'It's simple. They love each other': President Joe Biden recalls his endorsement of same-sex marriage

'It's simple. They love each other': President Joe Biden recalls his endorsement of same-sex marriage
WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 09: U.S. President Joe Biden walks on the South Lawn after he arrived at the White House on March 9, 2023 in Washington, DC. President Biden has returned from Philadelphia to release his Budget for Fiscal Year 2024. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images).

In 2012, then-Vice President Joe Biden endorsed same-sex marriage as President Barack Obama's reelection campaign was getting underway. Now, more than a decade later, Biden revealed to The Daily Show what led to his change of heart.

"I'm curious what your evolution was like on marriage equality and what the federal government might be able to do to protect LGBTQ Americans, especially trans kids, who are dealing with all these regressive state laws that are popping up right now," correspondent Kal Penn asked of the president.

"I can remember exactly where my, uh, epiphany was," Biden began.

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"Hadn't thought much about it, to tell you the truth, and I, I was a senior in high school and my dad was dropping me off. I remember about to get out of the car and I looked to my right and two well-dressed men in suits kissed each other. I mean, they gave each other a kiss. And then one went, looked like he was heading to the DuPont building, and one looked like he headed to the Hercules Corporation building. And I never forget, I turned and looked to my dad, and he said, 'Joey, it's simple. They love each other. It's simple,'" Biden recalled.

"No, I'm not joking," he told a slightly surprised Penn. "It's simple. They love each other and it's never been – it's never been – it's just that simple. It doesn't matter whether it's, whether it's same-sex or a heterosexual couple, you should be able to be married. What is the problem? So listen to your auntie and your uncle. Get married. Do it now. Don't wait."

Biden then admonished right-wing attacks on trans kids and gender equality.

"Uh, transgender kids is a really harder day thing. What's going on in Florida is, as my mother would say, close to sinful. I mean, it's just terrible what they're doing. It's not like, you know, a kid wakes up one morning and says, you know, I decided I want to become a man, or I want to become a woman, or I want to cha I mean, what, what, what, what are they thinking about?" Biden said. "They're human beings. They love, they have feelings, they have inclinations that are, I mean, it, it just to me is, I don't know. It's cruel. And the way we do it is we make sure we pass legislation like we passed on same-sex marriage. You mess with that, you're breaking the law and you're gonna be held accountable."

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Watch below or at this link.

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