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Far-right lawmakers float overthrowing Kevin McCarthy over debt ceiling negotiations

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) is facing intensifying pressure as the debt ceiling negotiations continue.

According to NBC News, some far-right lawmakers are so frustrated with McCarthy that they've considered overthrowing the top-ranking Republican lawmaker.

The latest report comes just one day after Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colo.) suggested "using the motion to vacate, a rule that would allow any member of Congress to force a vote to remove the speaker," the news outlet reports.

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Details about Buck's suggestion came from two insiders who spoke with the news outlet.

Although House Freedom Caucus Chairman Scott Perry (R-Penn.) argued that it may be a bit premature to resort to such aggressive action, Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) insisted that a threat might be necessary.

Per the news outlet, McCarthy could be forced "to allow members to amend the bill on the House floor, under an 'open rule' that could stall the bill's passage. One of the lawmakers who shared details about Buck's suggestion weighed in with his take on McCarthy's negotiations with President Joe Biden.

“Some people feel this is a complete miss," the unnamed lawmaker said. "I’d say there are five or more who would be sympathetic to Buck’s position.”

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Another lawmaker also expressed concern about the GOP's failure to come to an agreement.

"The unity we had is gone," the second lawmaker said.

In response to the latest reports, Buck's spokesperson Joe Jackson has released a statement on behalf of the lawmaker. While Jackson did not offer a direct response to Buck's reported suggestion, he did weigh in on the debt ceiling negotiations.

“We don’t comment on internal HFC discussions,” Jackson said. “Congressman Buck is focused on finding a debt ceiling solution that doesn’t give Democrats a blank check to add trillions of dollars to the debt in the next two years.”

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McCarthy takes aim at FBI director with threat to charge him with contempt over Biden family probe

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) is now threatening to charge Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director Christopher Wray with contempt of Congress if he does not make more of an effort to comply with the investigation into President Joe Biden's family.

McCarthy's remarks came during his Tuesday, May 30 during appearance on "Fox & Friends." Although McCarthy was supposed to be discussing lawmakers' heated negotiations regarding the debt ceiling, at one point the discussion shifted to House Oversight Chairman James Comer's scheduled meeting with Wray.

According to Mediaite, the upcoming meeting comes after "Comer accused the FBI of refusing to comply with a subpoena demanding that the agency produce internal documents related to the Biden family’s business dealings with foreign entities."

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Comer has warned of the possibility of Wray being held in contempt of Congress. During the interview on "Fox & Friends," McCarthy echoed similar sentiments.

"Today is the deadline," McCarthy said. "So let me not just tell you, let me tell Director Christopher Wray right here, right now. If he misses the deadline today, I’m prepared to move contempt charges in Congress against him. We have jurisdiction over this. He can send us that document."

He added, "We have the right to look at that, Republicans and Democrats alike in that committee, and if he does not follow through with the law, we will move contempt charges against Christopher Wray and the FBI. They are not above the law."

McCarthy and Comer's threats come as Comer continues to face obstacles with building a substantial case to support allegations of wrongdoing by the Biden family.

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Watch the video below or at this link.

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Trump’s lawyers are now questioning each other and believe one could be a snitch: report

A new report is shedding light on the internal battle brewing among former President Donald Trump's legal team.

In a report published by The Daily Beast, reporter Jose Pagliery explained how the clashes within Trump's legal team are making it harder to navigate the investigations he's facing.

"As Trump’s legal troubles keep growing—with criminal and civil investigations in New York City, Washington, and Atlanta—so too does the unwieldy band of attorneys who simply can’t get along," Pagliery wrote.

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Inside sources have offered details about the factors contributing to the challenges Trump's legal team is facing.

"According to five sources with direct knowledge of the situation, clashing personalities and the increasing outside threat of law enforcement has sown deep divisions that have only worsened in recent months," Pagliery wrote. "The internal bickering has already sparked one departure in recent weeks—and that could be just the beginning."

Under the condition of anonymity, individuals on Trump's legal team are also speaking out.

“There’s a lot of lawyers and a lot of jealousy,” one person said.

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Pagilery explained why there are concerns about a possible snitch within the former president's legal team.

"Part of the concern over lawyers turning on each other is due to the fact that the Department of Justice already has one Trump attorney’s professional notes, which could position him as a future witness against his own client, and the DOJ has another lawyer who said too much in an unrelated case and has positioned herself as yet another potential witness against her client," he explained.

According to Pagilery, Trump's "right-hand man" is also a critical component in this ordeal.

"Much of the anger from Trump’s lawyers is directed at the former president’s right-hand man, Boris Epshteyn, who’s accused of running interference on certain legal advice from more experienced courtroom gladiators," he noted.

“Boris pissed off all the Florida lawyers. People are dropping like flies. Everybody hates him. He’s a toxic loser. He’s a complete psycho,” a second person explained. “He’s got daddy issues, and Trump is his daddy.”

Pagilery also revealed "The infighting came to a head recently, sparking the departure earlier this month of Tim Parlatore, one of the lawyers in the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case."

The former president's escalating legal issues have only added more tension to the strain among his attorneys.

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'He will probably lose': Former Trump White House official predicts rollercoaster campaign

A former Trump White House official is weighing in with his take on the upcoming 2024 presidential election and how he sees the political battle panning out.

On Tuesday, May 29, Mick Mulvaney — who previously served as director of the Trump a\Administration's Office of Management and Budget and as acting Trump White House Chief of Staff — appeared for an interview with Sky News Australia.

During the discussion, Mulvaney was asked about Trump's third presidential run as he attempts to reclaim the White House.

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Mulvaney predicts that the former president will likely win the Republican primary but he isn't convinced he will take back the White House.

“The Republican primary will be about Donald Trump and he will probably win,” Mulvaney said. “And then the general election will be about Donald Trump and he will probably lose.”

According to the former White House official, Trump is a “turnout machine" where voting is concerned. However, he also explained why this is a double-edged sword for the former president. Per the news outlet, Trump's motivation for voters "drives people to vote both for and against him."

Mulvaney noted that the race “will be about him: ‘Do you love him or do you hate him? Which is pretty much a repeat of 2020.”

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Watch the video below or at this link.

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Rick Wilson warns that Trump would have to be 'dead or in jail' for a GOP candidate to ​have a chance​

Rick Wilson — Lincoln Project co-founder and vocal Trump critic — is sharing his prediction for the 2024 primary and, by his projection, it doesn't look good for the Republican Party.

According to Wilson, former President Donald Trump would have to be "dead or in jail" for another Republican candidate to have a viable chance of winning the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

To make matters worse, Wilson even suggested that incarceration might not be enough to diminish Trump's influence among voters. According to Mediaite, Wilson made his remarks during a recent segment of the "The Dean Obeidallah Show."

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Obeidallah asked Wilson for his take on the feud between Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).

"Is there anything we can do to amplify a DeSantis-Trump divide if that race gets closer, even if it doesn’t?" he asked.

Comparing the political feud to a scene from the movie, "Jaws," Wilson said, "I want you to think about that scene in Jaws where Roy Schneider’s on the back of the boat throwing chum in the water. That would be me. I want DeSantis and Trump to fight and fight and fight. And fight and fight."

He added, "Now, I want that because I know. And a lot of my former conservative friends are like, well, you’re just, oh, why don’t you love DeSantis? DeSantis is a guy who is terrible at this work."

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Wilson went on to explain why DeSantis and other Republican presidential candidates will likely be fighting an uphill battle.

"Trump still has a stranglehold over the Republican Party," Wilson noted. "I have to plan for the worst-case scenario. The worst-case scenario is that Donald Trump will be the nominee in the Republican Party once again. There is very there are very few paths to get a Ron DeSantis or any other of these jokers in the field over the finish line in the primary."

"I mean, Trump has to be dead or in jail," he added. "And even in those cases, he still might win the primaries."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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'Even more egregious': Legal experts explain why the Mar-a-Lago classified docs probe is getting worse

Editor's note: This article has been updated to fix grammatical and spelling errors.

Legal experts are weighing in with their perspectives on the latest developments in former President Donald Trump's classified documents case.

Norman Eisen — a senior fellow with a focus on governance studies for the Brookings Institute — and Democracy 21 founder and president Fred Wertheimer have penned an article piece explaining why the latest findings make Trump's situation worse.

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"The Post reports that Trump and his aides had allegedly practiced moving sensitive papers that Trump did not want to give back to the government, even before his office received the subpoena last year," they wrote, noting the former president's "already perilous legal situation just got a lot worse."

The writers also highlighted:

"According to the Post and The New York Times, Trump at times also reportedly kept classified documents visible in his office, and even showed them to others, raising the question of whether Trump had improperly made classified documents available for people to see who had no clearance to see the documents."

Eisen and Wertheimer then explained what the reports could mean for the embattled former president.

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"If Trump instructed his employees to move documents for the obvious purpose of concealing them from investigators — especially if they practiced doing so — then that would speak directly to Trump’s intent in this matter," they explained.

"In light of a grand jury subpoena requiring the return of the classified documents, he would appear to have taken brazen steps to thwart the subpoena and interfere with the Justice Department’s investigation," they noted. "That intent meets the requirements for an obstruction of justice charge under 18 U.S.C. 1519."

Based on the two reports, the writers argue that Trump's actions may have crossed a different line. Instead of just facing consequences for having classified documents in his possession, Eisen and Wertheimer argued that Trump's legal situation could be even more perilous.

"Purposefully showing classified documents to others without authorization, in the manner reported by the Post and the Times, would go beyond retaining classified documents as prohibited by the statute," they wrote. "It likely constitutes an even more egregious violation of the Espionage Act under the clause prohibiting the willful communication, delivery or transmission of classified documents."

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'Things could get weird': California GOP could be a key factor in Dianne Feinstein’s fate: report

Editor's note: The headline of this article was updated. A previous version of this article stated California Republican lawmakers could decide who will "secede" Sen. Dianne Feinstein. It now correctly reads "succeed." Grammatical errors were also corrected.

California Republican lawmakers could play a key role in deciding who will succeed Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) as lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle continue to call for her resignation.

In a new article published by Politico, senior campaigns and elections editor Steven Shepard laid out a different type of scenarios that could play out in the blue state of California.

Although the state has a history of being widely Democratic, Shepard insists "things could get weird" this time around.

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"Usually, a Democrat wins a spot in the top-two primary system before going on to trounce whatever sacrificial Republican gets the second spot," Shepard noted.

"But, California Republicans are such a distinct minority group in the blue state — they make up about a third of the electorate — that, this go around, things could get weird," he warned. "The race to replace Feinstein could end up as a Democrat-on-Democrat contest, and Republicans could wind up swinging the whole election. It’s also not clear who might benefit."

Breaking down the current standings, Shepard wrote, "Eric Early, a perennial GOP candidate who is running for Senate, has the support of 18 percent of registered voters. Porter is at 17 percent, Schiff at 14 percent and Lee at 9 percent. The leading Democrat only needs a plurality of 60 percent of the Democratic-leaning vote in California to be the likely winner in November — if that GOP number is real."

He pointed to the results of a recent poll from the University of California, Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies.

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Mark DiCamillo, the political strategist who conducted the poll, explained how the number of Democratic candidates could create a pathway for a Republican candidate to emerge.

“With three [Democrats], that’s when I think you have a greater possibility that the Republican can emerge as one of the top two finishers,” DiCamillo said.

Shepard added, "And, there’s reason to think Republican candidate [Eric] Early could get a boost. Since the primary is being held on 2024’s Super Tuesday, the presidential primary will likely be a big draw, and all of the action is in the GOP race."

But although there is a chance a Republican could emerge, Shepard concluded with a silver lining.

"One thing does seem relatively certain: It’s unlikely a Republican candidate will win," he wrote. "Republicans haven’t won a statewide election in California since 2006, and the best showing for a Republican presidential candidate in recent years was when former President George W. Bush broke the 40 percent mark in 2004."

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Kristi Noem pushes for South Dakota college board to prohibit drag shows, pronoun preferences on campuses

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) is appealing to the South Dakota college board to implement prohibitions in areas that target the LGBTQ+ community.

According to The Hill, the Republican governor is calling on the college board to ban drag shows on college campuses and remove pronoun preferences, which would force students to only be identified by the gender specified on their birth certificates.

The governor's letter, addressed to the South Dakota Board of Regents, was released on Thursday, May 26.

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In her letter, Noem urged the board to use their state as an “example to the nation of what quality higher education should look like.”

In addition to the proposed ban on drag shows and pronouns, the news outlet notes that Noem is also appealing to the board to "take more steps to partner with businesses on registered apprenticeship programs, find ways to make college more affordable, require courses in American government and U.S. history and review all funding for university centers and donations to ensure no money is coming from China."

“For the last several decades, many states have allowed liberal ideologies to poison their universities and colleges," Noem said. "Once a hotbed of ideological diversity, debate, and the pursuit of truth and discovery, many institutions have become one-sided, close-minded, and focused on feelings rather than facts.”

For months now, the Republican governor has taken action aimed at transgender residents in her state.

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Back in February, she signed a piece of legislation that blocks transgender student-athletes from being allowed to compete and participate in sports with girls and women. She also incorporated a ban to block gender-affirming medical treatment for youths in the state that identify as transgenders.

Noem's latest attack aimed at the LGBTQ+ community also comes along with the rollout of another initiative. The governor has announced the development of a hotline for parents, students, and faculty members to report complaints and concerns about the state's educational institutes.

“Our children are our future, and South Dakota universities and technical colleges should best prepare them for our future,” she said. “As I work with our Board of Regents and Board of Technical Education to chart our path for higher education, we are giving students, faculty, and parents this tool to help voice any concerns so that they can be addressed.”

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'Equivalent of the class clown': Florida state attorney explores the nightmare of a DeSantis presidency

A new op-ed is exploring the possibility of what a Ron DeSantis presidency would look like if the Florida governor does manage to prevail in 2024.

In a new piece published by The Daily Beast, Florida State Attorney Andrew Warren is sharing his reaction to DeSantis announcing his run for president.

Warren — who was suspended by DeSantis for pushing back against Republican-led efforts to criminalize abortions and target transgender Americans — noted that he knows from "first-hand" experience what it's like to be under the Republican governor's leadership.

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"I know first-hand what kind of president the Florida governor would make, having already been on the receiving end of his unconstitutional overreach," Warren wrote.

He also emphasized, "DeSantis’ willingness to violate people’s constitutional rights to grab a headline (or a primetime interview on Fox News) is scary, but the real danger is that he has reduced serious political discourse to the public policy equivalent of the class clown."

According to Warren, DeSantis has emerged as "the newest star of the Republican silver screen, and his recent, fictional portrayal of an actual statesman is worth critiquing at a time when our politics have blurred the line between showmanship and substance."

He continued, "DeSantis has mastered the Art of the Trump. He represents the newest model of the reality TV politician—full of political stunts but devoid of serious policy."

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Although the Republican governor portrays himself as a key figure for the "free state of Florida," Warren explained why DeSantis' political portrayal isn't exactly as it may seem.

"That freedom is a mirage, and it conceals the failures lurking beneath the surface while the rights of Floridians are taken away," he explained.

Warren offered an example of DeSantis' actions to support his argument.

"DeSantis’ national profile grew tremendously during the COVID pandemic, but in fact, he cast himself in two different roles in that production: he initially closed down businesses and schools, and he established highway and airport checkpoints to monitor travelers entering Florida," he wrote. "Later, he went to the opposite extreme: lifting those same restrictions and interfering with municipalities as they addressed the pandemic."

He concluded, "The microscope of a presidential campaign will pull back the curtain on who DeSantis is and what he has (and has not) done."

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An 'almost impossible road': Former GOP lawmaker foresees big problems ahead for Ron DeSantis

A former Republican lawmaker is sharing his take on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' (R) presidential campaign announcement and how he believes the road to the White House won't be an easy one.

In fact, the former lawmaker insists it's "almost impossible." On Friday, May 26, former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) appeared on CNN where he spoke with host John King to share his reaction to DeSantis' presidential bid.

During the segment, King asked whether or not DeSantis has what it takes to thwart former President Donald Trump's chances of getting back into the White House.

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“Can you beat Trump up – essentially say, ‘I’m better than the original?'” King asked.

“Oh, John, God no, God no,” Walsh said to King. “DeSantis has zero personality, charisma. Say what you want about Trump, but he’s got personality. And that’s the thing, John. Republican base voters love Donald Trump. It’s got nothing to do with policy. It’s not policy-based. You can’t attack Trump on policy. It’s all personality. He’s the victim. He’s the bully. DeSantis can never outdo that.”

Walsh went on to explain why DeSantis is still facing an uphill battle despite Trump's potential indictment. In normal cases, an indictment could help an opponent. But according to Walsh there might be an adverse effect where Trump is concerned.

“And John, Desantis is trapped. Ron DeSantis cannot say that the 2020 election was not stolen. He can never say that or he’s done," Walsh said, adding, "And when Donald Trump is indicted again, Ron DeSantis is going to have to say, ‘Witch hunt’ or something like that, or he’s done. But he can never yell, ‘Witch hunt’ as loud as Donald Trump. It’s almost an impossible road.”

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Watch the video below or at this link.

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'Irresponsible': AOC blasts Matt Gaetz after he deemed the debt limit debacle a 'hostage' negotiation

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Calif.) recently took aim at Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) after he insisted that the Republican Party is handling the rapidly approaching debt limit as a "hostage" negotiation.

According to TruthOut, Gaetz's remarks came on Tuesday, May 23 during an interview with Semafor.

"I think my conservative colleagues for the most part support Limit, Save, Grow, and they don’t feel like we should negotiate with our hostage," he said, Semafor reports.

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Following the interview, Ocasio-Cortez weighed in with her reaction. During an appearance on CNN, the progressive lawmaker did not mince words when she offered her take on Gaetz's remarks.

"Even President Trump said during his administration that using the debt limit as a leverage point or negotiating tool is absolutely ludicrous and unacceptable, because the stakes are simply too high," Ocasio-Cortez said on CNN.

She added, "To hold the entire U.S. economy hostage, particularly if the Republican evaluation is a cynical one, saying 'if we tank the economy, we'll expect people to blame the president,' is reckless, it's irresponsible."

Ocasio-Cortez continued, "The stakes of a default cannot be understated. The chaos that would ensue, and the impact on people's everyday lives would likely be immediate. And it is one of the reasons we need to take default off of the table and have Republicans agree to raise the debt limit.”

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The Democratic lawmaker went on to slam Republicans for their failure to actually conduct formal negotiations.

"For all of this talk about negotiations, Republicans are not negotiating at all," Ocasio-Cortez said. "Republican Matt Gaetz expressed in a party meeting today that this is, in fact, a hostage situation. And I want to be clear about what the Republican Party is taking hostage. It is not Democrats. It is the entire U.S. economy."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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'Losing it mentally': Federal judge’s forced retirement leads to bitter battle

There is currently a dispute brewing over the retirement age for federal judges. According to The Hill, the current retirement age is 95 years old, but questions are now looming about whether or not that limit should be changed.

The news outlet reports that the latest feud focuses on whether or not 95-year-old Pauline Newman should be allowed to run for re-election and if Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), the United States' oldest elected senator should be allowed to complete the duration of her term.

The court filing notes that concerns about Newman come as court employees note that she is “'simply losing it mentally' with some describing her as 'paranoid,'" The Hill reports.

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Now, a formal investigation has been lodged to ensure Newman is fit for office.

“Based on its investigation to date, the Committee has determined that there is a reasonable basis to conclude that Judge Newman might suffer a disability that interferes with her ability to perform the responsibilities of her office,” the judges wrote.

The investigation has caused more tension with Newman firing back to defend herself. Earlier this month, Newman filed a suit in an effort to block an investigation into whether or not she's fit to continue serving.

In the complaint, Newman's attorney argued that she is more than capable to continue serving.

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“At all relevant times, Judge Newman has been and is in sound physical and mental health,” Newman’s attorney wrote. “She has authored majority and dissenting opinions in the whole range of cases before her Court, has voted on petitions for rehearing en banc, and has joined in the en banc decisions of the Court.”

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'Bigotry and megalomania': Scientific American Editorial board warns of DeSantis’ 'antiscience agenda'

The Scientific American's editorial board is highlighting the dangers of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' "antiscience agenda."

In a new editorial, the board noted that the Republican governor "used governmental power in Florida to restrict access to health and education, promoting an intolerant and harmful agenda."

The board emphasized some of the actions DeSantis has taken to obstruct and diminish the importance of science in Florida.

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"DeSantis has banned books in school libraries, restricted teachers’ classroom discussions about diversity, prohibited high school classes that focus on Black history and people, politicized college curricula, limited spending on diversity programs, ignored greenhouse gas reduction in climate change policy, diminished reproductive rights and outlawed transgender health care," the board wrote.

The Florida governor's attack on science began with his pushback against lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, DeSantis dismissed the vast majority of scientific data regarding the effectiveness of masks and COVID vaccinations. He also appointed a conspiracy-driven surgeon general who aligned with his belief.

"The governor has refused all evidence that masks are safe and help prevent COVID, appointed a surgeon general who advised against vaccines, and continues to paint science and evidence as restrictions to the freedom of Floridians. Instead of limiting the role of government, as he claimed in his fight against masks, he is expanding it to selectively promote a particular religious agenda," the board wrote.

The board went on to express concern about DeSantis' attack on abortion — another matter of ignoring science and statistics to push his own agenda.

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"The maternal mortality rate in Florida is rising, yet DeSantis signed one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country, outlawing it after six weeks of pregnancy and endangering people who have life-threatening complications that termination could help," the board explained.

They added, "Black women in Florida have the worst maternal mortality rates of any group in the state, and research has shown that people who are denied abortions and forced to give birth suffer mentally, financially, and educationally. These statistics surely won’t improve under these new laws, which are pushing health care providers to move out of the state."

The board also noted DeSantis' book bans, “Don’t Say Gay” law, and his attack on critical race theory — all initiatives that appear to ignore key facts and statistics.

"What Ron DeSantis has done in Florida mirrors efforts in other states, including Texas. He is among a new class of conservative lawmakers who speak of freedom while restricting freedom," they wrote.

In wake of DeSantis' presidential candidacy announcement, the board warned, "A country led by someone wielding such cruelty, bigotry and megalomania will never be 'a more perfect Union.'”

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Texas AG Ken Paxton 'furious' over House panel’s calls for impeachment

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton(R) is not pleased with state House lawmakers' calls for his impeachment.

According to HuffPost, Paxton's concerns come as the Texas House of Representatives passed 20 articles of impeachment in hopes of removing Paxton from office.

The impeachment recommendation came after "outside attorneys presented evidence accusing the state attorney general of sweeping impropriety that verged on criminality, including claims Paxton had used his position to help a political ally, engaged in bribery and attempted to obstruct justice," the news outlet reports.

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It was also noted that a decision could be handed down as soon as Friday, May 26. If the state House's simple majority votes in favor of Paxton's impeachment, he would be required to temporarily step down from his post.

Paxton would also be restricted from carrying out his regular duties. The changes would be in place while the state Senate conducts its impeachment trial.

For Paxton to be completely removed from office, two-thirds of state senate lawmakers would have to vote in favor of his impeachment. Reacting to the latest news, Paxton took to Twitter with a response that said, "Overturning elections begins behind closed doors.”

Later in the day, Paxton repeated his stance as he slammed the investigation, describing it as an “illegitimate attempt to overthrow the will of the people.”

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"It is with profound disappointment that I call on Speaker Dade Phelan to resign at the end of this legislative session,” Paxton said in a tweeted statement. “Texans were dismayed to witness his performance presiding over the Texas House in a state of apparent debilitating intoxication.”

Paxton continued, "His conduct has negatively impacted the legislative process and constitutes a failure to live up to his duty to the public. Texans were relying on the House to pass critical conservative priorities including protecting the integrity of our elections and preventing Chinese spies from controlling Texas land. His failures as Speaker have created a credibility crisis for all Republican candidates and for our entire party. While I hope Speaker Phelan will get the help he needs, he has proven himself unworthy of Texans' trust and incapable of leading the Texas House."

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Washington Post editorial lays out the real problem with Ron DeSantis’ pardon talks

The Washington Post's editorial board has delivered a critical reaction to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) insisting that he would not rule out the possibility of granting pardons to the Jan. 6 rioters and former President Donald Trump.

According to the board, DeSantis' controversial remarks suggest he is running for president as an "echo rather than an alternative” to the former president.

The editorial board did not mince words in its assessment of the Florida governor.

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"Mr. DeSantis’s latest effort to indulge the MAGA fantasy that the insurrectionists’ actions could be justified came the same day that Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes was sentenced to 18 years in prison for seditious conspiracy, the longest prison term yet related to the Capitol insurrection," the editorial board wrote.

"Floating pardons gives Jan. 6 rioters hope that they won’t be held accountable. Comments from Mr. Trump and Mr. DeSantis, the two leading contenders for the 2024 Republican nomination, will discourage plea deals and encourage defendants to drag out proceedings in hopes that they might get clemency in 20 months," the op-ed reads.

"It also heightens the danger that people will again engage in violence if they don’t like the outcome of next year’s elections, calculating that they might receive pardons if their preferred candidate takes power," it added.

READ MORE: 'Makes him look very small': GOP strategists question DeSantis’ 'ridiculous' anti-woke campaign against the NHL

Washington Post's op-ed comes just days after DeSantis announced his presidential bid for 2024. DeSantis made the announcement on Wednesday, May 24 during a glitchy Twitter Spaces event.

READ MORE: Ron DeSantis wants to 'improve' the Supreme Court toward the 'gold standard' of Clarence Thomas

Newt Gingrich relentlessly mocked after claiming Trump’s 'great advantage' is communication

Newt Gingrich, former Republican Speaker of the House, recently suggested that former President Donald Trump is a better communicator than Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).

During an interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham, Gingrich shared what he believes is one of Trump's "greatest advantages."

"One of Trump's great advantages is he talks at a level where third, fourth and fifth-grade educations can say, 'Oh yeah, I get that. I understand it,'" Gingrich said.

READ MORE: Rep. Ted Lieu slams Gingrich on Twitter over Chinese spy balloon: 'He has no idea what he is talking about'

Once the interview clip began circulating on social media, Twitter users quickly responded with mocking statements taking aim at the former lawmaker.

"The fact that [Trump] speaks to the children says everything you need to know about the educational level the Right is shooting for," one person on Twitter wrote.

Another user wrote, "It would be an advantage if it was not the same level that he, himself, comprehends. He has to talk at that level because it's how he comprehends everything."

Others weighed in with similar remarks. One Twitter user tweeted, "Telling folks that Trump is 'really smart' and that 'he talks to his supporters at a 3rd, 4th, 5th-grade level' is meant to be a positive comment?!"

READ MORE: 'Destroying the nuclear family': Laura Ingraham claims mew marriage law takes rights away from Christians

Watch the video below or at this link.

READ MORE: 'He betrayed me': Right-wing reporter slams GOP for keeping 'permanent scar' George Santos in office

Mark Levin posts DeSantis donation page and MAGA enthusiasts nearly destroy him on Twitter

Mark Levin, the host of Fox News' "Life, Liberty & Levin," is facing deep backlash from MAGA enthusiasts for tweeting a link to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' (R) fundraising page for his presidential campaign.

Levin made the post on Wednesday, May 24, shortly after the Florida governor announced his presidential bid — and supporters of former President Donald Trump were not pleased with Levin's post.

For quite some time, Levin has been a known supporter of former President Donald Trump.

READ MORE: 'That's not appropriate': Fox News host slams Steve Bannon for attacking the right-wing media network

According to Mediaite, DeSantis' announcement came during a Twitter Spaces event that kicked off late due to technical issues. One Twitter employee confirmed that Twitter Spaces is currently considered to be a technical prototype, the news outlet reports.

Shortly after the Twitter Spaces announcement, the Republican governor made an appearance on "Fox News Tonight" where he solidified his announcement as he attempted to appeal to the network's audience.

Almost immediately after the Fox News appearance, Levin shared his post and Trump supporters quickly weighed in with their disapproval.

READ MORE: Fox News dangerously declares war on teachers: Calls for violence, accusations of 'inclination' to pedophilia

"Sent a monetary donation to President Trump’s election campaign. Thanks for the reminder," one Twitter user sarcastically tweeted to Levin.

Former Maryland Republican Lt. Gov. candidate Gordana Schifanelli also tweeted, "Trump is the only person on Earth to stop the globalists and end the War in Ukraine; return to MAGA policies even better now since he knows the Washington swamp. No time for experiments."

"Guess you're afraid to lose your #Faux gig after they canned #TuckerCarlson. Just so you know, we forgave you the first time, because you didn't know better. But we haven't forgotten you started as a #NeverTrump," another fierce Trump supporter tweeted. "We won't forgive you, again this time. Good luck."

Although Levin is taking a hit on social media, he's one of multiple Republicans who shared the link.

READ MORE: 'Vibrant vigorous network': Host Mark Levin insists liars are attacking 'fantastic' Fox News

'The space laser person': Gavin Newsom blasts MTG using her own conspiracy theories against her

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) recently took aim at Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) by unearthing one of her previous bizarre conspiracy theories where she claimed Target “forcefully exposed” children to merchandise related to Pride Month.

According to HuffPost, the latest disagreement between Newsom and Greene began on Twitter after the California governor expressed frustration over Target's latest move. Newsom insists Target betrayed the LGBTQ+ community by selling it out to "extremists.”

After facing deep backlash, the retailer opted to rid its shelves of all apparel supporting Pride Month; a move that suggests they were more than willing to concede to bullying.

READ MORE: 'Cancun' Ted Cruz brutally mocked after attacking California governor’s heatwave response: 'No shame at all'

“CEO of Target Brian Cornell selling out the LGBTQ+ community to extremists is a real profile in courage. This isn’t just a couple stores in the South. There is a systematic attack on the gay community happening across the country,” Newsom tweeted.

“Wake up America," he added. "This doesn’t stop here. You’re black? You’re Asian? You’re Jewish? You’re a woman? You’re next.”

Greene fired back at Newsom arguing "the 'gay community' is not under attack before falsely claiming that the retail giant was forcing children in the store to see 'tuck-friendly' kids’ clothing," the news outlet reports.

Newsom quickly shot back at Greene with a reference to one of her previous, outlandish conspiracy theories. The Democratic governor highlighted Greene's theory about a campfire that erupted in California back in 2018. At the time, the lawmaker baselessly claimed solar energy from outer space was the reason for a California campfire.

READ MORE: '$1.3 million Marsha': Twitter shoots down Tennessee's NRA-funded Blackburn's 'prayer' for Nashville victims

“Are you the space laser person?” Newsom tweeted to Greene.

Since facing criticism for the bizarre theory, Greene has made multiple attempts to distance herself from it due to the well-known Rothschild family being linked to the fires. During an interview, Greene also claimed to have no knowledge of the family being subjected to antisemitism and conspiracy theories.

“I’m fully against antisemitism. You’re mixing two things together," Greene said to a reporter. "You’re accusing me of something I did not do, and then you’re trying to blame me for antisemitism. You are such a liar. You need to stop."

READ MORE: Texas mall shooter wore neo-Nazi symbol and shared 'white-supremacist content online': report

McCarthy proves reporter’s point with poor argument about concessions to avert default

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) is facing criticism for his failure to provide any concessions to ensure the U.S. government isn't headed for default.

CNN's Manu Raju asked McCarthy about offering compromises outside of just making verbal promises.

"You're going to need Democratic votes. Probably in the House," Raju pointed out. "Definitely in the Senate. You have a Democrat in the White House. Why not offer a single concession beyond saying we're not going to default?"

READ MORE: Marjorie Taylor Greene slammed for paying $100K for Kevin McCarthy’s chapstick as US 'teeters on default'

McCarthy replied with a rambling argument targeting Democratic lawmakers.

"We've offered a lot of concessions. The cap on the spending is a Democrat idea. The work requirement was a Democrat idea. The time I can't help it if the Democrats have become so extreme and now is a party of Bernie Sanders than the party where Joe Biden was elected," McCarthy stated.

"Joe Biden is the President of the United States. He is the head Democrat," McCarthy added. "But if AOC and Bernie Sanders is going to run their party, that's not my fault. I'm not even sure Bernie Sanders is a registered Democrat."

READ MORE: Kevin McCarthy supporters 'strike back' against far-right 'Never Kevin' Republicans: report

Watch the video below or at this link.

READ MORE: Kevin McCarthy demands work requirements for 'all the programs' to avoid looming debt default

'Destroys democracy': Abortion advocates sound the alarm as state GOP bid to change ballot rules

Republicans in Ohio are working to make it more difficult for abortion rights measures to pass in the state; an initiative that is receiving pushback from reproductive health and abortion advocates.

According to The Guardian, "Republicans in the Ohio House of Representatives passed a proposal on 10 May that could make it much harder for that abortion rights measure to pass by requiring a supermajority vote for ballot measures. The proposal, Senate Joint Resolution 2 (SJR-2), is scheduled to come before voters in an August special election."

With only six approved abortion clinics across the entire state, advocates are concerned that Republicans might succeed in abolishing abortion rights altogether in Ohio.

READ MORE: 'Slap in the face': Ohio GOP passes bill to shut reproductive rights out of state constitution

Speaking to the Guardian, Rev. Terry Williams shared details about the challenges he faced when he once tried to help a congregant obtain an abortion. He noted that the limited options led to his desire to advocate for reproductive rights.

“It was overwhelming,” said Williams. “I just became radicalized. I went from being the parish minister that helps people to being also the guy that goes and yells at the legislature.”

Like Williams, other abortion rights advocates are expressing concern about Republicans' actions. José Arnulfo Cabrera — the Young Latino Network co-executive director — noted how these Republican-driven agendas disproportionately impact people of color.

“The people being affected the most by this are Black and brown communities,” said Cabrera. “Our communities already feel that the civic process is so complex and so hard and they’re dealing with so many other personal things in their daily lives that adding all of these complexities about voting just disengages people.”

READ MORE: 'That’s a conflict': Abortion pill banning judge redacted details about millions in his stock portfolio

Student organizers at the University of Toledo expressed concern. “I feel like a lot of people are just very angry,” said Emilyn Lagger. “It destroys democracy.”

READ MORE: How the anti-abortion movement learned to stop worrying and love punishing women for having sex

'Worst' Trump-appointed judge set to oversee $1.8 billion dollar case that could bankrupt Planned Parenthood

One of the "worst" Trump-appointed judges is set to oversee a case involving a $1.8 billion dollar lawsuit against Planned Parenthood, according to VOX.

In the report, VOX's Ian Millhiser offered a brief overview of Kacsmaryk's history of ruling on abortion-related cases.

"A longtime opponent of abortion, birth control, and homosexuality, Kacsmaryk has handed down decisions attacking the right to birth control and attempting to nullify the federal ban on LGBTQ discrimination by health providers," Millhiser wrote. "His opinion trying to ban mifepristone faulted the FDA for failing to consider a 'study' which found that 77 percent of women who submitted anonymous blog posts to a website called 'Abortion Changes You' reported a 'negative change.'”

READ MORE: 'She knows what she’s doing': Democrat likens Marjorie Taylor Greene attack to 'why Emmett Till was killed'

Millhiser also challenged Kacsmaryk's distortion of the laws.

"Kacsmaryk seems to be uniquely incapable of distinguishing what the law actually says from what he wishes that it says," Millhiser wrote. "And now he will hear an attack on Planned Parenthood that only gets more ridiculous the deeper one digs into the Doe case."

Per the news outlet, "The case, known as Doe v. Planned Parenthood, alleges that Planned Parenthood and its affiliates in Texas and Louisiana engaged in a years-long scheme to defraud those states’ Medicaid systems."

Millhiser went on to explain how the lawsuit's damages were calculated, totaling a staggering $1.8 billion.

"When you add up the money the reproductive health provider allegedly owes, plus the various fines and penalties they could be hit with, Planned Parenthood estimates that they could be ordered to pay as much as $1.8 billion, more than enough to bankrupt Planned Parenthood Federation of America — the national organization that unites Planned Parenthood’s local affiliates — and wipe out its affiliates in Texas and Louisiana," he explained.

READ MORE: 'Embarrassing': Chris Sununu slams GOP and undecided voters' behavior during Trump Town Hall

Millhiser argued that the lawsuit lacks merit as he explained why "no sensible judge" would entertain the case.

"No sensible judge would hold that a litigant can be bankrupted because it acted consistently with a federal court order while that order was in effect," he But this case is being heard by Matthew Kacsmaryk, who’s spent his brief time on the bench acting as a rubber stamp for virtually any conservative litigant who comes to him seeking a court order."

READ MORE: Massachusetts donors have been paying Kyrsten Sinema’s Boston Marathon expenses: report

Turning 'a blind eye': Justice Roberts slammed for ignoring demands of stricter SCOTUS ethical codes

U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts is not pleased with the calls to increase ethical standards of conduct for the high court. In fact, the justice even expressed disapproval of the idea of Congress overseeing the court's ethics.

According to Business Insider, Roberts' remarks came on Tuesday, May 23 during a public address while he attended the American Law Institute's annual dinner.

READ MORE: 'This defines the Roberts Court': Chief justice's wife earns millions placing lawyers at firms that argue cases

"I want to assure people that I am committed to making certain that we as a court adhere to the highest standards of conduct. We are continuing to look at things we can do to give practical effect to that commitment," Roberts said.

He added, "And I am confident there are ways to do that that are consistent with our status as an independent branch of government under the Constitution's separation of powers."

Justices are currently facing scrutiny due to a number of reports that have shed light on issues that raise ethical concerns., including Clarence Thomas' extravagant gifts from Harlan Crow and Roberts' wife's millions of dollars working as a legal recruiter for multiple law firms. But despite growing concerns, the court has refrained from implementing more ethical reforms.

READ MORE: Chief justice doubles down in letter to Senate Dems day before hearing on SCOTUS ethics reform

All of the justices signed documentation agreeing to adhere to the ethical codes currently in place. However, judges are still facing blowback.

"Judges heckled and shouted down at law school. Protesters outside the homes of Justices to the extent that martial protection is needed 24/7," Roberts said. "The hardest decision I had to make was whether to erect fences and barricades around the Supreme Court."

Legal experts have also pushed back with their concerns about ethical standards in the high court.

"What about Clarence Thomas’ ethics? Was it hard to turn a blind eye?" All Access President Joel Denver tweeted. "Chief Justice Roberts says building a fence around Supreme Court was the 'hardest decision' of his tenure."

READ MORE: 'The stink of corruption': AOC ignites a firestorm after criticizing the Supreme Court’s lack of ethics

Laura Ingraham issues brutal MAGA-style insult to these three GOP presidential candidates

Fox News' Laura Ingraham recently issued a warni to Republican voters interested in voting for former Vice President Mike Pence (R), former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, or Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC).

According to Ingraham, voting for any of those candidates basically means Republicans would be putting Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) in the White House.

The conversation talk show host's remarks came during her recent segment of "The Ingraham Angle."

READ MORE: Watch: CNN's John King slams Fox News as ‘state TV’ after Laura Ingraham calls ABC Trump townhall an ‘ambush’

She also weighed in with words of advice to the candidates looking to win the Republican presidential primary election.

“If you wanna win the GOP nomination, you’re gonna have to convince the voters that you’re gonna do the right thing on China, on the borders, obviously the economy, on the military, and judges,” Ingraham explained. “I don’t think that many people really believe that Mike Pence, Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, would really be able to stand up to the GOP establishment on any of those issues.”

She continued, “So, if you vote for them, you’re effectively voting for Mitch McConnell. And almost no one in the GOP anymore agrees with Mitch McConnell.”

Ingraham's remarks came as she also offered critical remarks about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R). Ingraham noted that DeSantis might be one of the most viable candidates. However, poll projections suggest he may also be fighting an uphill battle to beat former President Donald Trump.

READ MORE: Fox News' Laura Ingraham Actually Compares Liberal Protests of Trump Officials to the Bigotry of the 'Racist South'

Watch the video below or at this link.

READ MORE: Ocasio-Cortez fires back at Fox News host Laura Ingraham and her guest's racist mockery of 'the Latina thing'

'Loose lips': Watergate attorney explains how Trump might cause his own demise

John Dean — Watergate attorney and former White House counsel in the Nixon administration — recently weighed in on E. Jean Carroll's legal team's request for additional damages in the defamation suit where she accused Trump of sexual assault.

During a recent appearance on CNN, Dean was asked about the latest development in the case as he noted how Trump's remarks about Carroll during the April 27 CNN town hall could come back to haunt him.

The broadcast moved to a replay of Trump's remarks about Carroll during his CNN town hall.

READ MORE: Donald Trump furiously demands Alvin Bragg 'indict himself' following leak of pending criminal charges

At that point during the discussion, Trump spoke in the third person as he talked about his situation with Carroll. "They said he didn't rape her. I didn't do anything else either," he said. "You know what? Because I have no idea who the hell she is. I don't know who this woman they said, sir, don't do it. This is a fake story, and you don't want to give it credibility."

According to Dean, Trump's "loose lips" may ultimately be a big problem for him. When asked if he was surprised by Carroll's request for additional damages following Trump's Town Hall, Dean admitted that he was "not at all" shocked

"I think that what was done was very thoughtful," Dean said. "It wasn't a new case that was filed. It was filed against the original complaint that was done back in November of 2019 that has been bouncing around the courts over who can represent Trump. Whether because he was president when he said that the Department of Justice should be involved in this, and that has not been it's gone up to two court of appeals and now it's back down in the district court."'

Dean added, "That's where she amended it. It's back there and it shows punitive damages. Many of these issues in the original case have already been tried. It's the same judge. He's very savvy. He knows what's going on. It was a brilliant move. And I think Trump could end up paying another five or more million dollars as a result of his loose lips."

READ MORE: Pro-Trump Republicans — not Alvin Bragg — are 'undermining the rule of law': former Reagan speechwriter

Watch the video below or at this link.

Former Watergate attorney weighs in on Trump's latest legal

READ MORE: Critics of Alvin Bragg's case against Trump are missing something important: former federal prosecutor

MLK’s daughter fires back at Ted Cruz for invoking her father in Twitter rant against the NAACP

Sen. Ted Cruz's (R-Texas) was recently criticized for his attempt to invoke Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as he pushed back against the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's (NAACP) "travel advisory" for Blacks in the United States.

According to The Daily Beast, Cruz took to Twitter with a link to a Washington Times story reporting on the NAACP warning to Black Americans planning to visit the state of Florida as summer approaches.

“Please be advised that Florida is openly hostile toward African-Americans, people of color and LGBTQ+ individuals,” the organization's notice reads. “Before traveling to Florida, please understand that the State of Florida devalues and marginalizes the contributions of and the challenges faced by African-Americans and other minorities."

READ MORE: 'Mr. Nothing Burger has condiments': Ted Cruz fried for spreading debunked '87,000 IRS agents' claim

The organization pointed to Florida's newly-enacted laws, which the news outlet describes as "anti-diversity initiatives." The NAACP warned that the new laws in Florida make the state “hostile to Black Americans.”

But despite the evidence to support the NAACP's arguments, Cruz insisted that the warning was “bizarre” and “utterly dishonest.”

He also argued that the NAACP has devolved since its inception in the 1950s and 60s as he claimed Dr. King would be "ashamed" of what it has become today.

"This is bizarre," Cruz tweeted. "And utterly dishonest. In the 1950s & 1960s, the NAACP did extraordinary good helping lead the civil rights movement. Today, Dr. King would be ashamed of how profoundly they’ve lost their way."

READ MORE: 'Cancun' Ted Cruz brutally mocked after attacking California governor’s heatwave response: 'No shame at all'

Dr. King's youngest daughter Bernice King took to Twitter with a fiery response refuting the senator's remarks.

"What my father would be deeply concerned about is the harmful, discriminatory legislation in Florida,” King tweeted.

READ MORE: 'Which one is which': Ted Cruz mistakes his opponent for Alvin Bragg in re-election campaign message

Scholar explains why the US needs to 'take a long look in the mirror' on judicial reform

A new op-ed is challenging the U.S. Supreme Court to hold justices to the same judicial reforms that other nations are held to.

Matthieu Chemin wrote the op-ed for The Scientific American where he began with an overview of the lavish gift controversy focused on Justice Clarence Thomas. Last month, ProPublica released a bombshell report that detailed Thomas' acceptance of opulent gifts from billionaire businessman Harlan Crow. Those gifts included lavish getaways, use of Crow's yachts and private jets, and much more.

"Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ gifts from a billionaire far surpass the level of bribes that for decades have sparked U.S. calls for judicial reforms overseas," Chemin wrote.

READ MORE: Chief justice doubles down in letter to Senate Dems day before hearing on SCOTUS ethics reform

He continued, "Applying the U.S.’s [United States'] blueprints for judicial reforms, which scholarship shows helps nations prosper and democratize, to its own high court could clean up its mess."

Valued at over $2 million, the gifts Thomas has received have sparked heated debates about the need for reforms. According to Chemin, "The monetary value of these undeclared gifts towers over bribes given to judges in other countries."

"These judicial reforms aim at improving the quality, speed and access of the court systems, and they usually contain anticorruption components with integrity training and monitoring of judges and court officials," he wrote.

Chemin also explained why reforms are necessary despite the costs incurred to implement them.

READ MORE: Ex-conservative judge issues blistering warning as he urges SCOTUS to adopt 'highest' ethical standards

He noted, "The premise of these measures is that the rule of law is an important pre-condition for prosperity and the fight against corruption."

He went on to explain the consequences of a lack of judicial reforms.

"Opacity and corruption have severe consequences," he wrote. "My work already shows that the lack of judicial reforms abroad, such as those advocated by the U.S., have negative consequences on the economy and corruption of the elites."

In conclusion, Chemin stressed the importance of judicial reforms. "On a more conceptual level, the fundamental purpose of an unbiased legal system is to level the playing field: the rules are the same for all, nobody is above the law, and everybody has the opportunity to flourish," he wrote.

He added, "When the legal system is biased towards wealthy individuals, the playing field tilts in their favor, and the incentives to innovate and grow vanish for the rest of the population. Inequality grows in a vicious circle towards more tyranny of the wealthiest. This is what is at stake here. The U.S. should take a long look in the mirror and implement the judicial reforms it has championed overseas at home on its high court."

READ MORE: Former Jimmy Carter official tears apart 'sham' argument against Supreme Court code of conduct

'Deceitful': Tim Scott blasted as op-ed unearths 'cringe' ad that sums up his career in 3 words

A new op-ed has unearthed a cringeworthy ad featuring Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) after his announcement to run for president in 2024.

In the article published by MSNBC News, Ja'han Jones — a blog writer for The ReidOut — insists the Republican senator, like the ad, can be summed up in just three words.

Jones recalled Scott's infamous cringeworthy remarks where he used a phrase that reeked of Ebonics: "KeepYoMoney." According to Jones, the clip features Scott "awkwardly reciting the #KeepYoMoney line — flanked by a bunch of old, white lawmakers, who clearly get a kick out of hearing him deliver it."

READ MORE: 'Are they all dumb?' Tim Scott ridiculed after grossly distorting the First Amendment and religious freedom

Since Scott is the only Black Republican senator, Jones noted that the lawmaker is often used as a pawn to do the party's bidding when it comes to key topics that most Black people would likely disagree with.

Jones offered more insight on the video clip which was filmed back in 2017. At the time, Scott was pushed to the forefront to appeal to American voters on Republicans' proposed tax plan; one that was far more beneficial for wealthy Americans.

"Back in 2017, as Republicans controlled the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives, they trotted out Scott to try to sell Americans on their regressive tax plan that immensely favored rich people," Jones wrote.

He added, "Someone seems to have had the brilliantidea for Scott to appear in a promotional video for Senate Republicans — and for him to deploy a catchy hashtag to misleadingly tout the tax plan as beneficial to nonwealthy Americans."

READ MORE: 'Like popping a helium balloon': Tim Scott teased for 'word salad' response to abortion ban question

"Scott and the phrase are a lot alike: unserious, deceitful, and deployed in service of the white conservative establishment," Jones wrote. "For me, #KeepYoMoney epitomizes the new presidential candidate. Seriously, I hardly refer to him as Tim Scott in conversation anymore. To me, he’ll always be Senator #KeepYoMoney of South Carolina."

Watch the video below or at this link.

READ MORE: Tim Scott transforms from 'gentler' Republican to parroting claims the left is the 'enemy' of the people

New analysis explains how school gun violence is plaguing America’s youth

A new analysis is highlighting how school gun violence is impacting America's younger generations. The analysis, published by Axios, sheds light on statistics from the K-12 School Shooting Database.

"The stunning rise in gun violence on school property is reshaping the daily lives of America's youngest generation, putting children at the center of a previously unthinkable number of life-or-death moments," the report emphasizes.

READ MORE: 'It's worth it': Charlie Kirk calls school shootings 'a prudent deal' to protect the Second Amendment

Speaking to Axios, Sarah Burd-Sharps — a senior research director at Everytown — explained the severity of American gun violence involving children.

"The threat of gun violence has become a constant in children's lives in this country and we're seeing the impact of it," she said.

Per the news outlet, "273 people were killed or wounded on school grounds from 303 gun-related incidents last year alone — both record highs, according to the database."

The report also discusses safety measures in place in schools across the country. Approximately 98% of schools have reported conducting safety drills for lockdowns while 96% conduct drills in the event of an active shooter.

READ MORE: 'How is this still happening?' Mass shooting survivor hijacks news conference to plea for gun control

While research shows these measures are effective preventative measures, Burds-Sharps explained how they may be counterproductive as they could interrupt classtime.

"At nine o'clock [students] have to hide in the bathroom for long periods of time and be silent and then at 10 o'clock, they need to learn math," she said. "It's not a recipe for America's schoolchildren to learn and to achieve in school and to be able to focus and to concentrate."

READ MORE: 'Kids are still in body bags': students protest Tennessee House GOP for refusing to address gun violence

Axios' full report is available at this link.

NC governor condemns state GOP for overturning his veto of their 12-week ban on abortion

Editor's note: The headline and body of this article have been updated to fix grammatical errors. A link was also added to the bottom of this story.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper (D) is not pleased with Republican lawmakers in his state following their move to overturn his veto of the legislature's 12-week abortion ban.

The Democratic governor also issued a warning to Republicans as he suggested that the move could backfire on them when the 2024 election season comes.

On Saturday, May 20, Cooper appeared on MSNBC’s “The Saturday Show" where he spoke with Jonathan Capehart about Republican lawmakers in his state overturning his veto.

READ MORE: 'Dressed this up': North Carolina Gov. warns of danger over 12-week abortion ban

He also condemned the lawmakers for disregarding North Carolina voters.

“It’s amazing how they’ve ignored the will of the people here,” Cooper said. “Most North Carolinians do not want right-wing politicians in the exam room with women and their doctors. But Republicans are controlled by their right wing.”

Republican lawmakers' vote on the abortion ban came just days after Cooper's veto announcement for SB20 while attending a rally in Raleigh, N.C.

Although Republicans in North Carolina have a very thin majority, they managed to band together for the overturn; something Cooper also expressed concern about during his discussion with Capehart.

READ MORE: 'I veto this bill': NC Gov. blocks 'disastrous' 12-week abortion ban advancing partisan hostility

“Not a single Republican stepped up. Not a single Republican kept a campaign promise to protect women’s reproductive freedom like they said they would," the Democratic governor said, adding, "And therefore, you have unified Republicans who are altogether in an assault on women’s reproductive freedom.”

Watch the video below or at this link.

READ MORE: Republicans fear another 'electability' debacle but this time in North Carolina

'That snot very nice': Footage of Ron DeSantis' gross gesture causes Twitter frenzy

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' (R) recent interaction with a supporter has sparked a Twitter frenzy. According to HuffPost, the clip was filmed during DeSantis' time at a fundraising event held at the Sioux Center in Iowa.

The Florida governor was seen wiping his mouth or nose before turning and touching a supporter with the same hand.

The short clip quickly began circulating on Twitter as users weighed in with their reactions. Many users have criticized DeSantis for his lack of etiquette in that moment.

READ MORE: 'How employable are you?' Ron DeSantis insults students eyeing 'niche subjects' he wants to ban

"That snot very nice," one Twitter user tweeted as others also chimed in with similar catchphrases.

Another user tweeted, "This dude's a walking biohazard."

"It’s called a 'blessing,'" another user tweeted. "An anointing, if you will. King Charles got holy oil from the Holy Land or something like that. Meanwhile, the poor sap in the chair gets anointed with snot from Eggar the Bug."

The latest video clip comes as DeSantis continues to face scrutiny for his social skills. In fact, one DeSantis critic also tweeted similar thoughts about the governor.

READ MORE: 'Makes him look very small': GOP strategists question DeSantis’ 'ridiculous' anti-woke campaign against the NHL

"He doesn’t laugh normal. He doesn’t eat pudding normal," one Twitter user wrote. "He doesn’t wear a mask normal. He doesn’t wipe his nose normal. Who the h--l wipes their whole open hand across their face like this?"

Watch the video below or at this link.

READ MORE: New op-ed sarcastically shatters Ron DeSantis' accelerating mission to 'make Florida dumb'

Legal analyst explains how former Trump CFO could potentially get hit with perjury charges

An MSNBC News analyst recently weighed in on a New York Times report detailing Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's remarks about possibly charging Allen Weisselberg — the former chief financial officer (CFO) of the Trump Organization — with perjury.

On Saturday, May 20, Lisa Rubin wrote an analysis where she offered her take on Weisselberg's recent testimony and how he may have further incriminated himself.

The former CFO was recently released from the Rikers Island Correctional Facility after serving time on 15 counts including tax fraud, falsifying records, and grand larceny.

READ MORE: A huge 'paper trail' gives Manhattan DA's office a major advantage in its Trump investigation

According to Rubin, Weisselberg may have made things worse for himself when he testified to New York Attorney General Letitia James.

During that interview, he revealed how he learned of former President Donald Trump's inflating of property values and Rubin insists that may be the problem. In her analysis, she broke down the timeline.

"Let’s start with the fact that Weisselberg was interviewed by the attorney general’s office three times in 2020: on July 16, July 17, and September 24," Rubin wrote. "The transcripts of those depositions are at least partially public through filings in the attorney general’s civil fraud lawsuit against the Trump Organization, Trump himself, three of his children, and Weisselberg, among others."

She also added, "And even a cursory read of those transcripts, coupled with other filings by the attorney general, suggests at least one potential avenue for a perjury charge: Weisselberg’s involvement in the overvaluation of Trump’s triplex apartment in Trump Tower and at what point he knew that valuation was false."

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Rubin went on to highlight an excerpt of James' brief which read, "Weisselberg admitted that the Statements overvalued Mr. Trump’s apartment by ‘give or take’ $200 million — and evidence later revealed he was provided with the true facts regarding the apartment’s square footage before certifying as accurate the inflated apartment value based on false information,”

She also pointed to comments that Weisselberg made about a Forbes review. At that time, he discussed valuation.

"'The Forbes article' Weisselberg referenced in his deposition, according to the attorney general’s filings, was not provided to Weisselberg until March 2017, when he, as well as Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump, were alerted that while Trump told Forbes his apartment was roughly 33,000 square feet, the magazine found property records and 'concluded it was less than one third that size," she wrote.

"Put another way, at least according to the attorney general’s version of events, Weisselberg didn’t learn the valuation was false after the fact, as he testified," she added. "Instead, he received documents reflecting the 'true size of the triplex' years before he certified the 2015 financial statement."

She concluded, "Therefore, the Manhattan DA’s office has a colorable argument that Weisselberg lied under oath during his July 17, 2020, deposition."

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