Trump’s lawyers are now questioning each other and believe one could be a snitch: report

Trump’s lawyers are now questioning each other and believe one could be a snitch: report
Former President Donald Trump speaking in Tampa, Florida in July 2022 (Wikimedia Commons)

A new report is shedding light on the internal battle brewing among former President Donald Trump's legal team.

In a report published by The Daily Beast, reporter Jose Pagliery explained how the clashes within Trump's legal team are making it harder to navigate the investigations he's facing.

"As Trump’s legal troubles keep growing—with criminal and civil investigations in New York City, Washington, and Atlanta—so too does the unwieldy band of attorneys who simply can’t get along," Pagliery wrote.

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Inside sources have offered details about the factors contributing to the challenges Trump's legal team is facing.

"According to five sources with direct knowledge of the situation, clashing personalities and the increasing outside threat of law enforcement has sown deep divisions that have only worsened in recent months," Pagliery wrote. "The internal bickering has already sparked one departure in recent weeks—and that could be just the beginning."

Under the condition of anonymity, individuals on Trump's legal team are also speaking out.

“There’s a lot of lawyers and a lot of jealousy,” one person said.

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Pagilery explained why there are concerns about a possible snitch within the former president's legal team.

"Part of the concern over lawyers turning on each other is due to the fact that the Department of Justice already has one Trump attorney’s professional notes, which could position him as a future witness against his own client, and the DOJ has another lawyer who said too much in an unrelated case and has positioned herself as yet another potential witness against her client," he explained.

According to Pagilery, Trump's "right-hand man" is also a critical component in this ordeal.

"Much of the anger from Trump’s lawyers is directed at the former president’s right-hand man, Boris Epshteyn, who’s accused of running interference on certain legal advice from more experienced courtroom gladiators," he noted.

“Boris pissed off all the Florida lawyers. People are dropping like flies. Everybody hates him. He’s a toxic loser. He’s a complete psycho,” a second person explained. “He’s got daddy issues, and Trump is his daddy.”

Pagilery also revealed "The infighting came to a head recently, sparking the departure earlier this month of Tim Parlatore, one of the lawyers in the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case."

The former president's escalating legal issues have only added more tension to the strain among his attorneys.

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