'Like a cover-up': Mike Lindell says he will sue Kevin McCarthy for sharing January 6th footage with Fox News

'Like a cover-up': Mike Lindell says he will sue Kevin McCarthy for sharing January 6th footage with Fox News
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House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California) sharing forty-four-thousand hours of footage from the January 6th, 2021 insurrection at the United States Capitol exclusively with Fox News host Tucker Carlson has ignited fierce backlash from Democrats and sparked intense national security concerns among experts. But a new conservative detractor has emerged – MyPillow Chief Executive Officer Mike Lindell – who is deeply mired in litigation stemming from his debunked conspiracy theories that the 2020 election was stolen from then-President Donald Trump.

On Thursday's edition of ex-Trump White House chief strategist and twice-convicted felon Steve Bannon's show War Room on the right-wing network Real America's Voice, Lindell revealed that he intends to sue McCarthy to gain access to what he believes is evidence that will vindicate him.

"I got breaking news with *the* Mike Lindell. Mike, what's the breaking news? You've got something you're about to file, I know you're sending a letter, I think preserve your documents or you're talking about a suit that you got incoming. Can you get us up to speed on it?" Bannon asked.

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"Yeah it's as everybody knows, Kevin McCarthy and the gang released forty-four-thousand hours from January 6th to exclusively Fox News. Well, we're not going to sit back and let that happen. This is our First Amendment provision..." Lindell began before Bannon cut him off.

"But but but Mike, but Mike, but Mike Mike Mike Mike, but hang on. But Mike Mike, hang on, hang on, hang on. Of all the fights we got in the world, of all the terrible things going on, we're fighting on every different front, they're giving forty-four-thousand hours to Tucker because he's got the staff to do it. Of all the stuff that you're fighting everywhere, you're trying to get the machines out, you're running a company, you know, they're trying to destroy Mike Lindell. Why of all the fights that we got, why would you pick on the going up to – telling McCarthy he can't partner with Tucker?" Bannon wondered.

"Well because Fox, number one, Fox is going to sift through it and only put out what they want and I'm tired of them breaking our constitutional rights. We have to stand up with everything. Just because they're doing it everywhere, everything has to be addressed. I don't know why the media's not going after them. We are, at Lindell TV, we're going after him for the First Amendment provision freedom of the press. We're injured by not having access and then the other thing is the Equal Protection clause, discrimination by the speaker. You don't just give it – it's like a cover-up," Lindell responded.

"Why does just Fox get this? So they can cover it up even more? It's disgusting," he continued. "All of us, including War Room, we all need to see what's on those tapes and we need to see all of them. And we need to go through them. We're the press too. We're – why would you – it doesn't even make sense and this also goes back to my lawsuits with Dominion and others."

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Dominion Voting Systems is seeking billions of dollars in compensatory damages from Lindell, Fox News and its employees, as well as Trump allies for falsely alleging that their machines rigged the 2020 election in favor of President Joe Biden.

"There's a lot of cover-up going on where the two even kind of tie together out there but the lawyers say we were going to go after Fox to get it. And the lawyers – yesterday we had a big meeting – and they said no we're going to go right after the speaker, right after Congress, and I'll take it all the way up," Lindell said. "I don't care if I don't get it there. We're going to run this all the way to the Supreme Court. I'm tired of our violations of our constitutional rights, Steve. It's just not right. It's disgusting."

Bannon sought additional clarification.

"So you're saying that you want with Lindell TV, you'll put a team on it, but you want to see the tapes and videos the same time Fox sees it? You've got tons of respect for Tucker but just given everything that's going on in this situation, you want to lay your – you only trust your own lying eyes, right? You would want to see, you're from Missouri, you want to see all forty-four-thousand hours. I don't want to see some sort of curated version of that. Is that what you're telling us? And you're prepared to go to court for that?" Bannon queried.

"Yeah, that's right, and I consider this even like a block," Lindell replied. "Once again it's another block."

Media Matters for America noted that it "has documented how Mike Lindell's MyPillow is one of the biggest advertisers on Fox News, especially Tucker Carlson Tonight."

Watch below or at this link.

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