'Absolutely hideous': Wisconsin Republican buried for saying there are 'positive outcomes in rape situations'

'Absolutely hideous': Wisconsin Republican buried for saying there are 'positive outcomes in rape situations'
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Republicans in Wisconsin unveiled a bill on Wednesday to carve out exceptions for rape and incest in the state's abortion ban that dates back to 1849.

The legislation would "clarify when abortions that protect the health of the mother would be allowed," although it "would not return the same rights that were in place under Roe v. Wade," the Associated Press reported.

Despite garnering "immediate bipartisan opposition," as AP noted, one GOP lawmaker insisted that the changes would be good for victims – if they would only look toward the bright side of their trauma, so to speak.

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That was the argument presented by State Representative Donna Rozar (R-69th District) at a press conference.

"One thing that I would like to say is that because we, because I personally believe in life from conception to natural death, it is important that we tell women who are victims of rape and incest to support them if they choose to carry those pregnancies to term," Rozar, a registered nurse, said.

"I have had friends and family members who have been a victim of rape, not of incest," Rozar chuckled, "but of rape, and that pregnancy was carried to term. There was support there."

Rozar recalled that the "baby was relinquished for adoption and I'm sure blessed the family in another state that the baby was adopted into."

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Rozar then stated that "there can be positive outcomes in rape situations where babies are carried to term and then, um, relinquished for adoption. We need to make sure that those supports are there for those women, and I am part of some support groups that do that."

Rozar's comments were swiftly condemned.

Jessica Clarice יִסְכָּה: "Yuck. Positive for who? The victim forced to carry a rapist's baby who didn't want to be pregnant? Just gross."

Michael E.: "I was beaten and robbed once. There was no positive outcome to my traumatic and terrifying ordeal. I suspect a rape victim would feel the same."

From Little Acorns: "I guess if being reminded each day of what I can only imagine was a person's worst trauma that one could ever experience every day for the rest of one's life then sure."

Old and out of patience: "It's so arrogant of her to say this is the case for all women. She simply does not have the right to say all women can make rape a positive. How sick."

July Baby: "I have never heard anything this horrible in my life. A rape victim should keep a baby that was conceived by a violent act b/c something good might come of that. Would she think the same if her daughter or loved was a rape victim?"

Umer: "Why force a baby to grow up without parents? How horrible."

T.D.: "What an absolutely hideous woman and sadly typical among Republicans."

The Gimp Factory: "Pro-Rape Republicans."

Donna Gratehouse Domestic Infant Supply 1968 model: "Your family made a rape victim give birth and then relinquish for adoption? You suck, Donna Rozar."

Watch below or at this link.

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