Manchin and Sinema face backlash after posting grotesque tweets congratulating themselves

Manchin and Sinema face backlash after posting grotesque tweets congratulating themselves
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona at the 2019 Arizona Technology Innovation Summit at The Duce in Phoenix, Arizona, Wikimedia Commons

On Thursday, after weeks and weeks of goalpost-moving, constant compromising on what was already a compromise, incoherent messaging, and consternation, Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema finally agreed to something. That 'something' mimics the many campaign promises President Joe Biden (and most of the Democratic Party) made to voters this past election cycle. The Build Back Better (BBB) plan that was supposed to include lots of climate change initiatives, paid family leave, expanded Medicare coverage for vision and dental, and government negotiation on prescription drugs, will now have some climate change stuff. Better than nothing? Eh.

That's the clear hope of people like Manchin and Sinema, who have allowed their corruption and cynicism (and possibly pathological narcissism) to torpedo their own chances at having a meaningful legacy of service to the American people. While Manchin's one driving force is his own corruption and that of his corrupt family, Sinema's motivations have been hard to pin down. Either way, both senators have let down the American people and have greatly hurt other Democratic candidates and incumbents' chances in the coming months. What will happen next remains a mystery as House Democrats, who agreed to the original compromise of $3.5 trillion spent over 10 years to be coupled with a reconciliation package, are now in a place where the White House is desperate to get something passed and Sens. Manchin and Sinema have shown they are not trustworthy people—at all.

On Thursday, as the White House announced it had a "framework" agreed on to some mysterious degree by the two senators most likely to be found staring at themselves in on their phones, those two decided to release statements lauding themselves. The responses to these two statements were intense.

Kyrsten Sinema wrote, "After months of productive, good-faith negotiations with@POTUS and the White House, we have made significant progress on the proposed budget reconciliation package. I look forward to getting this done, expanding economic opportunities and helping everyday families get ahead." Joe Manchin's tweet was equally gross: "President Biden's framework is the product of months of negotiations and input from all members of the Democratic Party who share a common goal to deliver for the American people."

Whether this cynical move will be enough for voters to forget what these two have actually done to hurt the American people remains to be seen for someone like Sinema, who seems to believe she just needs big corporate donors to float her into a cushy Senate gig until she is ready to run for president. Joe Manchin is a corrupt scumbag in a state that is hellbent on voting bankrupt human beings like Joe Manchin into office.

It's a tale of two politicians with very unpopular, anti-American attitudes and actions:

Make some calls.

Maybe the most to-the-point for Sinema:

Joe Manchin is much more transparent. I mean, he's painfully transparent in his dirtbaggery.

A very nice reminder of Sinema's Halloween playdate with fellow tool Mitt Romney.

And something most of us will never forget.

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