'Resignation': GOP donors contend with Trump’s baffling staying power among party voters

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It's no secret that many Republican leaders, lawmakers, and voters are eager to move on from former President Donald Trump and his antics. However, they are having a particularly difficult time doing so.

Although Trump didn't manage to win re-election, poll projections indicate that he still has a strong grip on the Republican party. In fact, some political pundits are already projecting that he may win the Republican presidential nomination.

Speaking with Jewish Insider, Joel Geiderman — a board member for the Republican Jewish Coalition — admitted that there is a common theme among Republicans where Trump is concerned.

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“The sense that I get is there’s pretty much a resignation he’s going to be the nominee,” Geiderman said on Thursday.

Pittsburgh-based Republican activist Jon Tucker also weighed in with details about whispered hopes among Republicans that another candidate may make it to the forefront.

“Based upon my circle of friends and my informal survey,” said Tucker, “there’s just a fervent hope and prayer that, somehow, Trump will get out of the way and allow other candidates to get back in.”

He added, “Right now, I don’t see anybody else getting traction. It makes me feel that people like me, the ‘before Trump’ Republicans, don’t have a home."

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Republican donors have also expressed apprehension about the possibility of a viable candidate becoming a substantial opponent against Trump.

"There’s no one I see the Democrats putting up that means I would not support Trump being the nominee,” one top Republican donor explained. “Obviously, he has issues with respect to his, you know, temperament and pettiness, which I think helped cause him to lose.”

The analysis also shed light on the possibility of what could happen if Trump manages to railroad his opponents.

"If Trump is the nominee, however, he said he would focus his attention on winning back the Senate — a loss he attributes to the former president’s conduct during the 2020 election. 'Donald Trump gave us wokeism,' Levine, who is hosting a major fundraiser for the Senate Republicans’ campaign arm in Manhattan next month, charged in a recent interview with JI. 'Donald Trump gave us the progressives. Donald Trump gave us Joe Biden. His losing the Senate intentionally gave the country to the progressives. And then, of course, Jan. 6 speaks for itself.'”

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