Mary Trump offers blistering assessment of Trump's volatile actions when backed into a corner

Mary Trump offers blistering assessment of Trump's volatile actions when backed into a corner
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On top of facing multiple criminal investigations, former President Donald Trump was lambasted by President Joe Biden during his recent speech addressing the rise in extremism inspired by the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement.

Needless to say, the former president wasn't pleased with Biden's remarks and wasted no time verbalizing his disapproval. Now, his niece Mary Trump is weighed in on the situation.

On Saturday, Mary Trump appeared on MSNBC News' "The Katie Phang Show" where she insisted that her uncle may be making things worse for himself.

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At one point during the interview, Phang asked Mary Trump about her reaction to her uncle's recent rant targeting former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr. The former took to Truth Social after Barr appeared on Fox News saying that the U.S. Department of Justice was justified in its search of Mar-a-Lago.

On Truth Social, Trump wrote, "Bill Barr had 'no guts,' and got 'no glory.' He was a weak and pathetic RINO, who was so afraid of being Impeached that he became a captive to the Radical Left Democrats - 'Please, please, please don’t impeach me,' he supposedly said. Barr never fought the way he should have for Election Integrity, and so much else. He started off OK as A.G., but faded fast - Didn’t have courage or stamina. People like that will never Make America Great Again!"

According to Mary Trump, her uncle's behavior is the result of never being in an increasingly awkward position like this. For Donald Trump, Mary Trump believes it is unnerving for individuals within his close circle to distance themselves.

"Yes, I think that's part of it," Trump, a psychologist replied. "The other part of it is too that he has never been a place like this before, as many people have pointed out."

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"It isn't just that people like Bill Barr are turning against him, although quite honestly agreeing with Bill Barr is something that makes me want to reevaluate my life choices because whoever knew we would be agreeing with Bill Barr," she continued. "On the one hand, Bill Barr was his staunchest defender at one point; acting like his private attorney. But, on the other hand, because of the egregiousness of Donald's behavior, even people like Bill Barr can't stand with him anymore.

"The window of opportunity for Donald to squirm out of this is closing because of the seriousness of the potential charges that are coming his way," she explained. "And what have we seen in the past? He goes to violence. When he said that President Biden was calling for political violence, he was, as usual, projecting. That was what Donald's going to be calling for as he gets more and more cornered."

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