'Detrimental' impeachment inquiry proves GOP 'totally consumed by grievance': ex-Bush strategist

'Detrimental' impeachment inquiry proves GOP 'totally consumed by grievance': ex-Bush strategist
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Image via Creative Commons.

Ex-President George W. Bush-Vice President Dick Cheney 2004 presidential campaign chief strategist Matthew Dowd, discussed during a Sunday interview with MSNBC's Alicia Menendez, the impact of House Republicans' attempt to impeach President Joe Biden on 2024 GOP races.

Referring to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's recent decision to open an impeachment inquiry against the president to appease a group of hard-right GOP lawmakers, American Voices with Alicia Menendez host Alicia Mendez said, "I wonder for some of these Republicans who are running in swing districts, for some of these Republicans who have tight races, surely this has to catch up with them. Surely they have reservations about the fact that this is now the face of the Republican Party."

Dowd replied, "Well I think the problem is, yes, there are. But the problem is the governance part of the Republican Party, would there be room left, if you sat them all on my dining room table, there'd be room left for more people. If you sat every person in the Republican Caucus who's interested in governance, there'd be chairs empty at that. It's a party that has become totally consumed by grievance, and the loudest voices obviously are the most grievance-ridden voices in the Republican Caucus today. There are, as you say, a number of seats that Joe Biden won, that he won, and the Republicans [lost in that] district — eighteen of them I think. It's incredibly detrimental."

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The former chief GOP strategist continued, "What I find amazing in this is, they haven't spent one minute, or one hour, on solving crime, which is what they ran on. They haven't spent one hour on solving the immigration crisis, other than screaming, they haven't passed a bill they haven't done a single thing on it. They haven't spit past one bill on inflation, or dealing with the cost of goods in the country. They have spent no time on any of those. All three of which, are the most important issues, or some of the most important issues of most Americans in the country today. But i think it's the party has become so written by grievance, that the governance caucus, which is incredibly small, can't get their voices heard."

Watch the video below or at this link.

How the impeachment inquiry against President Biden could impact GOP racesyoutu.be

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