a threat to the nation

George Conway says everything Donald Trump does is part of 'the grift'

Prominent conservative lawyer George Conway offered an insightful analysis of Donald Trump's strategic thinking following the FBI executing a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago.

Conway, the husband of Trump 2016 campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, was considered for the positions of solicitor general and assistant attorney general before he began publicly opposing his wife's administration.

On Saturday, he was interviewed by CNN's Jim Acosta.

"I have to show this to our viewers," Acosta began. "Trump is already trying to make money off of this and a lot of money. Take a look at all this, he has been blasting out fundraiser emails one after the other since the FBI search.

The interview came shortly after Trump bragged on Truth Social about record fundraising.

"One of them reads' official' Trump defense fund," Acosta noted. "And you know, all of this is becoming an instant cash cow.

"And we'll remind our viewers the Jan. 6 committee pointed out to the American people that during the period between the 2020 election and Jan. 6, they claimed to have a defense fund that they were trying to raise money for, they were claiming to raise money for."

"And it's just one fundraising email after another and I'm just kind of wondering, George, is this part of the grift?" Acosta asked. "Is this the grift, part two?"

"Look, you cannot separate anything that he does from the grift," Conway replied.

"And you cannot separate anything he does and any of his supporters do from the grift, and that includes Fox News, that includes members of Congress," he explained. "I mean, it's all part of, you know — basically they've been running a fraud for five years that this man is competent, that he is sane, that he is virtuous and everything that threatens that is attacked as being illegitimate and wrong and lies without any evidence and I think that's why they describe it as a war."

"They don't want anybody to think, they want everybody to fight," Conway continued. "They want everybody to be angry and that's part of why they do that, is partly because the money comes in when they do that."

"Yeah, they're pushing people's buttons to get the people to push the fundraising button," Acosta said.

Conway warned that the 2024 presidential campaign could be violent.

Conway predicted Trump "will use the threat of his supporters engaging in violence to his advantage. He doesn't care, he perfectly will be happy to see violence in his honor, if you will, erupt."

"That was the playbook on Jan 6 and that's going to be the playbook for the 2024 campaign when he announces," Conway said. "Not if, it's when he announces."

Watch the segment below or at this link.

George Conway

'My guy': Eric Trump gushes over homophobic pastor at right-wing event

During a speech at the ReAwaken America Tour at Cornerstone Church in Batavia, New York on Friday, Eric Trump lavished praise onto notoriously homophobic right-wing conspiracy theorist Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. Locke has pushed former President Donald Trump's Big Lie about the 2020 election and preached that President Joe Biden is demonically possessed.

"On behalf of everybody in New York – it's all coming out in New York City – by the way, how good was Pastor Locke? Pastor, on behalf of everybody in New York – and even though I got the hell out of this state, right, like half the people, probably half of you as well – we need more people like you in this state. And New York would be a helluva lot better place if we had more people like you in this state," Trump said.

"I like any pastor who has backbone. A lot of them don't, you know this very well. I like any pastor that's pro-Second Amendment. Most of them, a lot of them, are but will never admit it on stage. And I sure as hell like any pastor who is pro-Trump and you are certainly pro-Trump," the second-eldest Trump son added. "So Pastor Locke is my guy!"

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Watch below or at this link.

Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago search woes 'seem to have come from his legal team': Guardian reporter

Appearing on MSNBC on Saturday afternoon, Guardian congressional correspondent Hugo Lowell offered an alternative explanation over how FBI agents knew what to look for when they showed up at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort earlier this week to take into custody multiple boxes of documents stolen from the federal government.

Speaking with host Alex Witt, Lowell was asked about the possibility that there is an FBI informant in the former president's inner circle who has been assisting the Department of Justice.

"Have you heard anything that validates speculation that there might be an informant within the Trump ranks?" host Witt asked.

"I've certainly heard that Trump world is very much wary of the fact that there may be an informant," Lowell responded. "And certainly there have been a number of people who have left Mar-a-Lago and the Trump team in recent months -- that's what's feeding the speculation."

"But you know, according to the New York Times today, and also our own reporting from this week, a lot of this has come from the Trump lawyers themselves," Lowell pointed out. "I mean the Times reporting that one of Trump's lawyers signed a document that said they've turned over all of that material and we heard as early as Tuesday that the Justice Department grew concerned about that classified material at Mar-a-Lago as a result of interactions with the Trump's lawyers."

"So a lot of this seems to have come from Trump's legal team, " he suggested.

Watch below or at this link.

MSNBC 08 13 2022 13 53 50

Russian propagandists claim Moscow has been 'studying' Mar-a-Lago nuclear documents 'for a while'

Russian propagandists stated have proclaimed that if former President Donald Trump was indeed hiding classified documents related to nuclear weapons at his Mar-a-Lago compound in Palm Beach, Florida, the Kremlin has already seen them.

Russia 1 host Evgeny Popov issued his taunt hours after Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart of the Southern District of Florida unsealed the warrant that the United States Department of Justice obtained ahead of what Trump called the "raid." The warrant revealed that Trump is suspected to have violated the Espionage Act.

"Turns out that the investigation against Trump has to do with the secret documents from the White House, related to the new development of new nuclear weapons by the US," Popov said.

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"The FBI isn't saying what kinds of weapons or what they found at Trump's estate. Obviously, if there were any important documents, they've been studying them in Moscow for a while," Popov continued. "What's the point of searching?"

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'All of them are lying': Steve Bannon calls FBI 'a bunch of lawless Gestapo' in unhinged rant

Countless right-wing media outlets have been jumping to former President Donald Trump’s defense since the FBI, on Monday, August 8, executed a search warrant at Mar-a-Lago in South Florida. Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is no exception.

On his “War Room” podcast, the far-right MAGA Republican, conspiracy theorist and Trump ally angrily railed against U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice.

Bannon told viewers, “DOJ is lying. The FBI is lying. All of them are lying. And we’re going to hold them all accountable. And I’m not going to sit there and listen to Merrick Garland…. Well, listen, pipsqueak, you can come out again and start crying at the mic, because ‘War Room’ is not going to back off. We smoked you out.”

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The “War Room” host continued, “Other conservative media smoked you out of your cave…. We’re not going to back off. You’re a lawless scumbag. How about that? Suck on that. The FBI is a bunch of lawless Gestapo.”

According to Washington Post sources, the documents the FBI agents were searching for at Mar-a-Lago included “classified documents relating to nuclear weapons.”

Attorney Ron Filipkowski, posting Bannon’s rant on Twitter, noted how badly he was “melting down.”

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Watch: Lauren Boebert's mic cut off for going over time during lie-filled House floor speech

U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) refused to end her remarks attacking popular Democratic legislation known as the Inflation Reduction Act, and after being repeatedly warned – four times – she was over time as she ranted and delivered falsehoods on the House floor her microphone was finally cut.

Congresswoman Boebert, part of the far-right fringe that has taken over the Republican Party, yelled and wagged her finger as she spread misinformation.

In an ironic twist the pro-gun activist and former owner of Shooters Grill angrily – and falsely – claimed the bill mandates the hiring of 87,000 armed IRS agents.

“What are we doing here? What are we passing this so-called Inflation Reduction Act if inflation is at zero percent?” she asked.

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Inflation in fact for the month of July was flat, coming in at zero percent, which brought the annual inflation rate down from 9.1% to 8.5%.

“Well in fact it’s the inflation enhancement act,” Boebert, a spreader of conspiracy theories falsely argued, calling it “just another con game by the Democrats,” which also is false.

She then went on to claim the IRS would have more “armed agents” than the Defense Dept.

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After being warned four times she had gone over time her mic was cut, but she was subsequently granted additional time.

The Colorado Congresswoman, a pro-gun extremist, went on to lie that the Inflation Reduction Act “hires 87,000 IRS agents and they are armed and the job description tells them that they need to be required to carry a firearm and expect to use deadly force if necessary,” she shouted, calling it “armed robbery.”

The bill will enable the IRS to hire new employees, but nowhere near 87,000. Only a tiny fraction, about 300, would be armed, and not for nefarious purposes like “armed robbery.”

“Though the job is really about sniffing out income and accounting irregularities to build legal cases,” CBS News reports, “one of the potential duties is ‘conduct[ing] or participat[ing] in surveillance, armed escorts, dignitary protection, undercover operations, execution of search and arrest warrants, seizures, etc.,’ the job listing states.”

Boebert began by calling “supporters of this legislation insane,” falsely implied the Inflation Reduction Act increases taxes on ordinary middle-class Americans, while mocking “Green New Deal initiatives.”

Seconds after her “armed robbery” remarks Boebert again ran into overtime. Her mic was cut after the second warning.

Kentucky Democratic Congressman John Yarmuth, who spoke immediately after her, blasted the Colorado Congresswoman.

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House Dem slaps down Lauren Boebert's 'totally fabricated' rant about IRS after she gets her mic cut

'It was Trump's deal!' John Bolton schools Newsmax host over Afghanistan withdrawal

Ex-United States Ambassador to the United Nations and National Security Adviser John Bolton schooled Newsmax host Eric Bolling on Friday over the timeline of the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

The on-air debate erupted when Bolling insisted that the country was safer under former President Donald Trump than under President Joe Biden, with which Bolton vehemently disagreed.

"How in the world could you think that we're safer now than we were under President Trump when he was willing to put missiles into Syrian airbases with Russians on the base? What's going on here sir?" Bolling asked Bolton.

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"Because he didn't understand, fundamentally, much of anything about international affairs. His decisions were not based on a coherent philosophy or coherent policy. They were erratic. Under Donald Trump, he signed a deal with the Taliban..." Bolton began saying before Bolling interrupted.

"But we were safer. He kept them on their back feet. They didn't know where he was coming from and that made us safer," said Bolling.

"No he didn't," Bolton fired back. "He cut a deal with the Taliban to withdraw from Afghanistan. Did that make us safer, Eric? Did withdrawing from Afghanistan make us safer? Right."

The discussion quickly devolved into a shouting match.

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You know what made us less safe? Biden pulled us out of Afghanistan, 13 Americans died, and now the Taliban tells us, 'back off, don't kill al Qaeda. Are you out of your mind?


It was Trump's deal! Hahahahahaha. That's right. The same thing they would have done under Donald Trump. No. Who cut the deal, Eric? Who cut the deal?


Who delivered the deal? Biden delivered the deal.


Eric, you don't know what you're talking about. He wanted everybody out, he cut a deal to do exactly that.


Anyone who disagrees with you doesn't know what they're talking about,"


You don't!


Trump said leave 2,500 there until we have a smooth transition of power.


He did not! Look, he said that after he cut the deal. The deal cut us down to zero. That's what Trump wanted. He wanted everybody out. The record on that is completely clear.


Over time! Biden pulled them out while Americans were still there.


No. Read the deal, Eric. Have you ever read the deal?


Oh stop.


Yeah I know you gotta go before you're embarrassed even further.

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House Republican says classified Mar-a-Lago nuclear material is available 'on your own phone'

United States Congressman Mike Turner (R-Ohio) suggested on Friday that the nuclear documents that the Federal Bureau of Investigation reportedly recovered from former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago mansion in Palm Beach, Florida during the execution of a search warrant on Monday are no big deal.

"I can tell you that there are a number of things that are classified that fall under the umbrella of nuclear weapons but that are not necessarily things that are truly classified," Turner, who serves on the House Intelligence Committee, told reporters at a press conference. "Many of them you can find on your own phone as we stand here and if they fall into that category, they're not an imminent national security threat that would rise to the level of, you have to raid Donald Trump's home and spend nine hours there."

There are "two types of classification," according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's website. "The first type, known as national security information, is information that is classified by an Executive Order. Its release would damage national security to some degree. The second type, known as restricted data, is information that is classified by the Atomic Energy Act. It would assist individuals or organizations in designing, manufacturing, or using nuclear weapons. Access to both types of information is restricted to authorized persons who have been properly cleared and have a 'need to know' the information for their official duties. For additional detail, see Classified Information."

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Fox News shuts down House GOP leader's 'word salad' defense of Donald Trump's FBI attacks

On Friday morning's edition of "Fox and Friends," Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) went on to attack the FBI — but was caught off guard when co-anchor Steve Doocy actually hit back and pointed out there are several reasons to think the search warrant at former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago country club was justified and serious.

The FBI, as Doocy noted, was in fact looking for highly classified nuclear secrets as part of their search — and he challenged Stefanik to justify why that wouldn't be a legitimate thing to investigate.

"House Republicans are going to follow the facts and demand accountability and transparency," said Stefanik. "The statement by Attorney General Merrick Garland is not nearly enough ... this is Joe Biden's Department of Justice and FBI, targeting his most likely presidential opponent in 2024. It is not news to the American people that President Trump is very likely to run for president. This was incredibly an overreach, it's un-American, and there's going to be a lot more questions from the FBI that the American people deserve."

"Well, of course, the FBI director was appointed by Donald Trump," Doocy corrected her. "But Congresswoman, if — and they're just allegations, and we just have a little taste of the story from The New York Times and The Washington Post — they say, as Peter talked a moment ago, that apparently there was a national security concern about some of the documents, allegedly, at Mar-a-Lago. That they were materials from — they were higher than Top Secret, they were classified higher than that. As you know, they're called special access programs, and apparently they're related to nuclear weapons. We don't know if they're our weapons, we don't know if they're another country's weapons. But if that is true, and they were just in the basement at Mar-a-Lago, that's kind of a big deal."

"Well certainly, Steve, there's been a lot of, again, guesses as to, and media reporting," said Stefanik. "We do not know the facts, which is why it's important to follow the facts wherever they lead. And that's why it's important in our oversight role on the House Intelligence Committee, we continue to see the FBI refuse to answer questions when they create controversies and they overreach, and that should never be the case."

Trump responded to the new reports that the FBI was searching for nuclear material with a new rant earlier in the morning, accusing them of "planting information." However, he has indicated he will not contest the DOJ's move to unseal the warrant.

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'There's a big nuclear black market out there': MSNBC analyst fears the worst about Mar-a-Lago documents

MSNBC's John Heilemann floated the possibility that former President Donald Trump may have shared the most sensitive nuclear secrets with foreign powers for personal gain.

The FBI carried out a search of Mar-A-Lago this week, where they reportedly expected to find top-secret documents on nuclear weapons, and the "Morning Joe" contributor wondered aloud if Trump did the unspeakable with those highly sensitive materials.

"Yes, one giant concern is whether foreign adversaries could find their way to possessing them," Heilemann said. "Another is the possibility -- and, God, perish the thought -- that Donald Trump, and I say that sarcastically, but Donald Trump might have thought, 'You know, when I leave the White House, I'll take everything of value, of potential monetary value, that's not nailed down.'"

"You can't steal the furniture," Heilemann continued. "It's hard if you are a president to walk out the door with furniture. Sometimes you think you can steal documents. Apparently, he thought that. Those documents, if those are what they entail, man, there is a big nuclear black market out there in the world. Those secrets could be worth a ton of money if the president wanted to try to monetize them."

"I think there is not only the possibility that they might somehow fall into the wrong hands because... Donald Trump has no ability to control information around him, but I think there's the other worry," he added. "Donald Trump might try to exploit them in some way. That has to be going on in the heads of some people at the Justice Department, as well."

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08 12 2022 08 08 20

'Sweet Jesus': Morning Joe expresses astonishment over nuclear documents at Mar-a-Lago

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough expressed shock over revelations that FBI agents were looking for nuclear secrets among the documents stashed away at Donald Trump's private resort in Florida.

Attorney general Merrick Garland confirmed Thursday that he personally authorized the decision to seek a search warrant for Mar-A-Lago, and sources later said documents relating to nuclear weapons were among the classified documents they were looking for -- and the "Morning Joe" host was astonished that Trump's attorney said on Fox News that she hadn't spoken yet with her client.

"Sweet Jesus," he said. "I haven't talked to my client about whether he'd illegally removed nuclear secrets from the White House and taken them down to his country club illegally in Florida. You didn't ask the president that question? I mean, listen, this is a guy who has had contempt for classified information. Of course, he attacked Hillary Clinton for her emails, but as we saw time and again, showed that he had contempt for classified information."

Garland did much more than call Trump's bluff, Scarborough said.

"He called out, with his just-the-facts-ma'am approach, he called out Donald Trump's bluster," he said. "He called out Donald Trump's bluster and his lies, his B.S. You just get the sense that, from the start of this, Trump has known that he is a corrupt politician who has been cornered. So what has he done? He's refused to release the documents. He could have released the documents at any time. Instead, he's been whipping up a frenzy against the FBI and against law enforcement officers. We saw the consequences of that yesterday, most likely, if the reporting is correct."

"Sure enough, just as I've been warning on this show every day," Scarborough added, "the irresponsible voices on the Trump right are ginning up hatred against our FBI, against law enforcement agents, against the very people that they once claimed to support, and while they're whipping them into this frenzy, they're putting the lives -- they're putting targets on the back of FBI agents. They know who they are, and they were still doing it last night on TV, even after somebody tried to break into the FBI bureau in Ohio and cause harm to agents. Yeah, the person is deceased now because he was whipped into a frenzy by these conspiracy theories, just like Jan. 6."

"You look at the possibility that nuclear secrets may be involved here," Scarborough concluded, "and the fact that Trump's own lawyer says, 'Oh, I don't know, maybe nuclear secrets were stolen from the White House and taken down to Mar-A-Lago illegally,' but whatever it is, we understand from the DOJ that it was obviously so critical, that they felt like they had to move immediately."

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08 12 2022 06 00 37

Trump World 'caught off guard' by Merrick Garland calling his bluff

Donald Trump's inner circle was caught off guard after Attorney General Merrick Garland held a press conference calling Trump's bluff and announcing the Department of Justice would move to unseal the Mar-a-Lago search warrant.

Federal Magistrate Judge William Matthewman gave Trump's lawyers until 3 p.m. Eastern on Friday to announce whether they would fight the motion to unseal the documents, which Trump himself could have posted online.

For analysis, CNN's Wolf Blitzer interviewed CNN chief White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins.

"So what the Justice Department did today with that statement, that brief statement from Attorney General Garland, is put the ball in Trump's court, or him to make this decision whether or not they are going to unseal this warrant and let the public see what was included in it that led up to that unprecedented search on his residence on Monday," Collins explained. "Or they could object to it, and try to fight it and lay out why they don't think this information should become public."

"That would come several days after the former president and his allies framed things as a politically motivated search conducted by the FBI," Collins noted. "So that remains to be seen how he is going to respond to this."

"I am getting the sense, Wolf, that they were caught off guard by this announcement from the Justice Department, that they were moving to unseal this warrant," Collins reported. "It seems like something that would stay private unless Trump decided to release it, which over the last 72 hours they had not decided to do.

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Kaitlan Collins

'They had it!' Fox News host baffled over why Trump World would lie about Mar-a-Lago search warrant

Shortly after United States Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that the Department of Justice had requested that a judge unseal the search warrant that the Federal Bureau of Investigation executed on Monday at former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago compound in Palm Beach, Florida, Fox News contributor Harold Ford Jr. on Thursday was baffled as to why Trump lied about it.

"Don't mistake or misconstrue what I'm saying, anyone around the table. I'm not rooting against the president. But what I don't for the life of me – I'll come back to where I started – if the president had the warrant, had the receipt, why would you tell your friends and your supporters that you didn’t have it and blame and attack FBI agents and other federal officials? For the life of me I don't quite understand it. But I'm hopeful and prayerful that as this investigation goes forward that the president will have an opportunity to at least express himself," Ford said during a discussion on The Five.

Trump, Ford continued, "has until three o'clock tomorrow to respond to the court in Florida regarding whether or not they should unseal the warrant and the receipt. Now, I dunno why he wouldn't just say right now, 'release it.' He has until tomorrow to do it. The receipt and the warrant are gonna give us I believe some answers to some of the questions that we have around this table and some of the questions that have been asked today."

READ MORE: Merrick Garland files motion to unseal Mar-a-Lago search warrant request that he 'personally approved'

Co-host Jeanine Pirro stated that "it is up to the court at this point to release it and the court will make that decision on Monday."

But Ford pushed back, sparking a debate:

But no no, but judge, but no no judge, you're not right. The Trump team has not said they want to release it.


Right and the court will decide based upon what happens tomorrow. The court ultimately decides.

READ MORE: Donald Trump responds to Merrick Garland by raging over Obama's presidential library


But the president said he didn't have the warrant or the receipt two days ago.


But the issue was they were saying they were shown the warrant that the attorneys who were on site from twelve feet away. But that's neither here nor there.


But they had it!

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Watch: Liz Cheney calls Donald Trump's lies 'a cancer' in powerful final pitch to voters

Congresswoman and Vice Chair of the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) released a final campaign video on Thursday ahead of next Tuesday's primary election which polls indicate that she will lose.

Cheney's service on the Select Committee has made her a pariah of sorts within the GOP, which censured her last year after she voted to impeach former President Donald Trump for inciting the insurrection. Trump has endorsed Cheney's right-wing challenger Harriet Hageman, an attorney who has trussed her identity to the Big Lie.

Despite the imminent risk to her political career, Cheney emphasized the dangers that Trump and his movement pose to the future of American democracy in her closing pitch:

As Election Day nears, I want to talk to citizens across our great state and all across our country. America cannot remain free if we abandon the truth. The lie that the 2020 presidential election was stolen is insidious. It preys on those who love their country. It is a door Donald Trump opened to manipulate Americans to abandon their principles, to sacrifice their freedom, to justify violence, to ignore the rulings of our courts and the rule of law.

This is Donald Trump’s legacy, but it cannot be the future of our nation. History has shown us over and over again how these types of poisonous lies destroy free nations. Like many candidates across this country, my opponents in Wyoming have said that the 2020 election was rigged and stolen. No one who understands our nation's laws, no one with an honest, honorable, genuine commitment to our Constitution would say that. It is a cancer that threatens our great republic. If we do not condemn these lies, if we do not hold those responsible to account, we will be excusing this conduct and it will become a feature of all elections. America will never be the same. Nothing in our public life is more important than the preservation of the miracle given to us by God and our Founding Fathers. Nothing.

Here is my pledge to you. I will work every day to ensure that our exceptional nation long endures. My children and your children must grow up in an America where we have honorable and peaceful transitions of power, not violent confrontations, intimidation and thuggery. Where we are governed by laws and not by men. Where we are led by people who love this country more than themselves.

No matter how long we must fight, this is a battle we will win. Millions of Americans across our nation – Republicans, Democrats, Independents – stand united in the cause of freedom. We are stronger, more dedicated, and more determined than those trying to destroy our republic. This is our Great Task. And we will prevail. I hope you will join me in this fight.

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"The Great Task"

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