'I’m not going to answer that': Trump loses it when Fox News asked about classified documents

'I’m not going to answer that': Trump loses it when Fox News asked about classified documents
Image via screengrab/Fox News.

Donald Trump refused to answer questions on Thursday about a highly classified document he reportedly had been waving around at his Bedminster golf club, an event that was included in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s prosecution of the ex-president under Espionage Act charges.

“Why would you be holding up a newspaper saying this is still secret?” former Fox News host Megyn Kelly asked Trump on her SiriusXM show. “I could have declassified it if I were president.”

“I would have to look at it,” Trump defensively replied.

“But that’s what you told Bret Baier. You told Bret Baier that that was a newspaper,” Kelly interjected.

“I could have declassified it. No, I also told Bret Baier as I remember, I don’t know it was a long time interview,” Trump continued.

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“Well tell me, what were you waving around?” Kelly asked, waving her hand as if she had a piece of paper in it.

“I also told Bret Baier that it wasn’t a classified document,” Trump said.

“What were you waving around in that meeting because it certainly sounds like –” Kelly pressed.

“I’m not going to talk to you about that because that’s already been I think very substantiated, and there’s no problem with it,” Trump claimed.

“It hasn’t been substantiated. Jack Smith says –” Kelly added before getting cut off.

“Megyn just let me tell you. Let me just, let me tell you, here we go again,” Trump said. “I’m covered by the Presidential Records Act. I’m allowed to do what I want to do. I’m allowed to have documents.”

Experts say Trump’s claims regarding the Presidential Records Act are false.

Also in the interview Kelly asked Trump, “Do you believe that every CIA document that came to you as president was automatically yours to keep no matter what?”

“I’m not going to answer that question,” Trump claimed before bringing up the Presidential Records Act again.

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“The Presidential Records Act was a very complex thing, it took a long time to do, having to do more with Richard Nixon because he kept everything,” Trump claimed. “And they said, we don’t want to have this anymore.”

“These thugs, and deranged people, they didn’t even mention that. They never mentioned that. They never talked about that. They never said, ‘Gee, the Presidential Records Act.’ Do you know they don’t even mention it? And every body knows that I’m covered by that.”

In March, CNN reported: “The Presidential Records Act says that, the moment a president leaves office, NARA gets custody and control of all presidential records from his administration. Nothing in the act says there should be prolonged t’alk’ or a negotiated ‘agreement’ between a former president and NARA over a former president’s return of presidential documents – much less that there should have been a months-long battle after NARA first contacted Trump’s team in 2021 to try to get some of the records that had not been handed over at the end of his presidency.”

Watch the videos above or at this link.

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