'Acting like jackasses':Joe Scarborough rips GOP as 'dumbest political party that’s ever existed'

'Acting like jackasses':Joe Scarborough rips GOP as 'dumbest political party that’s ever existed'
MSNBC's Joe Scarborough in 2017, Wikmedia Commons
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MSNBC News' Joe Scarborough on Wednesday slammed Republican congressional members' antics during President Joe Biden's State of the Union.

In fact, he bluntly asked why the members of his former political party are "so stupid." On February 8, Scarborough opened his segment with a clip capturing parts of Biden's speech where the president encouraged lawmakers to embrace unity and positivity.

But some Republicans were hellbent on doing the opposite. According to Mediaite, Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R) focused her attention on slamming Democrats' so-called "culture wars" as she called out what Republicans describe as the "woke mob."

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After the clip concluded, co-host Mika Brzezinski pointed out that there were “very different tones last night between president Biden, mostly optimistic."

Scarborough interjected saying, “Wait, wait, wait! Can’t anybody play this game? Why is my former party so stupid?!”

He went on to criticize Republican lawmakers for their booing and other antics during the speech saying, “The booing, the like…we said yesterday on the show, Republicans, he wants you to yell. He wants you to shout. As my grandmom from Dalton, Georgia, would say, he wants you to act like you were raised in a barn. Good job. You did all of those things.”

”I swear to God — I said this a couple of weeks ago — I really do think there is a plant inside the RNC," he said, adding, "And it is a Democrat that was planted in there somewhere, like 2013 or 2014, with the sole purpose of making Republicans the dumbest political party that’s ever existed.”

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Scarborough continued, “Biden didn’t even have to give a good speech last night. The Republicans, time and again, just alley-oop. Boom. Set up one jam after another.”

At one point during the discussion, Scarborough even insisted Republican lawmakers' behavior made them look like "jackasses."

"Then, this is the one that gets me, talking about sunsetting Social Security and Medicare every five years, nobody dreamed that up — that was the head of the Republican Senate Campaign Committee,” Scarborough added. “He won’t say his name, I will say his name. Say his name: Rick Scott, the most powerful Republican in the United States Senate for running campaigns. So they’re acting like jackasses because they can’t deal with the truth, can’t deal with the truth, and they make themselves look foolish.”

Watch the videos below or at this link.

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