Newsmax host Eric Bolling wants audience to know Kermit is the original communist

Newsmax host Eric Bolling wants audience to know Kermit is the original communist
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Newsmax host Eric Bolling has found a home on the bleeding edge of right-wing reality television. Bolling left Fox News in disgrace after an investigation revealed he was sending unsolicited graphic photos of male genitalia and text messages to female employees. Good times! Since then, Bolling has joined fellow unhinged right-wing personality Grant Stinchfield in berating everyone not conservative enough to drink the fascist Kool-Aid Trump and the GOP are pushing these days.

What is the "bleeding edge" of conservatism these days? Big Bird from Sesame Street is a communist and Big Bird is trying to trick your kids into getting vaccinated against COVID-19. Sen. Ted Cruz has been on the frontlines of this new "culture war" and Eric Bolling used his Tuesday show to point out that he has always known that the Muppets and other Jim Henson creations were secret commies. Don't believe an adult man would say that on video while not performing on a comedy sketch show?

Check it out.

Bolling first went through the Sesame Street campaign to promote COVID-19 vaccinations for kids, including an "interview" appearance on CNN. Bolling was boiling!* Kapow! He began by showing the vaccine promotion clip, saying "Big Bird from Sesame Street, indoctrinating our 5-year-olds..."

Coming back from the clip, where Bolling fumed over the use of a teddy bear as a comfort tool for a child getting a shot, he proceeded to seethe, explaining that "then the giant pigeon took to Twitter to announce to everyone how it felt getting the shot." But lest you believe this is a new thing for the educational show's puppets, Eric Bolling is here to remind you that Sesame Street has always been a bastion of feel-good commie sentiment.

ERIC BOLLING: Not the first time these little felt communists tried to infect the minds of our youngest and most vulnerable children, a decade ago, way back in 2011, I called out Kermit, that cute little green monster commie.

That's verbatim. How did he call out Kermit the Frog? It seems that the 2011 Muppet film starring Academy Award winner Chris Cooper as Tex Richman, the villain of the piece, really freaked Bolling out. Bolling believed that Kermit and his friends should have been happy and impressed by the sociopathic fictional oil man trying to displace the Muppets so he can get at the oil under their studios. Instead, they treated him like a villain, proving once and for all that the message being sent to kids is that rich people are bad. Bolling's view is that any person who has become rich is an important and impressive person who has worked harder than everybody else.

Don't believe me? Bolling explains his problem with the Muppets: "Well here's what happened, the Muppets were blaming [an] oil baron for closing down the studio. That's cute, you little oppressive Muppets! They didn't even try to hide their disdain for success by naming the guy Tex Richman. Eh? But I took them to task."

And boy did he. He proceeded to show an appearance on Fox News' The Five, where he took a Kermit puppet and demanded he debate him about the Muppets' "anti-capitalist" leanings. He then continued his decade-long battle with the Muppets, showing a clip of Miss Piggy holding a press conference talking about how silly Bolling was—in 2011.

Back to 2021 and Eric Bolling: "Guess what? The invite's still open Ms. Piggy, if you or your emasculated frog boyfriend, Kermit, ever wanted to join this desk, it's free. So yeah, at first I thought they were mere ideologues and now I think they're just stuck on stupid."

I don't have the words.

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