Former RNC chair hits GOP with brutal reality check about Trump

Former RNC chair hits GOP with brutal reality check about Trump
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Former Republican National Committee (RNC) chair Michael Steele recently hit his political party with a brutal reality check about former President Donald Trump.

While he is still an influential figure for the party, Steele argues that his presence has an adverse effect. In fact, Steele recently pointed to the party's latest midterm election results to support his argument.

Speaking to MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, Steele made his argument quite clear: “We do a lot of losing with him,” he said of Trump. According to HuffPost, "Trump at his core 'is a carnival-barking, reality TV show character who happened to stumble into the White House with the help of a lot of Americans, some of whom want to put him back there.'”

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At one point during the discussion, Steele insisted that the political party needs to consider having a “'come to their heart moment' where they reject Trump and Trumpism 'as a part of our Republican story because it’s not electable.'”

He added, “The party is sitting there at the docks waiting for a ship to leave that’s got a thousand holes in it.”

Steele's latest remarks come just weeks after his last MSNBC discussion where he also expressed concern about Trump's negative influence in wake of his controversial dinner meeting with white nationalist Nick Fuentes.

"They want all of us at this point to fixate on, 'We're past Trump, we're no longer doing Trump," Steele said.

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Although Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is seen as a rising star among Republicans, Steele didn't seem very impressed by him either. "Oh, Trump was bad. Oh, this bright, shiny object down in Florida. Let's focus on that in Gov. DeSantis," Steele said of the GOP and its narrative. "But I'm sorry, you don't get to wipe that stain off your clean white shirt that easily because that's a deep stain."

Watch the video of Steele's latest interview below or at this link.

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