'Is this a SNL skit': Twitter reacts to FL diner patrons eagerly vouching for Trump 2024 win over DeSantis

'Is this a SNL skit': Twitter reacts to FL diner patrons eagerly vouching for Trump 2024 win over DeSantis
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Fox News host Brian Kilmeade asked a diner full of GOP voters who they'd like to see take the 2024 presidential election win, expecting more support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis than he received.

The Intercept reporter Ken Klippenstein shared a brief clip from the Fox & Friends segment titled "Breakfast with Friends," showing Kilmeade play "rapid fire" with a handful patrons in a Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida Metro Diner.

Klippenstein tweeted, "Fox host visits Florida diner asking who they prefer for 2024, presumably to showcase DeSantis' support, but every single person says Trump. Host then beelines to a lady wearing a DESANTIS shirt but even she says Trump or DeSantis lol."

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When the enthusiastic host made his rounds asking each person, "Who's your pick?" he quickly realized the room was filled with "a lot of Trump fans."

Six out of the seven people told Kilmeade they'd vote for "Trump," with a few patrons adding Nikki Haley to their preferred ticket.

It wasn't until Kilmeade asked "How about President DeSantis?" someone finally mentioned the governor's name.

Twitter users chimed in with their thoughts, finding the video both entertaining and "horrifying."

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@AdirondackDew: "Is this a SNL skit"

@InsaneMistress: "Is this apart of the news or entertainment apparatus of Fox?"

@chests: "i know desantis most likely won't run but please i just wanna see him lose in his own state"

@chaddfirchau: I'm not sure it would be less upsetting if they had just yelled DeSantis."

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@CynicalLawyer13: "Truly horrifying clip"

@rudy_betrayed: "meatball ron is getting absolutely clobbered"

David Crowe: "They won’t stop trying to make fetch happen"

@thisonesistaken: "these guys are clowns"

Watch the video below or at this link.

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