Mitch McConnell torched for leaving out 'key detail' in Supreme Court op-ed

Mitch McConnell torched for leaving out 'key detail' in Supreme Court op-ed
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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-Ky.) Is facing blowback for his latest op-ed criticizing the possibility of Democrats adding U.S. Supreme Court Justice seats. The lawmaker left one glaring detail out of his rant.

In his op-ed published by The Washington Post on Thursday, November 11, McConnell condemned the idea of Democratic lawmakers adding additional justice seats to ultimately tilt the majority in their favor. Leaning on the ideology of "judicial independence," McConnell framed his argument as if Democrats would be tampering with the U.S. Constitution by taking such an unprecedented step.

"Judicial independence is as fragile as it is important. The Framers of our Constitution took great pains to protect it," McConnell wrote, as he demanded that Democratic lawmakers "leave the Supreme Court alone."

"Every single American deserves every possible guarantee that they will receive impartial justice," he added. "It would be beyond reckless for Democrats to smash this centuries-old safeguard in a fit of partisan pique."

McConnell went on to offer his take on the role and responsibilities of the Senate and Supreme Court justices.

"We Senate exists to defeat shortsighted proposals and protect our institutions from structural vandalism. That is our job,” McConnell also wrote. “The American people need their judges to do theirs: follow the law wherever it may lead, independent and unafraid.'

McConnell also expressed concern about the possible of Democrats doing away with life tenure for U.S. Supreme Court justices.

"Even as the political left tries to spin the cancellation of life tenure as a half-step back from an even crazier opening bid, term limits would still be institutional vandalism," McConnell wrote in the Post. "If a Republican administration came anywhere near flirting with such a proposal, the outrage from liberals would have been deafening."

But despite McConnell's rant, HuffPost reporter Nick Visser points out the fact that the Kentucky lawmaker contradicted himself because he is guilty of the same politically ambitious goal he is accusing Democrats of even considering.

"The Senate minority leader failed to mention his years-long campaign to strong-arm the nation's judiciary to the right," Visser wrote.

He also recalled the most recent situation where McConnell and Senate Republicans moved forward with their own agenda despite outrage from the opposing party. Last year, they expedited adding Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the bench and did so in record time.

"There was, in fact, outrage last year during Barrett's confirmation, but McConnell didn't heed it," Visser wrote.

He also explained why McConnell's current argument is relatively frivolous.

"Regardless of what the panel recommends, any change to the Supreme Court faces an improbable battle," Visser added. "Democrats hold the slimmest of majorities in the Senate, with several caucus members vocally saying they wouldn't vote to expand the court or abolish the Senate filibuster rules."

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