'They did nothing wrong': Mike Lindell loses it over Fox News’ 'strange' Dominion settlement

'They did nothing wrong': Mike Lindell loses it over Fox News’ 'strange' Dominion settlement

MyPillow Chief Executive Officer Mike Lindell is skeptical of Fox News' settlement with Dominion Voting Systems, and labeling it a "dirty deal."

During an episode of Lindell TV's The Lindell Report, the Republican CEO said "there's some kind of strange things behind" the news organization's settlement, considering "they did nothing wrong."

He asked, "This little settlement that Fox did, do I think that there's some kind of strange things behind that? A company that called Arizona early, that never reached out to me for any evidence, you know, and then they make this settlement over here."

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He then emphasized, "I think there's more coming."

Lindell continued, "It's just very strange that you don't take the route that, hey, let's see if there was evidence, let's see the evidence, and instead of just playing lawfare and then you don't even ever talk or even have anybody on about things that are going on right now, currently."

Media Matters for America reports:

In addition to being sued by Dominion himself, Lindell made a notable appearance in the company's case against Fox. Dominion argued that Fox knew Lindell would spread conspiracy theories about Dominion when the network invited him on in January 2021, which Lindell did, and later said he 'had to' do.

"Even if Dominion or Smartmatic or any of them offered me a billion dollars, I would say no," Lindell said. "Your machines are going to go bye-bye."

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He continued, "Fox News, whatever they did, they chose to take a different direction and make a dirty deal with Dominion."

His rant didn't end there.

"[The settlement is] a big distraction," the CEO added. "This is all timed. It's almost like, it's like, what? You make a deal, a dirty deal with Dominion, and give them money? For what? The public isn't — doesn't buy it."

He asserted, "There's something that went on. It doesn't even make sense, they did nothing wrong. They did nothing wrong other than Smartmatic, remember, sued Fox on February 4th of 2021. Where's that lawsuit?"

Watch the videos below or at this link.

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