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Democrats are missing a big chance to increase turnout and take down the Trump machine

The anxiety over changes and irregularities with the United States Postal Service (USPS) in August finally spilled over. A functioning postal service undergirds many of our society’s most basic functions, so there was no shortage of reasons to be alarmed. However, one concern—the threat to November’s election—overwhelmingly rose to the top. And the public outcry over that threat pushed a normally lethargic House majority into action, winning some mild but incomplete reversals from USPS.

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An ICE whistleblower's horrifying account of forced sterilization raises fears of eugenics and genocide

Human rights advocates sounded alarms Monday following a whistleblower complaint that alleges an alarming number of hysterectomies were performed on detainees at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Georgia. The complaint also alleges "jarring medical neglect" throughout the facility, particularly in relation to Covid-19 safety protocols and procedures.

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Bill Barr had deep links to the origins of Central American migration crisis long before Trump

We look at how decades of U.S. military intervention in Central America have led to the ongoing migrant crisis, with Salvadoran American journalist Roberto Lovato, author of the new book “Unforgetting: A Memoir of Family, Migration, Gangs, and Revolution in the Americas.” Lovato recounts his own family’s migration from El Salvador to the United States, his return to the country as a young man to fight against the U.S.-backed right-wing government responsible for grave human rights violations, and his embrace of journalism to tell the stories of people on the margins. “I’m unforgetting a history of not just El Salvador, but the United States and of myself,” says Lovato.

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New polling confirms the 'Trump effect': Americans increasingly love immigrants

Here’s even more of that other “Trump Effect” we’ve talked about before: new polling from Pew Research this week continues to confirm that Americans have only become more welcoming of immigrants and refugees since 2016 and Donald Trump’s ensuing xenophobic presidency.

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Hurricane Laura worsens already inhumane ICE conditions

Detained people already suffer dangerous conditions while in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody, including inhumane living arrangementsmedical mistreatment or no treatment at all, and systemic patterns of abuse. The novel coronavirus pandemic has only piled on the suffering. It’s hard to imagine how these facilities could become any worse—but Hurricane Laura has figured out a way.

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President Trump is the child-trafficker-in-chief

President Donald Trump thinks of himself as a champion against human trafficking. He addressed a White House Summit on the issue in January claiming there was a “humanitarian crisis” at the border fomented by criminal organizations and that “traffickers victimize countless women and children.” He signed an executive order and diverted $400 million in funding to combat the issue, boasting in his usual manner that “we have signed more legislation on human trafficking than any other administration has ever even thought about.” But in recent months, the administration has been found to be flouting the United States’ own anti-trafficking laws by deporting thousands of children and families seeking asylum, practically delivering them into the hands of traffickers across the border in Mexico.

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Internal memo shows Trump administration expects drastic drop in demand for US visas for years to come

Internal Memo Shows Trump Administration Expects Drastic Drop in Demand for U.S. Visas for Years to Come

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ICE rejected COVID-19 testing for all detainees at facility because it would be too much trouble

There’s really no bottom when Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and private prison profiteers join forces—just consider the latest example. Internal emails obtained through an ongoing lawsuit show the mass detention agency and private prison operator GEO Group rejected a plan to test all detained people at one California facility for COVID-19 “because they would be unable to adequately isolate those who tested positive,” a coalition of groups said in a statement.

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'Dangerously bad': Coalition accuses Adam Schiff of throwing Dreamers under the bus

Rep. Adam Schiff worked behind the scenes to ensure the White House had expanded surveillance powers in Section 215 of the Patriot Act by selling out the civil rights of immigrants, a coalition of privacy groups alleged Wednesday.

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Kids remain in ICE custody as federal judge's deadline for release comes and goes

A federal judge’s deadline for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to release children detained with their parents at migrant family jails came and went on Monday. Over 100 children, who are currently detained in facilities that Judge Dolly Gee herself said are “on fire” due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, remain detained past her deadline because her order was now apparently "unenforceable,” NBC News’ Julia Ainsley and Jacob Soboroff explained.

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'Patently illegal': Trump sued over attempt to erase undocumented immigrants from census

The Trump administration is now facing at least four lawsuits over its unconstitutional attempt to erase undocumented immigrants from the 2020 census. This includes one suit representing a number of immigrant rights organizations that advocate for undocumented communities in Massachusetts and have been working tirelessly to ensure families are represented in the count.

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