'You’ve failed us': Conservatives clobber Kevin McCarthy for cooperating with President Joe Biden

'You’ve failed us': Conservatives clobber Kevin McCarthy for cooperating with President Joe Biden
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United States House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California)'s deal with President Joe Biden to increase the Treasury Department's debt ceiling and prevent a default contains revised "work requirements" for recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.

"New time limits would be phased in for people without children up to age 54 to receive food assistance through SNAP if they do not complete certain work requirements. Under current law, those time limits only apply to people up to 49 years old. Those expanded limits will sunset in 2030," Politico explained on Sunday.

"Democrats secured some exemptions for homeless people and veterans. But the move will still enrage a wide swath of congressional Democrats, especially key progressives who pleaded with White House officials in recent days to reject any concessions for aid programs," Politico noted. "Republicans also pushed to include new work requirements on Medicaid, but the White House made clear early on it would not negotiate any changes to that program."

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McCarthy is defending his compromise with Biden.

"In the negotiations, Republicans fought for and achieved the most consequential work requirements in a generation," he tweeted. "This is a win for taxpayers → we are no longer going to borrow money from China to pay a work-capable adult without any dependents to sit at home on their couch."

McCarthy included a clip of his appearance on Fox News Sunday in which he further touts the provisions.

"What does a work requirement do? It's only on able-bodied people with no dependents. Instead of borrowing money from China to pay somebody to sit on the couch, we now give them the process to go get a job," McCarthy tells anchor Shannon Bream. "Every study has shown when you do that, it puts more people to work, and when they work, what happens? More people are paying into Social Security and Medicare."

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Despite McCarthy's optimism, conservative lawmakers and constituents are deeply upset because McCarthy dared to cooperate with Biden, whom many right-wingers consider an enemy because he is a Democrat.

Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky): "Fake conservatives agree to fake spending cuts. Deal will increase mandatory spending ~5%, increase military spending ~3%, and maintain current non-military discretionary spending at post-COVID levels. No real cuts to see here. Conservatives have been sold out once again!"

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado): "Our base didn't volunteer, door knock and fight so hard to get us the majority for this kind of compromise deal with Joe Biden. Our voters deserve better than this. We work for them. You can count me as a NO on this deal. We can do better."

Congressman Ken Buck (R-Colorado): "I listened to Speaker McCarthy earlier tonight outline the deal with President Biden and I am appalled by the debt ceiling surrender. The bottom line is that the U.S. will have $35 trillion of debt in January, 2025. That is completely unacceptable."

Congressman Bob Good (R-Virginia): "I am hearing the 'deal' is for a $4 trillion increase in the debt limit. IF that is true, I don't need to hear anything else. No one claiming to be a conservative could justify a YES vote."

Congressman Ralph Norman (R-South Carolina): "This 'deal' is insanity. A $4T debt ceiling increase with virtually no cuts is not what we agreed to. Not gonna vote to bankrupt our country. The American people deserve better."

Congressman Chip Roy (Texas): "There are members of the GOP claiming Democrats got nothing from the 'deal.' Oh really? 1) An uncapped debt ceiling with an expiration date - worth approximately $4 trillion…? 2) basically no cuts - a freeze at bloated 2023 spending level? ZERO claw back of the $1.2 Trillion 'inflation reduction act' crony giveaways to elite leftists for grid-destroying unreliable energy…? 4) 98% of the IRS expansion left fully in place…? 5) no work requirements for Medicaid? - & only age adjustments for TANF/SNAP…? No REINS act statutory requirement for Congress to approve huge regulations - just an 'administrative' paygo that the administration will get to enforce? 7) No border security!! - & a deal allowing them to avoid policy riders in the fall… 8) more…"

CAMPBIZZLE: "Yeah retirees are going to love going back to work. You guys are toast in 2024. Nice job!"

Proud_MAGA_Latino: "You're a joke, wow I actually thought you'd got a backbone. 1 time Rino always a Rino. It's in your blood you're just a coward."

SazzygirlinCali: "This is far from a win and you need to start respecting the will of your voters. Hold the Line means just that. You've failed us."

Bill Shepherd...: "'The fiscal responsibility act' LOL. With no fiscal responsibility and no cuts..... Adds 4 trillion to the debt. Three letter agencies get even more money. Nothing about closing the border. Ukraine funded. Adds funding for over 85250 new IRS agents… Vote NO Wednesday and then a motion to vacate. It's supposed to be America First not America Last… The R's folded like a cheap tent again… They should be embarrassed…"

Garrett Barton, M.D., M.B.A.: "Same empty suit. You had a chance to be great, now you will be remembered as weak. People like you become traitors when your life or well being are on the line. Motion to vacate!"

Ben Jamin: "Should have just let it fail. You have no spine."

Courtenay: "I'm here for this ratio because we all know you're straight lying."

Watch McCarthy below or at this link.

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