'Such a pathetic hateful person': Lauren Boebert buried for tweeting unprovoked attack on immigrants

'Such a pathetic hateful person': Lauren Boebert buried for tweeting unprovoked attack on immigrants
WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 29: U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) questions Office of Management and Budget Director Shalanda Young during a House Committee on the Budget hearing The Presidents Fiscal Year 2023 Budget in the Canon House Office Building on March 29, 2022 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Rod Lamkey - Pool/Getty Images).

United States Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) launched an unprovoked and vacuously shallow attack on undocumented immigrants on Sunday afternoon, firing off a quartet of prejudicial tropes.

"Illegals have more rights than citizens. Squatters have more rights than homeowners," tweeted Boebert. "Deport the illegals. Evict the squatters."

If Boebert's intent was to garner attention, she succeeded.

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Dave Weissman: "Now you're just making crap up for clicks and likes."

B.E. Commander: "I so declare Boebert is both an illegal and a squatter in the US Congress, under the 14th Amendment, Insurrectionist clause!"

Alex: "Well, I guess it's settled then! Let's just toss out the Constitution and the rule of law, and go straight for mob justice! After all, who needs pesky things like human rights and due process when you can just demonize entire groups of people and ignore the complexities of social and economic issues? Amazing, Ms. Boebert, your simplistic and inflammatory rhetoric is truly an inspiration to us all."

Beach Bum: "Aren't you embarrassed supporting a seditious, treasonous, criminal, conman who pays hush money to porn stars and lies to cover up his indecency and corruption? You should be!"

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Joshua@Seattle: "I've a better idea, Lauren. Hey, Colorado, VOTE OUT Lauren Boebert!!! She's an EMBARRASSMENT to our entire country!!! (Did we EVER have this kind of division and hostility BEFORE Donald Trump?)"

A to the Z: "According to the GQP rich former presidents have more rights than citizens and are above the law. Deport the GQP and keep the immigrants."

Robert VOTE Dominic: "Stoke fear in everyone. No plans, no platform, no real ideas. Just 'we have to get 'them.''"

Jeannette Webber: "'Illegals'?? Oh ye woman of faith, you are talking about PEOPLE! Ephesians 2:19"

Ray Doherty: "Another reminder there is no such thing as an illegal person."

Meidas Rick: "America has 3.6% unemployment with 11 million undocumented workers. Deport them and your groceries will triple because nobody will pick the fruits and vegetables or work in meat plants. And taxes they pay won't fill the coffers."

Serena: "That makes sense why they are making it legal for children to work. Clever stuff."

Renegade Cowboy: "Says the lady that illegally used campaign funds to pay her rent and utilities."

DD: "Says the one that claimed she has to stand in line for cheese handouts as a child. Such a pathetic hateful person with a rap sheet. This one is all yours Republicans. You should be embarrassed."

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