Chris Wallace blasts Republicans for double standard on Trump and Biden classified docs ordeal

Chris Wallace blasts Republicans for double standard on Trump and Biden classified docs ordeal
David Edwards
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CNN analyst Chris Wallace recently offered a blistering opinion of Republican leaders and lawmakers who have exhibited a double standard in regards to President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump's classified documents reports.

Earlier this week, reports surfaced about the classified documents found in Biden's office during his time as vice president under the Obama administration. Although Biden is not under investigation, Republicans have been quick to criticize the president and compare his to Trump's situation.

However, the distinct difference is that Trump is under investigation. So, Wallace weighed in with his take on the contradictions.

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"Well, it’s why we all got into the news business because we know that no Hollywood scriptwriter could have come up with this. And, and, you know, it’s just so astonishing in those clips you showed before of Republicans making excuses for Trump and piling on Biden, Democrats doing exactly the opposite," Wallace said.

He went on to liken the actions of Republican lawmakers to the script from the hit film, Casablanca.

"That does remind me of a Hollywood script, Casablanca, where the French inspector leaves the casino, comes out, and says, 'I’m shocked to find out that there’s gambling going on in the back room here.' I mean, it’s all politics and it’s quite extraordinary," Wallace said, adding, "And, you know, yes, they’re going to be investigating ... they’re continuing to investigate Trump and whether he still has documents."

He continued, "But given the fact that we just found out yesterday, there was a third batch of documents, or at least one document, a third group, coming from Biden, you got to assume that the new special prosecutor, special counsel will be investigating that and whether we have found all of the Biden documents."

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At another point in the conversation, Wallace offered his perspective on the difference between Trump's and Biden's situations as he recounted all that has transpired with the Trump investigation.

"You know, there may be legal differences," he said, "And I think there are obviously, in the case of Trump, there was a year fight with a grand jury subpoena and eventually they had to raid. And at this point, we have no evidence of that with Biden that everything they’ve found. Again, so far. We have no evidence that if they found something, they didn’t immediately turn it over. But in the political sense, you’re exactly right. It’s one guy had documents."

He added, "And remember how Biden went after Trump back in September on 60 Minutes. 'How is this possible? It’s just unimaginable.' And then it turns out that he’s got three sets of documents. And, you know, for all of the talk from the White House yesterday about how transparent they were, remember the first batch of documents they found before the midterm election in November, we didn’t find out about it until there was a response to a media break of this story this week. So this Biden White House was anything but transparent about the fact that they had classified documents."

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