'Move on': Fox News host thinks immigration is more 'pressing' than Donald Trump wooing Nick Fuentes

'Move on': Fox News host thinks immigration is more 'pressing' than Donald Trump wooing Nick Fuentes
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Fox News pundit Lisa Kennedy Montgomery suggested on Tuesday that former President Donald Trump's now-infamous November 22nd dinner with Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes and disgraced antisemitic rapper Kanye West at Mar-a-Lago is unimportant.

The meal that Trump hosted at his Palm Beach, Florida estate a week ago instantaneously sparked national outrage, which was additionally flamed by the refusal of Trump and other Republicans like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-California) to disavow the boastfully white supremacist Fuentes.

The issue also quickly rippled into the 2024 race for president. Trump, as the only declared candidate, is the GOP's lone standard-bearer. But the folks at Fox believe that immigration is a far bigger problem facing the United States than Trump wooing neo-Nazis to appease his right-wing voting base.

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Anchor Harris Faulker:

Let's stay on the border for just a second here though, Kennedy, because what happens next with Republicans, there's no doubt now, there's no cloud about that. You heard from McCarthy.


Yes, and you know to Jason's point, the national news media should be pressing our leaders on what is most pressing for us. The border is obviously a much bigger issue for people, particularly in states like California, Arizona, Texas, and even Florida than is a meeting with the former president and a white supremacist. So maybe move on from that and press these people. But, yes, this is one of the things where the GOP caucus is in lockstep. And I wish actually we had a national philosophy on immigration so that when there was a transfer of power, there wasn't this rush to get over the border before the pendulum swung the other way and closed the door once again. Because we do not have uniformity in our immigration policy, it hurts us, it hurts people who are coming to this country, it hurts kids who are sent by their parents, so that is one of the areas where the adults in the room from both parties need to get together and formulate that because this is what happens. It forces these crises over and over again to the very last minute and then, to Emily's point, you're playing the shell game with different federal law enforcement and stealing people off of planes where they could be securing Americans and putting them on desk duty at the border.

Watch below via Media Matters for America or at this link.

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