Dem lawmakers roll out plan to circumvent McCarthy on the debt ceiling

Dem lawmakers roll out plan to circumvent McCarthy on the debt ceiling
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Democratic lawmakers are incorporating procedural steps to increase the nation's debt ceiling without incorporating the spending cuts that have been prioritized by Republican lawmakers.

According to Axios, the procedural tactic follow House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries' (D-N.Y.) letter written on Tuesday, May 2. In the letter, Jefferies detailed Democratic lawmakers' "plan to file a discharge petition – which, if signed by 218 House members, would force a vote on a clean debt ceiling increase."

Per the news outlet: "The legislation, he said, was introduced by Rep. Mark DeSaulnier (D-Calif.) at the 'beginning of the 118th Congress' in January, making it eligible to try to bring to the floor under that process."

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"The filing of a debt ceiling measure to be brought up on the discharge calendar preserves an important option," Jeffries wrote. "We will be in direct contact next week upon our return to Washington in connection with the discharge effort."

The move comes just days after Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) pushed for a clean debt ceiling increase to raise the debt ceiling and cut spending on the Senate calendar. In a brief statement, Schumer's spokesperson touched on the clean debt ceiling process.

"This process will ensure that once a clean debt ceiling is passed the House bill is available for a bipartisan agreement on spending and revenue as part of the regular budget process," Schumer's spokesperson said.

Although Democrats are united on the effort, the news outlet notes, "A discharge petition would require the signatures of five House Republicans to force a vote, and GOP moderates are sticking by their demand for Democrats to negotiate on the debt ceiling."

"Leader Jeffries refuses to negotiate," Rep. Don Bacon (R-Neb.) told Axios. "That’s not how it works in a divided government. We have to govern, which means we have to find some agreement, which means we must negotiate."

A Republican lawmaker, who weighed in with his take on the condition of anonymity, also said, "I don't [support a discharge petition]. Biden has been doing a horrible job of outreach to moderates."

"They won't get that through," another House Republican lawmaker also said.

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