'America's seditious mayor': Rudy Giuliani ruthlessly trolled over 'unintelligible' greeting from Mar-a-Lago

'America's seditious mayor': Rudy Giuliani ruthlessly trolled over 'unintelligible' greeting from Mar-a-Lago
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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) spent New Year's Eve vibing at ex-President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago golf resort in Palm Beach, Florida. At 10:16 p.m., Giuliani – whose pro bono role as Trump's defense counsel on television and in dozens of failed court cases challenging the outcome of the 2020 election got his license to practice law suspended and exposed him to potential criminal consequences – tweeted a video of himself sitting at a table and mingling with guests.

"Mar-a-Lago 2023 New Year headed right to 2024!" Guiliani wrote, referring to Trump's candidacy for the next Republican presidential nomination.

The footage also featured Giuliani speaking into the camera, although his words were drowned out by Kenny Loggins' 1984 hit song Footloose blaring through the speakers in the half-empty ballroom.

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But for the people who closed out 2022 scrolling Twitter, Giuliani's inaudible chatter presented an opportunity to troll the embattled seventy-eight-year-old whose embrace of conspiracy theoriessabotaged his revered reputation as "America's mayor." And neither of the two categories of reactions that emerged showed Giuliani any mercy.

Quoted retweets:

New York State Assemblymember Yuh-Line Niou (D-65th District):

Why is this in my feed???? He doesn’t even know what year it is.

Attorney Ron Filipkowski:

Quite a scene at Mar-a-Lago tonight.

Comedian Gareth Reynolds:

Talk about a wedding you weren’t invited to vibe!!!

User Chris Floyd:

Did not know Rudy Giuliani died. Yet here he is, posting selfies in hell.

"Vigilante Etymologist" Neal Shepperson:

Pretty sure that's the hotel from The Shining.

Congressional Insider correspondent Bryan Metzger:

there were a few times in college when i’d look at my snapchat story in the morning after going out the night before and it would be some sh*t that looks like this and i’d feel a wave of shame

Investigative reporter Hunter Walker of Talking Points Memo:

Here are some unintelligible new year's greetings from Mar-a-Lago

Democratic strategist Keith Edwards:

Sir it’s 2022 heading into 2023. But good try!

Chef Tom Colicchio:

A room full of losers. Happy New Year

Writer Adrie Rose:

damn the cocaine hittin like that?

Parody account Osborne Cox:

Smiling corpse tries to scream over loud music and other trashy Mar a Lago guests.

Quondam Twitter Trust and Safety Councilmember Lesley Podesta:

He doesn’t look right without the hair dye dripping down his face. Sad

Direct replies:

Jason Marks:

Crazy how you sold everything respectable about you for that invite. Imagine being a sycophant for Trump as your legacy. Feel bad for him. It’s like he got caught up in the vortex and got so deep he couldn’t get out. How embarrassed his kids must be.

Dave Bohnen:

People ask what happened to Rudy. Answer is he became a Trump supporter and it ruined his life and reputation

Tech Guru, MSCE, MBA:

2023, the year you end up in jail.

Nicole Yaldnif:

That room looks like it's been decorated with The Dollar Store items. The items in the clearance cart.

Glenwood Hoskin Jr.:

My god I thought it was Danny deVitos 'penguin' in the Batman movies


The sentinels of 9/11 mingle with your soul when you are alone and feeling embarrassed and disgraced. They will take you to the place of healing when all’s done. Until then, continue to party like you have no soul.

Neil Nealy:

I hope this is your last New Year's party as a free man. If you get a good celly he can probably hook you up with some good prison brew so you can celebrate next New Years.

Bone Spurs:

Oil can Rudy. Was he leaking while he drunkenly slurred his words? America's Seditious Mayor


Don’t cause another insurrection!

Watch below or at this link.

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