Schumer Unveils Marijuana Decriminalization Bill That Would Establish Funding Stream for Women and Minority-Led Pot Businesses

High there, millennial voters.

Photo Credit: C-SPAN2

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on Wednesday unveiled a federal marijuana decriminalization bill that would respect states’ rights to regulate and sell cannabis and establish a dedicated funding stream for businesses run by women and minorities.

According to an outline of Schumer’s proposal, his bill “would maintain federal law enforcement’s authority to prevent marijuana trafficking” between states while also “[respecting] states’ rights” to legalize pot. 

The bill would also “establish dedicated funding streams to be administered by the Small Business Administration” for enterprising women and people of color, authorize $250 million to highway safety research and invest $500 million for the Secretary of Heath and Human Services to assess legalized marijuana’s impact on public health. 

In addition, Schumer’s bill would regulate marijuana advertising in a manner similar to tobacco and “grant programs to encourage state and local governments to administer, adopt, or enhance engagement of scaling programs for marijuana possession convictions.”

Read the full outline below:

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