Tucker Carlson accuses 'flamboyantly pure' Pence of collaborating with Feds to nail Trump in docs case

Tucker Carlson accuses 'flamboyantly pure' Pence of collaborating with Feds to nail Trump in docs case
Fox News Tucker Carlson speaking at the 2020 Student Action Summit, hosted by Turning Point USA at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, Image via Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons.

Fox News' Tucker Carlson has a different take on the reports involving former Vice President Mike Pence and the classified documents found at his Indiana home.

According to Mediaite, Carlson attacked the former vice president as he accused him of conspiring with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to bring down former President Donald Trump as his classified documents investigation continues.

The conservative primetime host made the remarks during his segment of "Tucker Carlson Tonight" on Tuesday, January 24. He opened the discussion by highlighting what he describes as "unexplained weirdness."

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Carlson insisted that he believes Pence is working to save President Joe Biden.

“So here’s the latest example of unexplained weirdness in the news,” Carlson opened the broadcast. “Mike Pence, of all people, has just swooped in to save Joe Biden. Yes, Mike Pence, a man so flamboyantly pure he won’t have dinner with ladies, not his wife. And yet Mike Pence also had secret documents in his house, just like Joe Biden!”

He also recalled a recent interview where Pence publicly discussed classified documents and assured that he had none in his own possession. Now, Carlson is raising questions about why Pence might have sent his legal team to search for classified documents.

“We can’t say for certain, but it’s entirely possible; in fact, it’s likely that Mike Pence was asked to do this by federal prosecutors who are trying to build a case against his old boss, Donald Trump,” Carlson explained.

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Carlson offered an explanation of how “the point would be to show that not every federal official walks off with state secrets. Donald Trump was uniquely evil in this regard, as in so many others.”

After the documents were discovered at the property, Pence made an effort to tell FBI officials, the U.S. National Archives, and congressional leaders from both sides of the political aisle; a move Carlson described as “odd because what Mike Pence did is a felony.”

“But Pence didn’t seem embarrassed about [finding classified documents] at all,” Carlson continued. “In fact, he almost bragged about it.”

“So clearly, Mike Pence is not worried about being punished for keeping secret documents in his home, and that’s strange in a country where all laws are supposed to apply equally to all people, but Mike Pence is not worried about FBI raids, and that’s interesting.”

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