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Fox News hosts complains COVID restrictions in NYC amount to life under the Taliban

On Wednesday's episode of "Fox and Friends," co-host Brian Kilmeade made a dig at New York City and its implementation of vaccine passes, claiming it is run in a similar fashion to Afghanistan.

"Guess what they're doing in this terribly run city," Kilmeade said. "They are deciding you can't go to plays, you can't go to movies, you can't go to bars, you can't go to restaurants, you can't go to gyms, you can't go to anything unless you have your vaccination card. Which takes a dollar to make a knockoff card."

This as over a million of the Excelsior Pass, New York State's e-vaccine passport, have been downloaded since its roll-out in June.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio said of the new system that "in our society there are so many ways to protect ourself...this is just one of those ways."

But Kilmeade continued to say that life in New York is similar to that of life in Afghanistan because of the new vaccine pass.

"What if you have the antibodies, and what if you can't get the vaccination? You have to shelter in place now, like an American in Afghanistan?"

He also stated on the episode that "you shouldn't get the mayor making your medical decisions."

Donald Trump Jr. slammed after 'gloating' on Twitter over the turmoil in Afghanistan

Donald Trump Jr is being accused on Twitter of celebrating scenes of the Taliban's takeover in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Despite agreeing to the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan last year, Donald Trump's eldest son tweeted a string of brutal tweets against President Joe Biden and the way his administration over the weekend.

In a tweet, Trump Jr. said Biden's 'intelligence gurus' were wrong about Russian collusion, Russian bounties, China and Iran being in competition and heaps of other issues. So one Twitter user responded by saying: "your father's agreement with the Taliban started this chaos."

Last April, his father, former President Donald Trump said in a written statement that pulling all U.S. troops from Afghanistan was "a wonderful and positive thing to do," he just didn't agree with Biden's way of using 9/11 as a reason to do so.

On Aug. 9, the U.S. embassy in Kabul made a tweet regarding peaceful negotiations in Doha which was aptly titled #PeaceMonday. Days later, Trump Jr. retweeted it, mocking the idea of peace in the region.

A user named @TzuSays replied and said, "Imagine gloating while thousands of people are going to be killed."

GOP's Lauren Boebert slammed for mocking Afghans killed trying to flee on US plane

There has been a rush of Republican critiques and complaints about the Biden administration's execution of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan after nearly 20 years of fighting. But no reaction appears to have gone as low as that from freshman Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., who joked about Afghans filmed falling off a U.S. military plane to their deaths on Monday.

"At least they won't have to read 'mean tweets,'" the congresswoman tweeted on Monday. Boebert's tweet was accompanied by a video of hundreds of Afghan men swarming a U.S. military plane as it takes off. Several men quickly fell off the plane. Their deaths were filmed.

Needless to say, many people did not find Boebert's so-called joke funny:

We all know the trope that Republicans don't have backbones, but it is even funnier when they are caught flagrantly, without abandon, losing their "morals" for a brief moment before falling back to Earth, as was the case with another Boebert tweet.

One Twitter user was quick to catch Boebert's change in opinion from a tweet of her's he pulled from last February.

Boebert's extremist opinions only continued on Monday:


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