Texas paper slams Trump's border wall visit — calls him 'unhinged and unrepentant' after inciting mob

Soon-to-be-twice impeached Donald Trump is ending his white supremacist presidency the same way he started his campaign more than five years ago: racist, anti-immigrant fearmongering. Having basically gone into hiding after inciting a violent mob of seditionist supporters who ransacked the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to overturn the 2020 election results—and resulted in numerous deaths, including of a police officer—Trump is traveling to Texas on Tuesday to bluster about the border wall that Mexico never did end up paying for.

The Associated Press reports that missing from the visit will be unlawfully appointed acting DHS Sec. Chad Wolf, who resigned Monday. But following the D.C. attack (nice job securing the "homeland" there, Chad), elected officials, editorial boards, and border communities are demanding Trump stay away too. "Normally we would welcome a presidential visit to our state. Not now," the American-Statesman Editorial Board wrote. "Not by a president who is unhinged and unrepentant for the violent mob he sent last week to the Capitol."

"The stated reason for Trump's visit to Alamo is to tout his administration's work on the border wall and immigration," the American-Statesman Editorial Board continued. "Indeed, Trump is wrapping up his term on the same note that he launched his political career, stoking fear about immigrants and exaggerating his accomplishments."

June 16, 2015, will always live in infamy as the day he launched his presidential campaign by descending the escalators at Trump Tower to call Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists. "When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best," he said. "They're not sending you. They're not sending you. They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people."

His comments were blatantly racist and disqualifying, but too many in the mainstream media were afraid to say so and instead merely labeled them "controversial." Worse yet, others dismissed them as a joke. It wasn't a joke or "controversial" to Mexicans and Mexican-Americans like me. He was talking about us. He talking about my parents and two older sisters, all born in Mexico. He was talking about me, the son of Mexican immigrants.

"Trump acts as if his legacy along the border will be construction of a 'beautiful' wall," American-Statesman continued. "In truth, his legacy is one of destruction: Crying children pulled from their parents' arms as part of his shocking family separation policy, with hundreds of kids still waiting to be reunited. Migrant kids dying in U.S. custody for lack of proper care. A shameful humanitarian crisis just south of the border as the U.S. turned its back on those who are lawfully seeking asylum. A degradation of America's values and standing in the world."

Now having incited a violent mob that my colleague David Neiwert writes was "intent on taking hostages and murdering them" and is now leading to an unprecedented second impeachment, Trump is returning to what he always goes to when desperate or in need of an ego boost: attacking immigrants (and doing it as likely his final trip in office).

"Rather than spend his last days in the Oval Office addressing the pressing Covid-19 pandemic and ensuring an orderly transition, Trump is doubling down on his xenophobic, white supremacist agenda," Border Network for Human Rights (BNHR) executive director Fernando García said in a statement received by Daily Kos. Indeed, the City of Alamo said in a statement it hasn't even been contacted about Trump's visit.

"His presence at the borderland is a provocation, and an act of violence in and of itself," García continued. "Border communities are calling for the dismantlement of the wall of shame, racism and white supremacy. The wall and all it represents have no place in our society, and Trump must be held accountable."

President-elect Joe Biden's victory and our wins in Georgia provide an opportunity to take both executive and legislative action to protect undocumented communities attacked by the outgoing administration. I hope Trump has the time of his wretched life at his precious wall Tuesday because Biden has also pledged to not build another foot of it—and because it was built using swindled funds and has caused "incalculable" harm in the borderlands, there's a strong case for knocking the motherfucker down. The human costs of Trump's racism, however, the fomenting of violence and the unleashing of white supremacist forces, will not be so easy to scale back. That's the "legacy" he's leaving us.

"It is a presidency that has prioritized sowing division, undermining our institutions and norms, and working tirelessly to marginalize the 'other,'" American Immigration Council policy counsel Aaron Reichlin-Melnick writes. "For Trump, there were no people more "other" than those who came to our border and asked for our help." He writes that that to truly "defeat Trumpism, as a nation we must embrace a more humane approach toward those who are different from us, one that respects the law and our obligations to the most vulnerable."

"The Biden administration can start by restoring humanitarian protection, and finally moving away from the deterrence-based mindsets of the past decades and create a truly welcoming process at the border," Reichlin-Melnick continued.

Watergate journalist compares Trump to Confederate ‘secessionist’ Jefferson Davis: 'Seditious reality'

Veteran journalist/author Carl Bernstein, famous for his reporting on the Watergate scandal during the 1970s, has made no secret of the fact that he considers President Donald Trump much more dangerous than President Richard Nixon — and when Bernstein appeared on CNN on January 10, he unfavorably compared Trump to Confederate leader Jefferson Davis.

Bernstein's Trump/Davis comparison came four days after the storming of the U.S. Capitol Building by a violent mob of far-right extremists (including white nationalists) who were hoping to prevent Congress from certifying the electoral college victory of President-elect Joe Biden. The 76-year-old journalist stressed that he holds Trump responsible for that atrocity and believes that the president, who refused to accept the election results, committed an act of sedition.

"One way or another, the stain of what has happened is going to cling to Donald Trump's person and his movement forever in history," Bernstein told CNN's Fredricka Whitfield. "The important thing at this moment is to make sure that in his state of utter madness, that he is constrained — that he is put in a constitutional straight jacket, that he cannot do further damage to the interests of the United States and the safety and health and welfare of its people and its constitution."

Bernstein went on to say, "Donald Trump is the enemy of the constitutional republic that is the United States of America. That's the meaning of what happened in this insidious insurrection that was inspired and encouraged…. by the president of the United States at the very moment that the Congress was counting the ballots to elect the legitimate president of the United States. That's what occurred here. This is something that needs to be addressed in terms of its seditious reality."

Trump, according to Bernstein, is comparable to "the secessionist president of the Confederate States of America, Jefferson Davis, because Trump has taken his movement and himself out of the equation of the legitimate governance of the United States of America."

"He is no longer part of the United States of America," Bernstein told Whitfield. "He has really seceded himself and his movement from who we are as a country. That's what the meaning of that attack is."

Whitfield asked Bernstein to elaborate on the Davis comparison, and he explained, "I use that comparison because what we are left with now, Trump's movement — those people who have followed him so blindly, the tragedy of them following him so blindly — they are now left in another country, a country which they believe is now apart from the rest of the United States, that really follows only Donald Trump. That's why I made this comparison to the Confederate States of America, which had seceded from the larger entity. Trump's movement is not going to magically disappear."

Univision’s Jorge Ramos smacks down Trump apologist following Capitol attack

Univision's Jorge Ramos has been one of President Donald Trump's most outspoken critics in Spanish-language media, and a passionate debate occurred when Ramos featured Republican strategist Adolfo Franco on the Sunday-morning program "Al Día" following the storming of the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6.

Ramos, during their heated exchange en español, made it clear that he blames Trump for the attack on the U.S. Capitol Building — which was invaded by a violent mob of far-right extremists who were hoping to prevent Congress from certifying President-elect Joe Biden's electoral college victory. But Franco, who has been an aggressive defender of Trump, disagrees. And when he appeared on "Al Día," Franco condemned the attack on the Capitol Building, but claimed that Trump was in no way responsible for it.

Franco engaged in "whataboutism," saying that for "months and months," rioters and looters ravaged U.S. cities in 2020 and weren't condemned by prominent Democrats — and he made the claim that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other prominent Democrats believed that looting is not a form of violence, but a form of political protest. Pelosi, however, never said such a thing. And Ramos pushed back on Franco's claims forcefully, stressing that Trump did everything he could to inflame the angry mobs that showed up in Washington D.C. on January 6 — and that there was absolutely no evidence of widespread voter fraud in 2020's presidential election as Trump claimed.

Ramos has been a persistent Trump critic since 2015, when Trump's security threw him out of a press conference in Iowa. The 62-year-old Univision anchor, who is originally from Mexico City but now lives in Miami, has often accused Trump of racism — and following the 2020 presidential election, Ramos repeatedly pushed back against Trump's false claims of widespread voter fraud.

On January 11, Ramos tweeted, in Spanish, that when a president lies, incites violence or attacks democracy, it is the obligation of journalists to denounce it immediately:

Franco, a frequent guest on "Al Día," has clashed with other Trump critics on Spanish-language media — including CNN pundit and GOP strategist Ana Navarro, a native of Nicaragua and Never Trump conservative.

Media company orders right-wing radio hosts to stop promoting debunked election conspiracies or face expulsion

In AM talk radio, a long list of far-right pundits have been promoting the debunked conspiracy theory that President Donald Trump was the victim of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. But following the storming of the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6 by a mob of violent extremists, domestic terrorists and white nationalists, Atlanta-based Cumulus Media has ordered its employees to quit promoting voter fraud conspiracy theories.

The Washington Post's Paul Farhi reports that in an internal memo — which was first reported by Inside Music Media — Brian Philips, executive vice president of content for Cumulus, wrote, "We need to help induce national calm NOW." Phillips went on to say that Cumulus and Westwood One, which syndicates Cumulus programming, "will not tolerate any suggestion that the election has not ended. The election has been resolved, and there are no alternate acceptable 'paths.'"

Phillips warned Cumulus employees, "If you transgress this policy, you can expect to separate from the company immediately."

Farhi explains, "The new policy is a stunning corporate clampdown on the kind of provocative and even inflammatory talk that has long driven the business model for Cumulus and other talk show broadcasters. And it came as Apple, Google and Amazon cut off essential business services to Parler, the pro-Trump social media network where users have promoted falsehoods about election fraud and praised the mob that assaulted the Capitol. Apple and Google removed the Parler app from the offerings for its smartphones, while Amazon suspended it from its Web-hosting services."

Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro and Dan Bongino are among the many far-right radio hosts who are employed by Cumulus and, Farhi notes, "have amplified Trump's lies that the vote was 'rigged' or in some way fraudulent." Levin, in fact, encouraged Republicans in Congress not to honor the Electoral College results, which showed that President-elect Joe Biden won 306 electoral votes. In the popular vote, Biden defeated Trump by more than 7 million.

The mob that stormed the Capitol Building on January 6 was hoping to prevent Congress from ratifying Biden's Electoral College victory but only succeeded in delaying it. Hours after the attack, Congress resumed its joint session and ratified Biden's win.

One radio host who won't be directly affected by Cumulus' directive is Rush Limbaugh, whose program is broadcast on many Cumulus-owned stations but is syndicated by Premiere Networks. Cumulus owns and operates Westwood One.

Michael Harrison, publisher of Talkers Magazine, told the Washington Post that Cumulus and other media companies "recognize they're in the hot seat right now because the national eye is on them" and that talk radio hosts "never expected" their comments on the 2020 election to "get out of hand" in the way they did on January 6.

"I would hope they put their personal feelings aside and come clean with their listeners," Harrison told the Post. "I encourage them to pursue the truth and to tell their audience something that Trump may not like."

Trump's ban from a privately-owned company is only 'Orwellian' to people who've never actually read Orwell

Donald Trump being banned from a cross-section of social media and digital platforms has generated outrage from right-wingers in the United States and Europe, with claims that these decisions are tantamount to censorship, a violation of Trump's free-speech rights and blatant political targeting on the part of companies described as "leftist." In addition, the actions of Twitter, Facebook, Google and others have led the same group of conservatives to lament the unfettered power of these multi-billion dollar companies and the "Orwellian" tactics they are accused of employing.

There's a lot to unpack here. To me, however, we really need to start by cutting through what can only be described as the dishonest, cynical and utterly decontextualized bullshit at the heart of the right-wing criticism of the Trump ban.

Bluntly, if there's anything "Orwellian" about all of this — and it is clear that many citing Orwell's "1984" have either not read or don't understand the book — it is that the political right in the United States and Europe are re-framing as "leftist" and "anti-democratic" the for-profit, privately controlled "free market of ideas" they have religiously and relentlessly pushed for decades.

When I was young, I moved from a United States about to enter the Reagan era to a United Kingdom about to enter the Thatcher era. For media, Reaganism-Thatcherism (which spilled over into other parts of Europe) was marked by a belief in the value of de-regulation/re-regulation that favored large, powerful corporate actors. In the US, policies meant to protect against excessive concentration of corporate media ownership were stripped, allowing a limited number of market giants to tighten their grip on the information infrastructure. In the United Kingdom and Europe, we saw the increasing commercialization of media markets and commodification of audiences, while public service broadcasting found itself under attack as statist "market distortion."

The ideological zeitgeist of the Reagan-Thatcher era was that the privately owned corporate sector was better qualified and better structured to have control over the flow of news and information in society. This shift was framed as more than just an issue of policy, it was framed as an issue of morality: to empower the human spirit by allowing it to break free of the repressive shackles of state control, reveling in the natural democracy and common sense of consumer choice. This ethos morphed into economic religion, solidified by the collapse of the Soviet Union which was pitched as evidence that the free market had "won" the moral war.

So, after a relentless and unbroken 40-year fight to hand informational control and power over to a small number of corporate actors, the political right is now wetting their collective pants over Trump being banned by a privately-owned company. A company that the right has been telling us should be trusted — free from Nanny State intrusion — to make precisely such a decision. As if that hypocrisy wasn't enough, Trump's ban was clearly rooted in his violation of the terms of service to which he agreed when he got his Twitter account. So, apparently, another conservative moral mantra –"personal responsibility" — has also been conveniently forgotten in this whirlpool of "Orwellian" bullshit.

What is clear is that the "leftist social media" myth has now merged with the traditional "leftist mainstream media" myth to form an overarching "leftist media ecosystem" myth. With this meta-myth, all media criticism can be waived off as ideologically driven. And, in true Orwellian fashion, this right-wing critique positions multi-billion dollar corporate owners as, of all things, leftist. The problem with this argument, of course, is that Twitter has been a gold mine for Trump…and Trump a gold mine for Twitter. His ban came only days before he leaves office, and only after the violent events in Washington. And, an overwhelming portion of Facebook and YouTube traffic is driven by right-wing content. A good argument can also be made that the current power of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube in the information ecology is directly linked to the historical re-regulation, commercialization and subsequent entertainment/conflict orientation of news and information in Europe and the US.

Who were the people warning us for decades about the excessive power of centralized corporate control over media and information? About the threats of this centralized control to democracy? "Libertarian" Trumpites now complaining so vociferously? Reagan Republicans? European Conservatives? No. It was academics and the political left, saying that the excessive power of news organizations such as Fox News, CNN and the New York Times, and the excessive power of social media platforms, are dangerous.

And what was the standard reaction of the political right when researchers and media reformers expressed basic concern over the concentration of power in our informational ecosystem? That we were naive, free market-hating Marxists with no grasp of how things work "in the real world." That we were scared that our worldview would be thrashed in the "marketplace of ideas."

But a funny thing happened on the way to the real world.

The corporations the right fed through the de-regulation of media markets, the enabling of increased concentration of corporate ownership, generous corporate tax breaks and actively marginalizing and attacking the few remaining non-commercial alternatives (like public service broadcasting) were re-framed, overnight, from monuments to Capitalism to oppressors. The history of the political right in their creation was erased and revised, with conservatives re-written in the updated version as the innocent victims of corporate media power. Run over by multi-billion dollar corporations operating in the service of "Marxism."

Orwell couldn't have written it any better.

Social media giants finally confront Trump’s lies. But why wait until there was a riot in the Capitol?

Timothy Graham, Queensland University of Technology

After the chaos in the US Capitol, stoked largely by rhetoric from President Donald Trump, Twitter has permanently suspended his account, which had 88.7 million followers, citing “risk of further incitement of violence".

Facebook and Instagram had earlier locked Trump's accounts — with 35.2 million followers and 24.5 million, respectively — for at least two weeks, the remainder of his presidency. This ban was extended from 24 hours.

The locks are the latest effort by social media platforms to clamp down on Trump's misinformation and baseless claims of election fraud.

They came after Twitter labelled a video posted by Trump and said it posed a “risk of violence". Twitter removed users' ability to retweet, like or comment on the post — the first time this has been done.

In the video, Trump told the agitators at the Capitol to go home, but at the same time called them “very special" and said he loved them for disrupting the Congressional certification of President-elect Joe Biden's win.

That tweet has since been taken down for “repeated and severe violations" of Twitter's civic integrity policy. YouTube and Facebook have also removed copies of the video.

But as people across the world scramble to make sense of what's going on, one thing stands out: the events that transpired today were not unexpected.

Given the lack of regulation and responsibility shown by platforms over the past few years, it's fair to say the writing was on the wall.

The real, violent consequences of misinformation

While Trump is no stranger to contentious and even racist remarks on social media, Twitter's action to lock the president's account is a first.

The line was arguably crossed by Trump's implicit incitement of violence and disorder within the halls of the US Capitol itself.

Nevertheless, it would have been a difficult decision for Twitter (and Facebook and Instagram), with several factors at play. Some of these are short-term, such as the immediate potential for further violence.

Then there's the question of whether tighter regulation could further incite rioting Trump supporters, by feeding into their theories claiming there's a large-scale “deep state" plot against the president. It's possible.

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Here's the disturbing spin right-wing media is trying to put on pro-Trump chaos that erupted at the US Capitol

Most Americans watched in horror as angry supporters of President Donald Trump breached the U.S. Capitol. Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle made it clear that what they witnessed was disturbing, grotesque and un-American.

But despite what Americans saw transpire with their own eyes Wednesday, right-wing media outlets are already trying to point fingers at anyone besides Trump and his supporters.

According to Axios, right-wing publications, news outlets and other conservative media platforms "mostly blamed left-wing activists, the media, Vice President Pence — and even police officers — for the riots that some suggested were the start of a 'civil war' in America."

The publication went on to note just how far Fox News, One America News Network, and Newsmax went to hold everyone accountable but the people who were truly responsible for the chaos.

Trump campaign lawyer and known conspiracy theorist Lin Wood even attacked Vice President Mike Pence on Twitter as he leveled a dangerous allegation at him. Not only did Wood describe Pence as a "traitor" but he also described him as a "communist sympathizer" and "child molester" as he suggested that the vice president be locked up. That tweet is what led to Wood being banned from Twitter on Wednesday.

As the riots intensified inside the U.S. Capitol and footage of the events began circulating online and on television, the right-wing media still "downplayed the severity of events, calling those marching on the Capitol mostly peaceful protestors."

Fox News host Tucker Carlson also underscored the right-wing media's portrayal of what happened. Instead of blaming the mob for their reckless and irresponsible behavior, he insisted the mob's actions were no fault of their own.

"We got to this sad, chaotic day for a reason," Carlson said, adding, "It is not your fault. It is their fault."

Screaming Joe Scarborough demands Trump, Giuliani and Trump Jr. be 'arrested today for insurrection'

A screaming Joe Scarborough demanded the arrest of President Donald Trump, the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, and the president's son, Donald Trump, Jr., for inciting Wednesday's deadly violent insurrection.

"Are we a nation of laws?" the "Morning Joe" co-host yelled the morning after thousands of armed Trump MAGA supporters, some draped in "Make America Great Again" flags, breached the nation's Capitol Building, with hundreds crawling the halls of America's seat of government.

"Donald J. Trump called for the insurrection against the United States of America. He called for it. Rudy Giuliani called for 'combat justice,' just an hour or two before this happened. Donald Trump, Jr. said, 'We are coming for you!'"

"That's insurrection against the United States of America. And if Donald Trump, Jr., Rudy Giuliani, and Donald Trump are not arrested today for insurrection and taken to jail and booked, and if the Capitol Hill Police do not go through every video, and look at the face of every person that invaded our Capitol, and if they are not arrested and brought to justice today, then we are no longer a nation of laws and we only tell people they can do this again."

Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski also blasted the Capitol Hill Police for treating the insurrectionists with kid gloves "because they are white," and accusing them of opening "the fucking doors" for the Trump insurrectionists.

"If these insurrectionists were Black, they would have been shot in the face. And my god, if these insurrectionists were Muslim, they would have been shot from the top of buildings."


Stephen Colbert unleashes furious rebuke of Republicans and Fox News: 'Have you had enough?'

"A Late Show with Stephen Colbert" had a show planned for Wednesday night, but it ended up being a live show because the host spent the day glued to the coverage of the attempted war at the hands of President Donald Trump's supporters.

"I really want to do the show we're about to do and I also don't want to do the show we're about to do because Lord have mercy, there are some dark subjects that we talk about on the show occasionally, but I've really haven't been as upset as I am tonight," he said. "I'm sure you are, too."

His message was to Republicans, particularly those who spent the last several years kissing up to Trump.

"Hey, Republicans who supported this president, especially the ones in the joint session of Congress today, have you had enough?" he asked. After five years of coddling this president's fascist rhetoric, guess whose followers want to burn down the Reichstag? Because today, the U.S. Capitol was overrun for the first time since 1814, and a woman died. Who could have seen this coming? Everyone? Even dummies like me. This is the most shocking, most tragic, least-surprising thing I've ever seen."

He went on to tell Republicans that the GOP had been warned that creating the monster would tie them to its damage, but they ignored the warnings.

"For years now, people have been telling you cowards that if you let the president lie about our democracy over and over and then join him in that lie and say he's right when you know for a fact that he is not, there will be a terrible price to pay," Colbert continued.

"But you just never thought you'd have to pay it, too. I really do hope you're enjoying those tax cuts. And those judges, because those judges are really going to be working hard. They're going to be busy throwing these idiots in jail. And by 'idiots,' I include the Republicans who let this happen, like you Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), raising your stupid fist to the mob outside the Capitol. Look at that. It's like Black power but the opposite. There really should be a name for that."

Colbert explained that Hawley had to keep his fist clinched because if he didn't, people would see the blood on his hands.

"Speaking of which, how about you, Fox News?" Colbert turned next. "Do you think maybe years of peddling his conspiracy theories had anything to do with this? Oh, but come on, man. You know we have our opinion side and our news side. Come on, we're just trying to turn a coin for uncle Rupee, sell a few lubricated catheters. Like those lubricated catheters, you know where you can stick your excuses and you can skip the lubrication. It's the thousands of MAGA protesters who stormed the capitol building. It's a horrifying day that will go down in U.S. history, however much longer that is."

See his full monologue in the video below:

Hey, Republicans Who Supported This President: Are We Great Again Yet? - LIVE MONOLOGUE

'Couldn’t have done it without you': Missouri paper lays the blame for Capitol mob squarely on its own senator's shoulder

Leading Missouri newspaper The Kansas City Star on Wednesday published an editorial excoriating Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) over the Republican leader's effort to block certification of President-elect Joe Biden's electoral college victory.

Wednesday afternoon, supporters of the president stormed the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. as Congress moved to certify the electoral college vote. The mob forced representatives, senators, congressional reporters and staffers to don gas masks and evacuate the building. One woman on the Capitol grounds was shot in the chest and later died, the Metropolitan Police Department confirmed.

According to The Kansas City Star, Hawley — who was the first senator to join President Donald Trump's last-ditch attempt to reverse the vote — "deserves an impressive share of the blame for the blood that's been shed" at the nation's Capitol today.

Per the Star:

"No one other than President Donald Trump himself is more responsible for Wednesday's coup attempt at the U.S. Capitol than one Joshua David Hawley, the 41-year-old junior senator from Missouri, who put out a fundraising appeal while the siege was underway."

Acknowledging the "tragic, outrageous and devastating" events that transpired Wednesday at the Capitol Building, the editorial board described the attack as "wholly consistent with Trump's call to overturn the election to address nonexistent fraud."

"Those of you who have excused all of the brazen lawlessness of this administration can take a little bit of credit for these events, too," the paper wrote. "They couldn't have done it without you."

The Kansas City Star further accused Hawley "and other Republicans who upheld Trump's con about widespread fraud" of "[knowing] all along that his claims were bogus."

The paper then implored Hawley and other Republicans to "surprise us":

"Now that they've seen exactly where those lies have landed us, decency demands that they try to prevent further violence by making clear that Joe Biden did not win by cheating."

Read the full editorial at The Kansas City Star.

'The arrogance is breathtaking': Milwaukee newspaper slams Ron Johnson for defying will of Wisconsin voters

Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin is among the Republican senators who, unlike Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, has vowed to contest the Electoral College results when the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives meet for a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, January 6. Wisconsin was among the states that President-elect Joe Biden won in the 2020 presidential election, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's editorial board slams Johnson for failing to respect the will of Wisconsin voters in a scathing editorial published on January 5.

"The arrogance of Ron Johnson is breathtaking," the Journal Sentinel declares. "Johnson and 12 other Republican senators say they will challenge the tabulation of Electoral College votes in Congress on Wednesday in a dangerous political stunt that will accomplish nothing but may burnish their image with those who would choose outgoing President Donald Trump over democracy. Johnson and his shameful friends are planning to support Trump as he directly opposes the will of the people."

The editorial board stresses that although Biden will remain president-elect regardless of the "stunt" from Johnson and other GOP senators, that doesn't make it any less shameless.

"In the end, the results of the presidential election will not change: Joe Biden will still have beaten Trump by 7 million votes and won 306 electoral votes to Trump's 232," the Journal Sentinel says. "But Johnson's stunt will do harm to our democracy."

The Journal Sentinel continues, "What precedent is being set here? What happens the next time a party — either party — loses the presidency narrowly while controlling both houses of Congress? Will those politicians do what Johnson and his hyperpartisan mob are doing? Will they make up lies about the election, cry voter fraud, complain about voting machines, election officials and any other ghost they can conjure?"

The editorial board goes on to say that politically, Johnson should pay a price for his attack on U.S. democracy.

"Johnson's disgraceful display should not go unpunished," the Journal Sentinel tells readers. "While there is no way to recall a sitting senator — and censure or expulsion, though deserved, is unlikely given the politics of the moment — we urge voters to remember what Johnson has done. Hold him accountable. Demand that qualified challengers, Republican and Democrat alike, run against him if he has the audacity to break another promise and try for a third term in 2022."