'They’re not gonna give you anything': Chris Cuomo shuts down Mike Lindell’s Fox News conspiracy

'They’re not gonna give you anything': Chris Cuomo shuts down Mike Lindell’s Fox News conspiracy
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MyPillow Chief Executive Officer and unrelenting 2020 election conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell has accused Fox News of participating in a nefarious scheme to steal the contest from former President Donald Trump, even though no such scenario ever took place.

The conservative network's call that now-President Joe Biden had defeated Trump in Arizona – winning its eleven Electoral College votes – has remained a thorn in the side of Trump and other denialists who refuse to accept that he lost the state. Failed Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is arguably the most vocal example.

Similarly, Lindell has yet to abandon his debunked campaign to have Biden's victory overturned, despite facing a massive defamation lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems, which settled a parallel case with Fox News for $787.5 million earlier this month.

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"I will never back down, ever, ever, ever," Lindell told The New York Times on April 6th. "They can't deny it. Nobody can deny it," he added of Dominion, whom he alleges aided in the plot to take the election away from Trump.

This is the narrative that Lindell pushed on Thursday night's edition of Cuomo. Without providing substantive evidence, Lindell argued that Fox News perverted the election. News Nation host Chris Cuomo, however, refused to indulge Lindell's rotten red herring.

"I believe it is not about the law. I believe it's about politics and persuasion, that's why I wanted to see – Fox is not gonna be selling what you want it to sell when it comes to our elections. That's what this settlement means. That's why I'm asking whether or not you'll still support him," Cuomo wondered, referring to Trump's 2024 White House bid.

Lindell lost it.

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"Fox's candidate is Ron DeSantis," he declared of the Republican Florida governor. "Fox's settlement – Fox did this settlement, Chris I've said it from the get-go – I believe Fox played a big part in this election crime, because back then, they called Arizona early. They've did – they've made a – Smartmatic sued Fox News on February 4th of 2021. That started lawfare in this whole country. Since that time, people like me have not been able to go on any conservative media and talk about our election. They didn't even talk about 2000 Mules, which had nothing to do with electronic machines. So Fox has been suppressing, for some reason, and they make this deal with Dominion? This backdoor deal? Gimme a break."

Cuomo set the record straight.

"Yeah, they made the deal with Dominion. They made the deal with Dominion because they were caught and they knew it was only gonna get only worse. Sixty-one outta sixty-two vettings of these issues have gone against – but sixty-one outta sixty-two have been lost, and the one that wasn't was held in abeyance," he noted.

Lindell doubled down.

"Chris, Chris, Chris. I've subpoenaed Fox. I have subpoenaed Fox for ev – they've never asked me for the evidence. We posted on FrankSpeech. Anyone can go and look at it. They've – Fox News has never subpoenaed me for the evidence," he bellowed.

"Of course they didn't want the evidence," Cuomo quipped.

"We have subpoenaed Fox for their evidence but they won't give us anything. They won't give us anything. We're going to the judges..." Lindell continued until Cuomo cut him off.

"Well, they're not gonna give you anything. But Mike, Mike, they do not produce evidence of the nonexistence of the election being rigged," Cuomo said. "And they did more than anybody else did to fuel the speculation, which is how they got jammed up with Dominion."

Watch below via Mediaite or at this link.

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The New York Times' full interview with Lindell is available here (subscription required).

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