Ex-Army general blasts McConnell for claiming Biden isn’t sharing info on shot down objects

Ex-Army general blasts McConnell for claiming Biden isn’t sharing info on shot down objects
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Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is taking heat after standing on the floor of the U.S. Senate and attacking President Joe Biden over the four objects the Pentagon has now shot down, including three just this weekend.

“The administration has still not been able to divulge any meaningful information about what was shot down,” McConnell claimed Monday afternoon. “What in the world is going on? Has the Biden administration just dialed the sensitivity of our radars all the way up? If so, what are these objects that we are just now noticing for the very first time?”

McConnell is incorrect.

“The U.S. has now collected 510 reports of unidentified flying objects, many of which are flying in sensitive military airspace,” The Associated Press reported in January. “While there’s no evidence of extraterrestrials, they still pose a threat, the government said in a declassified report summary.”

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He was not finished fear-mongering.

“Are they benign science projects and wayward weather balloons? Or something more nefarious that we’ve somehow been missing all this time. President Biden owes the American people some answers. What are we shooting down? Where did they come from? Whether they are hostile or not, is there coherent guidance about when to shoot them down?”

McConnell is pursuing the same plan as practically every other elected Republican in the House and the Senate, asking questions they already know the answers to, in an attempt to attack President Biden.

Mark Hertling, the former Commanding General of United States Army Europe and the Seventh Army under President Barack Obama responded to McConnell’s attack.

“I’m confused,” Hertling tweeted. “Congress was briefed,” he said. Pointing to the National Security Council’s spokesperson, Admiral John Kirby, Hertling noted he “gave an hour briefing providing extensive information & answering every reporter’s Q’s. Said ‘as we learn more & recover the objects, we’ll provide more info.'”

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Hertling also noted Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken also provided information “on what they know/did.”

Secretary Austin on Monday promised to “get to the bottom of it,:” and said: “We’ve not recovered any debris from the three most recent shoot downs…our policy hasn’t changed. We will evaluate each an every event on its own merits…”

Even Fox News on Monday reported Sec. Austin said, “While authorities don’t yet know what the objects are, they are not a threat.”

Last week every member of the House and Senate was invited to a classified briefing on China and the spy balloon. The other three objects were shot down over the weekend, and the full Senate will receive a classified briefing at 10 AM Tuesday and another classified briefing on China on Wednesday.

In addition to all that, CNN reports the Pentagon already sent lawmakers a memo on at least one of the objects it shot down over the weekend.

“The unidentified flying object shot down in Canadian airspace on Saturday appeared to be a ‘small, metallic balloon with a tethered payload below it,’ according to a Pentagon memo sent to lawmakers on Monday and obtained by CNN.”

In addition to all that, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) released five memos on the UAPs/UFOs between Saturday and Sunday, stating clearly what they had done.

And the Dept. of Defense Monday released photos of part of the recovered China spy balloon.

See the videos and photos above or at this link.

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