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Bob Woodward may have identified Donald Trump's worst -- and most fatal -- flaw

According to interviews recorded by Bob Woodward for his book, "Rage," Donald Trump was briefed by national security adviser Robert O'Brien on Jan. 28 of this year that the coronavirus "will be the biggest national security threat you face in your presidency," that the virus was five times more deadly than ordinary flu, that it was spread when "you just breathe the air," and that it would soon become a worldwide pandemic. At the moment Trump told Woodward these things, on Feb. 7, the president had one job: Persuade the American people to work together to deal effectively with this threat to their health and well-being.

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The lie at the heart of Trump's vision of America

In a new book published this month, New York Times reporter Jim Tankersley set out to get to the bottom of the problems in the American economy. "The Riches of This Land: The Untold, True Story of America's Middle Class" traces the changes that have shaped Americans' jobs and lives in the second half of the 20th century and recent decades, diagnosing what has gone wrong and how politicians have failed to offer solutions.

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'He was radicalized at a very young age': New book reveals the deeply sinister motivations of 'hatemonger' Stephen Miller

A new book on Stephen Miller, the architect of the Trump administration’s unprecedented attack on immigrant communities and the immigration system, describes the White House adviser as a dangerous man bringing white nationalist ideology to the highest levels of government. “This is what shapes the immigration policy,” says Jean Guerrero, author of “Hatemonger: Stephen Miller, Donald Trump, and the White Nationalist Agenda.” Miller, descended from Jewish immigrants, has been obsessed with fighting multiculturalism since his teenage years and has steadily climbed the right-wing political ladder to become one of Donald Trump’s most trusted associates. He is credited with many of Trump’s most vicious anti-immigrant policies, including separating immigrant children from their parents. “Stephen Miller primarily has been targeting families,” says Guerrero. “It becomes clear that for Stephen Miller, this is not about national security, this is not about keeping out criminals. This is about reengineering the ethnic flows into this country to keep Brown and Black families out.”

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'I know where the skeletons are buried': Michael Cohen releases blistering excerpt from his tell-all book about Trump

Michael Cohen thinks he may know Donald Trump, who he worked with for more than ten years, even better than the president's own family does. In the forward released Thursday to his forthcoming tell-all book, "Disloyal,"  Cohen explained that he saw a side of the president that his close relatives never saw.

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A philosopher untangles the insidious ways male entitlement shapes our lives

In her debut book "Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny," philosopher Kate Manne unpacked a compelling and pertinent understanding of misogyny, which she views as a form of social policing of women's behavior to enforce compliance with patriarchal expectations. Now, in her new book "Entitled: How Male Privilege Hurts Women," available Aug. 11, Manne tackles the complex ways in which misogynistic norms pervade various aspects of our lives, including sex, medicine, home life, criminal justice, and politics.

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Trump Jr. gets dragged for self-published book that includes glaring error on the cover

There are a few things that equal the mediocrity and base idiocy of Donald Trump. Their names are Donald Jr., Eric, Ivanka, and Jared. But, the greasy, sweaty, desperate nature of Donald Trump Jr. has a special patina of existential impotency that is hard to ignore. It’s hard to ignore, in part, because not unlike his father, Junior speaks at a loud blunt volume of dumb about 100% of the time.

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Trump's niece condemns him as having the maturity of a 3-year-old in brutal new excerpt

Despite efforts by members of the Trump family and their allies to prevent Mary L. Trump’s new tell-all book from being released, it looks like the book will be coming out sooner than previously expected. According to CNN’s Brian Stelter, Simon & Schuster has announced that the release date for “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man” has been moved from July 28 to Tuesday, July 14 “due to high demand and extraordinary interest.”

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75 years ago: When Szilard tried to halt dropping atomic bombs over Japan

As this troubled summer rolls along, and the world begins to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the creation, and use, of the first atomic bombs, many special, or especially tragic, days will draw special attention.  They will include July 16 (first test of the weapon in New Mexico), August 6 (bomb dropped over Hiroshima) and August 9 (over Nagasaki).   Surely far fewer in the media and elsewhere will mark another key date:  July 3.

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An economist explains the biggest myths about the national deficit — and how we can save the economy

Stephanie Kelton has found herself at the center of a blossoming debate over a provocative economic idea known as Modern Monetary Theory (often called MMT) — a theory that seeks to flip much conventional economic wisdom on its head. As one of the foremost advocates and articulators of the theory, she has just come out with a new book called "The Deficit Myth: Modern Monetary Theory and the Birth of the People's Economy."

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Federal judge dismisses Trump's attempt to block release of John Bolton's book

According to a report from CNN, Judge Royce Lamberth of the US DC District Court denied Donald Trump's attempt to stop the release of former aide John Bolton's book.

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'Trump comes off like a needy supplicant' in John Bolton's new book: report

A scathing review of an un-redacted copy of John Bolton's soon-to-be released book about his time in the Trump White House reveals "why the White House tried to keep Trump’s words secret," Vanity Fair's Gabriel Sherman writes. Those words "are deeply embarrassing and illustrate Trump’s naked politicization of America’s foreign policy."

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