'Girl I'm not going to jail': Twitter slams Lauren Boebert for suggesting 'it could be you' facing indictment

'Girl I'm not going to jail': Twitter slams Lauren Boebert for suggesting 'it could be you' facing indictment

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is facing backlash from Twitter users for suggesting any of "you," too, could be prosecuted now that former President Donald Trump is facing indictment.

The MAGA congresswoman tweeted, "Never forget who these people truly are showing themselves to be. They want anyone who doesn’t agree with them locked up. First it was the J6ers. Today it is Trump. Tomorrow it could be you."

Twitter users immediately went after Boebert – many countering her assertion.

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Ron Filipkowski: "You hear that, Rachel Patriot in Durango? If you bribe a porn star to stay quiet about her services being retained days after your wife gave birth so you can get elected president, they might come for you too."

@MeidasTouch: "This is a very odd way to say that every person deserves equal treatment under the law."

Tyler Ward: "'Tomorrow it could be you.' GIRL, I'M NOT GOING TO JAIL FOR PAYING HUSH MONEY TO NO STRIPPA?"

David Romero: "If that were true Bobo you and others would be behind bars by now but keep spreading your poison!"

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@Franktheshank88: "Only if you're a traitor, insurrectionist or a criminal!!!"

@RolandB3: "Every accusation by a Republican is a confession. Every one."

Honeybear: "No not me. But probably you."

Nick Eddy: "As a law-abiding citizen, not worried about it at all."

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Jon Abbott: "First they came for the people who tried to hang the VP. Then they came for the bloke who egged them on. Just where will this judicial witch-hunt end?"

@GunReformRyan: "Truly. It's like they’re saying that ANYONE that breaks the law could be held accountable."

@bamart8: "Y'all's talking point, 'they could do it to you' is overused and tiring. Since I haven't paid off an escort, passed it off as attorney fees and lied about it various ways, while running for president, I'm confident I'm safe."

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