'You were impeached over that': Trump hints he will stop U.S. aid to Ukraine if elected

'You were impeached over that': Trump hints he will stop U.S. aid to Ukraine if elected

During CNN's town hall with former President Donald Trump Wednesday night, an attendee asked the 2024 hopeful whether he'd continue sending aid Ukraine in the war against Russia if elected president again.

Journalist Aaron Rupar shared a clip of the question, including Trump's response, writing, "Trump indicates he is opposed to more military aid to Ukraine."

A town hall attendee asked the former president, "The current administration has made it clear that we should continue to provide military equipment to Ukraine so they can defend themselves; Do you support this decision? And how would you deal with the increasing threat posed by Vladimir Putin?"

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The 2024 hopeful replied, "Thank you very much...that's really nice. That's an important question."

He continued, We're giving away so much equipment, we don't have ammunition for ourselves... If I were president, this would've never happened, and even the Democrats would admit that. Putin knew, it would've never happened."

CNN host Kaitlain Collins attempted to ask him, "Which Democrats said that, Mr. President?" but the former president kept talking.

Trump went on, "Here's the thing...We've given so far $171 billion. They've given — 'they' meaning European Union which is approximately the same size as our economy....They've given about 20 (billion). You don't have to know too much about history or geography to realize that they're a little bit more effective than we are, so they've gotta put up more money, because they've taken advantage of us like every other country did, that's why I ended NAFTA."

Collins interrupted, saying, "But on this issue, Mr. President — actually, I don't know any Democrats who said they don't believe Putin wouldn't have invaded if you were president — but the question is 'Would you continue to give Ukraine money if you're elected?' What's your answer?"

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Trump replied, "I have a very good relationship with President Zelenskyy because as you know he backed me up with the phony impeachment — impeachment hoax number one — when he said 'the president didn't do anything wrong' so I happen to like him... I was totally exonerated by the way."

Collins emphasized, "You were impeached over that, but let's stay on topic here, Mr. President."

Watch the video below or at this link.

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