Russian general slips up and reveals Moscow's secret plot to invade Moldova

Russian general slips up and reveals Moscow's secret plot to invade Moldova
By United States Army - Official Photograph - Cleared for Public Release - U.S. Army Africa historical image archive, Public Domain, Image via Wikimedia Commons

A high-ranking Russian general has shed light on the possibility of a second phase of the military's invasion of Ukraine.

According to The Daily Beast, "Russian military commander Rustam Minnekaev now says the second phase of President Vladimir Putin’s 'special operation' is focused on establishing a 'land corridor' from the Donbas all the way to Moldova, which would cut off the rest of Ukraine from the sea."

According to the independent, Russian state-owned news agency Interfax, Minnekaev met with the Union of Defense Industries on Friday, April 22 where he shared details about the possible invasion.

“One of the tasks of the Russian army is to establish full control over the Donbas and southern Ukraine. This will provide a land corridor to the Crimea, as well as influence the vital objects of the Ukrainian economy,” Minnekaev said Friday at a meeting with the Union of Defense Industries, as reported by the Russian state-owned Interfax. “Control over the south of Ukraine is another way out to Transnistria, where there are also facts of oppression of the Russian-speaking population.”

While Minnekaev's remarks have raised concerns for some others are questioning the validity of his claims. Anton Barbashin, who works as the editorial director of Riddle Russia weighed in with his perspective of Minnekayev's comments. In a tweet, he wrote, "It kind of sounds dumb to announce exactly where you are going to attack next BEFORE you've dealt with Ukrainian resistance in Donbas."

In a separate tweet, he wrote: "Why announce plans to create a land bridge to #Transnistria while most of your forces are not even there and are clearly set to encircle UA troops in around Kramatorsk area."

Minnekeav's remarks come amid widespread condemnation of Russia's repeated push to invade Ukraine. In fact, on Friday, the United Nations Human Rights Office, per The Beast, also weighed in on Russia's attack on Ukraine describing it as a “'horror story of violations against civilians' that shows no sign of abating."


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