Republican who denies child hunger also spread lies about kids identifying as cats

Republican who denies child hunger also spread lies about kids identifying as cats
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Minnesota Republican state Senator Steve Drazkowski has been making national headlines over the past 24 hours, after a video went viral showing him claiming there are no hungry people in his state because he never met one. It’s not the first falsehood he’s told about children.

"I have yet to meet a person in Minnesota that is hungry," Senator Drazkowski said in opposition to a bill that would provide free breakfast and lunch for all school students. "Yet today, I have yet to meet a person in Minnesota that says they don't have access to enough food to eat."

The Senator didn't stop there, he mocked hungry children.

"Now, I should say that hunger is a relative term. I had a cereal bar for breakfast. I guess I'm 'hungry' now," Drazkowski told his senate colleagues.

As many have pointed out, just because Sen. Drazkowski hasn't met anyone who has told him they are hungry, or food insecure, doesn’t mean they don't exist.

The bill's author, state Sen. Heather Gustafson, explained the need for the bill, saying: "Roughly 1 in 6 children are food insecure — that means they don't know when and where their next meal will be available, if they get one at all."

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Feeding America reports in Sen. Drazkowski's state, "338,000 people are facing hunger – and of them 121,140 are children."

According to a fact sheet from anti-hunger groups, "1 in 6 children in Minnesota experiences food insecurity."

"This is about the government dictating to kids what they're going to eat and how much they're going to eat," Drazkowski falsely claimed, while calling the bill "pure socialism."

Sen. Drazkowski has made clear he opposes socialism.

Last week, he and Minnesota Republican state Rep. Pam Altendorf took time to record a video mocking a constituent who in February wrote a respectful two-sentence letter to the editor of the local paper, which did not even mention either lawmaker.

"I would appreciate if our local representatives would quit using the word socialism until they publicly defined what they mean by it, and in a way that would be acceptable to social studies teachers in the districts they serve," it reads. "In recent writings, it sounds like the name of a new venereal disease opponents are trying to inflict upon fellow Minnesotans."

In response, the two GOP lawmakers recorded this video, complete with music and sound effects, mocking the Minnesota resident they call a "political opponent."

In the video Drazkowski reads a dictionary definition of socialism, then they falsely claim it means everyone gets paid the same.

That's not the only false claim Sen. Drazkowski has made.

Last year, as a state representative, he was one of several Republicans across the country who falsely claimed school children were identifying as cats and dogs, demanding access to litter boxes. Some even claimed kids were defecting on classroom floors when they were refused.

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"There is something going on in our schools according to this, something called 'furry.' And I think it's spelled F-U-R-R-Y. I looked it up on Google," Drazkowski, apparently not very good at researching, said told his colleagues on the House floor, as NCRM reported.

"It's described to me that we have kids in our schools who believe that they are animals," continued Drazkowski, using the very malleable "described to me" phrase.

"And they are identifying I'm told as animals. Identifying as animals. They think they're a cat. A cat. They put tails on and they demand that they have a litterbox at school," he added.

All of which is false.

"Has anybody else heard that?" Drazkowski continued. "Have you heard about this 'furry' thing?"

"It's in the dictionary on Google, Madam Speaker," he claimed.

Watch the videos above or at this link.

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