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54 million people in the US may go hungry during the pandemic

When I call Chef Q. Ibraheem to discuss urban farming in her own cooking career, she’s in the middle of placing an order for microgreens from a small farm in Lake Forest, a ritzy suburb just north of downtown Chicago. Now’s a great time for her to chat, actually, because the Chicago-based chef is immersed in what she loves, sourcing ingredients as locally as possible.

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The next COVID-19 relief bill has to include a big boost to food aid

The second coronavirus relief bill passed back in March (the one Mitch McConnell blew off for two weeks so he could politick in Kentucky with his favorite unqualified judges) included critical food assistance boosts, temporary increases in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits for many households, as well as a loosening of procedures for states so that they could provide more assistance. But that hasn't been enough, as the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities explains. The benefits haven't reached everyone who needs them and aren't generous enough to make sure that families can afford all the food they need.

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This is the broken and disturbing reality of modern chicken production — but there's a way out

Mike Weaver is a trailblazer, boldly speaking out against the very industry that provided his livelihood. In 2016, he exposed the inhumane conditions and unfair labor practices that hold many farmers prisoners inside big animal agriculture farms, and found a way out, transitioning from chicken farming to hemp production. There are many more Mike Weavers in rural America, stuck inside an unjust food system, waiting for a way out.

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'Unforgettable' footage of endless car lines at food banks reveals the stark COVID-19 crisis in the U.S.

Images and video of miles of cars lined up at food banks in San Antonio and other cities across the U.S. present a striking example of the economic effects of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, which has thrown at least 16 million Americans out of work in recent weeks and increased pressure on the distribution centers to provide key staples for a flood of needy people in the country.

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Why China is emerging as a leader in sustainable and organic agriculture

It’s August and 38C outside a greenhouse on a fruit farm in suburban Nanjing, China. Inside the farmhouse, customers sample organic grapes and peaches.

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How to spot sustainable wine that is less damaging to the environment

Over six gallons of water are required to produce one gallon of wine. “Irrigation, sprays, and frost protection all [used in winemaking] require a lot of water,” explains winemaker and sommelier Keith Wallace, who’s also a professor and the founder of the Wine School of Philadelphia, the largest independent wine school in the United States. And water waste is just the start of the climate-ruining inefficiencies commonplace in the wine industry. Sustainably speaking, climate change could be problematic for your favorite glass of wine.

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Here are five delicious meals you can make with what's in your pantry

Whether you're trapped inside due to inclement weather, taking an extended sick day at home, rent week is upon you, or it's just finally time to clear out your kitchen of unused items, here are five flavorful dishes that make the most of pantry and freezer essentials.

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Here's how fungi can help create a green construction industry

The world of fungi has attracted a lot of interest and seems to be becoming very fashionable of late. A new exhibition at Somerset House in London, for example, is dedicated to “the remarkable mushroom”. No surprise: we’re being promised that mushrooms may be the key to a sustainable future in fields as diverse as fashion, toxic spill clean ups, mental health and construction. It’s in this last field that my own interests lie.

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The rise of veganism in the mainstream — from Impossible Burger to the Oscars

In early January, the Academy of Motion Pictures announced that plant-based food would be on the menu at this year's Academy Awards Ceremony on Feb. 9th. This announcement came after the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild awards dinners both switched to vegan menus (prompted, at least in part, by vegan "Joker" star Joaquin Phoenix's suggestion they do so), but before Google searches for "vegan Super Bowl snacks" increased by nearly 133% compared to last year.

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Trump’s EPA is about to give a massive gift to the coal industry

Trump’s EPA administrator wants to redraw our nation’s mercury standard to benefit coal-fired power plants that belch out nearly half the nation’s mercury emissions. But the agency’s Science Advisory Board is balking.

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