'This dude is sick': Jeanine Pirro smacks down Jesse Watters for claiming that 'girls like the alcohol scene'

'This dude is sick': Jeanine Pirro smacks down Jesse Watters for claiming that 'girls like the alcohol scene'
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Fox News pundit Jesse Watters tried to mansplain the relationship that he believes women have with recreational substances on Wednesday's edition of The Five.

It blew up in his face.

The panel was discussing the positives and negatives of alcohol versus cannabis use, which is legal in twenty-one states and Washington DC. Medical pot is legal in thirty-eight states.

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The clip begins with correspondent Geraldo Rivera noting the dangers of alcohol consumption:

I'm not advocating marijuana. I think it should be legal. I think adults need to make informed decisions about it. Kids will be kids. When you see what drunken driving does as opposed to stoner kids, really, I submit, it is the lesser of two evils.

That prompted co-host Jeanine Pirro to ask:

Do you agree with that Jesse?

Watters' response threw Pirro through a loop:

Uh, no. Let's go through the pros and cons of smoking marijuana. The pros: food tastes tastier, music sounds better, and nature is more impressive.

Cons: It kills your sperm, girls don't dig it, the scene isn't as cool as people think it is. If you're an athlete, it affects your conditioning. It stays in your system and it kills your brain. It affects your memory and from what I’ve heard – and I’ve never really experimented with that stuff much at all –


Oh, please.

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But from what I’ve heard, it’s really not that good for you.


Why do you say girls don’t dig it?


Girls don’t like the scene. They don’t like the scene.


And what about alcohol? What about alcohol?


Girls like the alcohol scene. They do not like guys catering to that.

Pirro was quite vexed:

Are you kidding? They don't like alcohol?

Watters doubled down:

No, no, they like alcohol. They like parties with alcohol.


This dude is sick.

Watters added:

They don't like the scene with the guys smoking. It's not a cool scene for them. And nothing that I just said was wrong.

Watch below via Media Matters for America or at this link.

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