'Repugnant versus another standard': Jeanine Pirro stands up for antisemites returning to Twitter

'Repugnant versus another standard': Jeanine Pirro stands up for antisemites returning to Twitter
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The panelists on Tuesday's edition of The Five on Fox News were discussing Twitter owner Elon Musk reinstating banned accounts of users who had violated the site's terms and lifting the platform's policy against posting false information about COVID-19. But when the conversation turned to Musk welcoming back antisemites, neo-Nazis, and white supremacists, host "Judge" Jeanine Pirro stood up for them.

Pirro preached to co-host Jessica Tarlov:

You know, Jessica, Twitter is a private company. Where does the government get off saying, 'we're going to monitor this and we're going to watch it,' and just, from a criminal justice perspective, you investigate crimes, you don't investigate people and companies.

What is the crime so far?

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That's why we're only keeping 'an eye' on the situation. But there is a long history of tech companies working with the government to make sure that dangerous things don't happen. And that's really important. And the COVID-19 misinformation policy started under the Trump Administration. It was in early 2020 when there was tons of bad information floating around and Trump officials worked with Twitter and then Biden took over and then Biden officials worked with Twitter. The same thing goes on with YouTube...

Anchor Jesse Watters interrupted to lament that Doctor Anthony Fauci "worked with Twitter. He's not a Trump official. He's been there for eighty thousand years."


Okay, but he's, whatever. Everyone knows that Fauci served in eight administrations and one of them was Donald Trump's, and one of them is Joe Biden's, and he also worked for all the guys that came before.

So let's be clear about that. When you say that Elon Musk is winning the PR battle, at the rate that he's losing advertisers, he's not winning anything. He still needs to be profitable. That was his goal, right, in taking over this. He thought he could make it better and he thought that he could make it produce more money.

Greg Gutfield, interrupting Tarlov, noted that "the advertising model is always a challenge when you're dealing with users, subscribers, or viewers. That's true. But he's getting way more users than he's ever had. And you go for a pay model, you know, that's what a lot of successful companies do, Jessica. Stay after class. We're gonna talk about the economics of Twitter."

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Tarlov rebuffed Gutfield's mansplaining and continued her assessment of Twitter:

I can't wait, but I have to be somewhere. The whole Mastadon thing I find incredibly funny, like, all of these people that I follow posting, you know, 'it if becomes unsafe for us here [Twitter], this is where you can find me.' It's not that serious. Twitter is the only social media that I have. I really enjoy it. Like, if I'm doomscrolling, I'm doing it on Twitter. And if it went away, in about a week, we would all be okay, right? Its main function is to get you up-to-date news information, at least for people who work in the business that we do and a majority of the people that we're interacting with on Twitter...

Gutfield cut off Tarlov a second time:

It replaced Drudge, basically, right? Before Twitter, you were always looking at Drudge. And now you just...

Tarlov disagreed:

Not so much for my people, but yeah, if people were looking for my people, but...

Gutfield once again chimed in to ask Tarlov if she was "hanging out with Kanye again."

She responded:

We have to talk about that. So, if, it'll be interesting to see when all of these people who have been banned – and I know Kanye was only suspended for a couple weeks because of his antisemitic tweet – but it will be interesting to see how far Musk will go in terms of restoring accounts to people who are really repugnant. And I'm sure he won't bring on, you know -- bring back Nick Fuentes or an Alex Jones. But that will be...

Pirro sided with West and Holocaust denier Fuentes:

Repugnant versus another standard. I mean...


What? No. Holocaust deniers are just straight-up repugnant. So you want Nick Fuentes to have his account back?


Hate speech is protected by the First Amendment and the Constitution and the United States Supreme Court. It just blinked.


Holocaust deniers should not be around!

Watch below via Media Matters for America or at this link.

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