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Trump and the threat of annihilation take the world to the edge of a nightmare

Whether you’re reading this with your morning coffee, just after lunch, or on the late shift in the wee small hours of the morning, it’s 100 seconds to midnight. That’s just over a minute and a half. And that should be completely unnerving. It’s the closest to that witching hour we’ve ever been.

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The EPA allows continued use of a neurotoxin found to harm kids' brains

Dismissing extensive scientific evidence showing that even low levels of chlorpyrifos damage children's brains, the Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday released a risk assessment calling the toxic pesticide's effects "unresolved" and allowing its continued use in a wide variety of agricultural products pending a future final decision on its use.

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The 2 major political parties are more interested in donor cash than what voters want

I recall being devastated when I learned that the professional wrestling I watched as a kid was fake. How could combatants show such contempt for their opponents in the ring and yet all work for the same company?

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The West faces apocalypse — and we need a national solution

The clash between Donald Trump and Joe Biden over the roots of the West's apocalyptic fire season has missed the crucial point – perhaps because neither candidate is targeting the solidly Democratic Pacific Coast.

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Humans created the conditions for 2020's incredibly destructive west coast wildfire season. Can humans stop them?

This year's west coast wildfire season is breathtaking in its scope and its destruction. More than 3.2 million acres have burned in California since the start of 2020; in Oregon, nearly 900,000 acres have burned in the recent series of fires, and five towns completely destroyed. To put that number in perspective: Oregon in the past decade usually would only see 500,000 acres destroyed by wildfires over the span of an entire year. Aside from the deaths and property destruction caused by these fires, their toxic smoke waves have wrought a secondary destruction on the economies and health of citizens who live in any of the nearby major cities, from Vancouver B.C. to San Diego. The extent and volume of smoke is so great that it blew over the east coast today.

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'We've never seen anything like this': Mysterious mass death of birds in New Mexico has scientists spooked

Anew report reveals that large and "unprecedented" numbers of migratory birds are mysteriously dying in New Mexico, with ominous implications for the environment as a whole.

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Western capitalism has fueled California's wildfires — but Indigenous wisdom managed them

In more than 20 years of living in Southern California, I have never been in a potential fire evacuation zone—until now. The entire state is seemingly on fire with a record-breaking 2 million acres already burned this year alone, with months to go before the end of fire season. The situation is so dire that the state’s fire officials are warning they “simply do not have enough resources to fully fight and contain every fire.” Fires are burning from the northern-most part of the state down to the border with Mexico, and tens of thousands of Californians are under evacuation orders. While fire is normal in California, the sort of out-of-control wildfires that spread rapidly and burn ferociously every few weeks are neither natural nor inevitable. Most importantly, there are long-term solutions available if we would only implement them.

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Trump faceplants with a scientifically illiterate claim about climate change

President Donald Trump refused to accept the scientific consensus on the existence of climate change at a meeting about the California wildfires, preferring to blame the crisis on poor forest management.

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Biden slams Trump's failure to address the intensifying climate crisis engulfing the west coast

As wildfires continue to tear through California, Oregon, and Washington state, engulfing entire communities and leaving utter devastation in their wake, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden issued a statement Saturday connecting the blazes to the global climate emergency and slamming President Donald Trump's ongoing refusal to act.

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New report exposes how Trump used COVID-19 to enact a dangerous right-wing mission

In the nearly six months since President Donald Trump declared a public health emergency over the coronavirus pandemic, he has rolled back at least 30 public protections, while proposing changes to at least 20 others, according to a report published Thursday by Public Citizen's Coalition on Sensible Safeguards.

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The American west is burning — and Trump doesn't care

Climate action advocates and journalists are calling out President Donald Trump's silence for nearly three weeks, as historic wildfires have torn across the western United States, devastating communities that were already struggling in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and related economic crisis.

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