'He betrayed me': Right-wing reporter slams GOP for keeping 'permanent scar' George Santos in office

'He betrayed me': Right-wing reporter slams GOP for keeping 'permanent scar' George Santos in office
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Real America's Voice reporter David Zere is calling out his party — the Republican Party — for not ousting United States Rep. George Santos (R-NY) over his many lies.

The GOP congressman received 13 indictments earlier this week for accusations such as "breaking campaign finance laws, violating federal conflict of interest laws, stealing cash meant for an Iraq War veteran's dying dog, masterminding a credit card fraud scheme, and lying about where he went to school and worked."

Zere, a native New Yorker, did not mince words during a RAV's Special Report segment earlier this week when hosts Miranda Khan and Dr. Gina Loudon asked the reporter his thoughts on Santos' recent indictments.

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Patriot Takes shared a clip of the trio's conversation, writing, "Real America's Voice reporter David Zere called George Santos 'a liar' and 'a bad guy' who tried to scam his own family out of their retirement money. Zere also called the national Republican Party's propping up of George Santos for his vote, 'a permanent scar and a stain.'"

Zere said, "So, I befriended George Santos, and he betrayed me. He tried to get my family and myself to put our retirement money in harbor capitol, which was a Ponzi scheme, which the SEC said it was. He's a liar, probably broke a lot of laws. He's a bad guy. He's a bad guy. And I don't like when Republicans say we need the vote...That's not right. Because we're better than that."

The GOPer emphasized, "We have to stand up..the local GOP in Nassau County, and the state GOP said 'step down' but the national GOP and the leaders in Congress did not ask him to do it, and I think they have a permanent scar and a stain."

He continued, "They could've gotten rid of this problem two or three months ago, and they could've turned their back on him even if they couldn't get him out with a two-thirds vote in Congress. So now they gotta deal with this, right? Now they've got indictments coming down, and the stuff he did is pretty serious."

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Watch the video below or at this link.

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