Mary Trump: Donald will 'turn on everybody' if he is indicted

Mary Trump: Donald will 'turn on everybody' if he is indicted
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Mary Trump, the outspoken niece of former President Donald Trump, predicted on The Thom Hartmann Program this week that her embattled uncle will "turn on everybody" if he is charged with crimes related to his company's business practices, his scheme to overturn the results of the 2020 election, or the January 6th, 2021 insurrection at the United States Capitol.

The House Select Committee investigating the attack has amassed and publicly presented a trove of evidence implicating the ex-commander in chief in a massive, coordinated effort to circumvent the Constitution to remain in power after he was defeated in a landslide by President Joe Biden. New York and Georgia are conducting concurrent probes into alleged criminal conduct by Trump, his associates, and his political allies.

Pressure has thusly been mounting on the Justice Department to issue indict the former president.

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Mary Trump – a psychologist, author, and stalwart critic of her uncle – explained to Hartmann that if indictments were to materialize, Trump will indiscriminately cut down anybody who helps eliminate reasonable doubt about his guilt.


What in your opinion? I mean, you know, your uncle probably better than anybody else. And you have the added advantage of a study in psychology, which I believe provides you with a lot of insights into human nature that many of the rest of us may lack. What should we expect if Donald Trump is indicted?


We should expect a full-court press, by him and everybody in his orbit, to change the subject, muddy the waters, deflect, project, cast blame on everybody from the lowliest of White House aides on up. He will not take it lying down and he will engage everybody who continues to be a hanger-on to do his bidding. And that’s partially why we’re here, right? I mean, Donald didn’t do this by himself. He was enabled at every turn from people in his inner circle, everybody in the executive branch, and almost the entirety of the Republican Party.


So do you think he’s going to be spraying his fire, as it were, at his enemies, or what he views as the people who might have thwarted his efforts? I mean, even within his own circle, like Pat Cipollone, who is not on his side on this thing, apparently. Or is he going to, is he going to turn on the people who were with him, you know, the Jim Jordans and Marjorie Taylor Greenes and whatnot, the people who essentially failed in pulling this thing off.

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I think he’s going to turn on everybody. I think he’s, as we’ve seen, his circle is getting smaller and smaller by the controversy. So I think there will be very few people left standing.

Watch below or at this link.

Mary Trump On What Trump Will Do If Indicted Featuring Mary Trump

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