'Child hunger denial is a new one': Twitter lambasts Ben Shapiro for suggesting feeding children is cheap

'Child hunger denial is a new one': Twitter lambasts Ben Shapiro for suggesting feeding children is cheap

Conservative Daily Wire host, Ben Shapiro, recently shared his thoughts on child hunger during an interview, asserting the cost to feed children is inexpensive.

Jason Campbell shared a video of Ben Shapiro discussing child hunger, writing, "Ben Shapiro: 'School lunches are not going to solve the problem of child hunger at any serious level,' adding 'It does not take that much money to feed a child.'"

Shapiro continued saying he knows feeding children is not expensive because he has "three of them."

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"If there is a problem of children actually starving that is a child endangerment scenario in which CPS needs to be called," he said.

Twitter users immediately went after the right-wing host's comments.

Raymond J. Mollica: "'Giving children food at regular times 5 days a week does nothing to feed them,' and other right wing nonsense, brought to you by an Ivy League education."

@JasonGrvin: "'Feeding a child does not keep them from being hungry.' - Ben Shapiro"

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@bzoffka: "i always love when millionaires tell regular people what doesn’t cost that much"

@rewegreatyet: "Being the worst person at Daily Wire is a tough competition"

@TravisMcCain5: "'This is so easy to fix that the obvious answer is to do nothing'."

@comm_jimmee: "child hunger denial is a new one"

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@SirMonteCarlo: "Sounds a bit too much like socialism so he runs totally the other way. And if it doesn't cost much to feed children how come the richest country in history can't manage to feed all its children."

@Carrie4901: "9 million children are food insecure in the United States. At the risk of sounding woke, that's a systemic problem, not an individual parent problem. And I'd love to know what he thinks CPS would or should do, aside from helping connect the family to resources to get food."

@iansmith06: "Shapiro proves 'pro life' has never been about saving children."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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