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Sky Palma

Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden slams Trump for pushing conspiracy theory that he killed a ‘body double’

The former Navy SEAL known for his role in the operation that killed Osama bin Laden spoke out against President Trump for amplifying a conspiracy theory that claims it was a body double of bin Laden that was shot, not the actual Al Qaeda leader.

"Very brave men said good bye to their kids to go kill Osama bin Laden. We were given the order by President Obama," Robert O'Neill, who claims to be the one who fired the shot that killed bin Laden, tweeted. "It was not a body double. Thank you Mr. President."

"S**t. I just found out that I killed Osama bin Johnson. Drinks are on me, I guess…" he later tweeted sarcastically.

This Tuesday, Trump retweeted a post that claimed former President Barack Obama and his Vice President Joe Biden staged the operation that took out bin Laden. "Hiden Biden and Obama may have had Seal Team 6 killed! EXPLOSIVE: CIA Whistleblower Exposes Biden's Alleged Role with the Deaths of Seal Team- Claims to have Documented Proof. RETWEET!!!" the tweet read.

Watch: Dick Durbin dismantles Lindsey Graham’s attack on Obamacare at Amy Barrett hearing

During his questioning of Amy Coney Barrett at her confirmation hearing this Tuesday, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) homed in on Democratic fears that Barrett would allow her ideological leanings to affect her judgement should she become a Supreme Court Justice.

"Where could this idea have come from?" Durbin said. "Could it have come from the White House? Could it have come from the President's tweets of what he expects a Supreme Court nominee to do politically for him?

"That's where it comes from," Durbin continued. "That's where it originated. And you've said very clearly today … you are not going to be influenced by President Trump's importuning or the importuning of this committee or anyone else. … But this notion that this whole idea of your being used for political purposes is a Democratic creation — read the tweets and you have plenty to work with."

Durbin then turned to Senator Lindsey Graham's earlier comments attacking Obamacare.

"Three states get 35 percent of the money? How could that possibly be true? Well, it turns out that because those states decided to extend Medicaid coverage to the people who lived in the states, and [Graham's] did not. And as a consequence, fewer people in South Carolina have the protection of health insurance, and those that do are paying for their services, and those that don't are not, which imperils hospitals and others in the process."

Watch the exchange below:

10 13 2020 11 05 17

Trump ‘is aiding and abetting Putin’s efforts’: HR McMaster

During an appearance on MSNBC this Thursday, former National Security advisor to President Trump, H.R. McMaster, was asked if President Trump is posing a greater threat to the 2020 election than Vladimir Putin.

McMaster said that he agrees Trump is "aiding an abetting Putin's efforts" by not directly "calling out Putin for what he's doing."

The retired lieutenant general also addressed what many say is President Trump's refusal to directly condemn white supremacist groups, saying he "missed a huge opportunity" and that it should be "super easy to condemn white supremacists."

Watch the full segment below:

10 01 2020 10 34 55

Florida Trump voter abandons the president after ‘a terrifying case’ of COVID-19

President Trump must win Florida in 2020. Polls already give a slight edge to Joe Biden, and the recent death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg  could bring out even more voters. As the Los Angeles Times points out, the coronavirus pandemic began to eat away at Trump’s popularity in the state sometime around June. To date, the virus has killed 13,800 people in Florida.

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Listen: Trump flips out after Fox host tells him his former intel chief thinks Russia has something on him

Speaking on Fox News Radio’s The Brian Kilmeade Show this Thursday, President Trump railed against Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, claiming that the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate’s son stole “three-and-a-half million bucks” from Russia. As Trump ranted, Kilmeade interrupted and told him that his former director of national intelligence, Dan Coats, “thinks Russia has something on you.”

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Trump said he wanted to have sex with Michael Cohen’s daughter -- when she was just 15-years-old: report

Speaking to Vanity Fair in an interview published this Friday, the daughter of former Trump fixer Michael Cohen spoke about the price her father paid for his years of loyalty to Donald Trump. In the outset of the piece, an incident detailed in Cohen's new memoir is described where Trump sexually ogled her -- with Cohen standing right there in Trump's presence.

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WATCH: Maskless Texas woman goes viral after recording her bizarre meltdown over being refused service

A Texas woman who entered a supermarket without a mask is going viral after she filmed herself having a meltdown when she was refused service, the San Antonio Express-News reports.

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Bill Barr’s Mueller probe has inadvertently exposed the hypocrisy of Flynn’s defenders: legal experts

FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith will soon plead guilty to a felony in federal district court after he allegedly made false statements in connection with an FBI application to surveil Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page.

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Arizona columnist throws Mike Pence’s own words back in his face to show how he ‘sold his soul’ to Trump

In an op-ed published at AZ Central this Tuesday, EJ Montini writes that Vice President Mike Pence’s current role as one of President Trump most devoted enablers and supporters is a far cry from his previous days as a radio host who praised the virtues of religious faith and moral character. Now, he’s “sold his soul to a serial adulterer who has gleefully violated just about all of the other commandments as well.”

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Regretful Trump voter apologizes to the entire world for supporting ‘that monster’

In a video posted to YouTube that’s garnering a fair bit of attention, a self-described former Trump supporter confesses that she owes “the world” an apology for voting for Donald Trump in 2016.

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