'He got the entire Republican Party to jump': Chuck Todd thinks Donald Trump's legal mess could sink him in 2024

'He got the entire Republican Party to jump': Chuck Todd thinks Donald Trump's legal mess could sink him in 2024
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On Sunday's edition of Meet the Press, NBC News host Chuck Todd threw cold water on the percolating narrative that former President Donald Trump's legal entanglements will benefit his 2024 White House bid.

Anchor Willy Geist teed it up:

Chuck Todd is NBC's political director and moderator of 'Meet the Press.' Chuck, good morning. It's good to see you. So we heard it again yesterday at that rally in Waco, Texas from some of Donald Trump's supporters basically saying, 'bring it on with these investigations. It only makes him stronger.' That's something that the Trump camp has said as well. But is it really a good thing for him to be under investigation, not just in Manhattan, with an indictment potentially coming this week because it is just the tip of the iceberg, as Vaughn alluded to, there's the January 6th special counsel, there is the Mar-a-Lago documents case, there is Georgia, there is a lot more to come here. So what's the impact on his campaign?

Todd opined that he is unconvinced that Trump will ultimately benefit from having criminal charges filed against him:

Well, it, it's a, clearly a short-term, long-term issue. Short-term: this has been a boon to his campaign, or at least they are acting like it is a boon to this campaign. I mean, what struck me, and by the way, I wanna reemphasize something Vaughn pointed out – because it didn't happen while Trump was on stage, but it happened before – the idea that a Trump campaign rally is glorifying the January 6th insurrectionists, like this, glorifying them by showing the insurrection, celebrating the attack on the Capitol in front of a group of Americans last night, yesterday in Waco, I mean, it is that in itself, and I know we're, we're sort of numb to being astonished anymore, but I really feel as if that, that is just, we, we, we somehow crossed another line. Um, but as Bill Hurt once said, they keep moving the sucker. Um, but to go back, uh, to, to whether this is that helpful, I think. You know, on Earth too, when you accumulate multiple indictments, your political career's likely over. Um, but I think they know that there's, you know, for Trump, he's comfortable playing this game. And I'll tell you, he got the entire Republican Party to jump when he asked him to. [Florida Governor Ron] DeSantis ended up even coming out, uh, to support him when he tried to avoid talking about this. Short term, this has been a political boon. I don't buy that it helps long term. That's for sure.

Geist then added his take:

Yeah, it might help in the short term in a primary, but he's trying to win a general election. We shall see what comes down from the courts.

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Watch below or at this link.

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