'Michael Knowles is a hypocrite': Right-wing pundit portrayed gay characters in multiple films

'Michael Knowles is a hypocrite': Right-wing pundit portrayed gay characters in multiple films
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Right-wing Daily Wire host Michael Knowles, whose talk show is supremely focused on the dehumanization of LGBTQ+ people, had no problem dressing in drag and portraying gay roles on film as an actor in college, according to multiple internet sleuths who discovered Knowles' past performances earlier this week.

Knowles' filmography is available on IMDB. Media Matters for America also has an extensive collection of Knowles' bigoted diatribes.

On Friday, March 10th, Twitter user Witches Truth Post stated:

What's this? 'A 2020 tweet from Knowles said, 'Drag is funny because men aren't supposed to wear dresses. It seems our deranged society no longer understands either of those facts.' via The Daily Dot.

Here is Knowles, in drag, before those comments & before calling 'for the eradication of trans people from society.' Michael Knowles is a hypocrite. Let's not even start with him trying to do this as a way to insult a congresswoman + Indigenous lives. OR actually, let's start. What do you have against the Indigenous?

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The next day, that same account shared another discovery.

OH NO: I've so far found a piece of a music video by Great Caesar - 'Don't Ask Me Why', where Michael Knowles plays a gay high school student who falls for another gay high school student that's being bullied for being gay.

It doesn't get more cringe than this when the message is a powerful one, but we see someone who wants to erase us starring in it. LGBTQIA+ / Trans Rights Are Human Rights / We Will NEVER Be Eradicated / Receipts Are Important.

Watch below:

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Then, on Thursday, March 16th, a snippet of Knowles portraying a gay man who runs an on-campus brothel in The House of Shades (2012) was posted to Twitter by an account called Right Wing Cope:

I just found an old short film that Michael Knowles acted in. The current headliner of conservative homophobia and transphobia played a gay twink. So much for restoring 'traditional masculinity.' The current strongest fighter for neonazism is Adin Ross, a Jewish dude and literal fart sniffer who's barely literate. The strongest fighter for homophobia and transphobia played a gay twink in a student film. They are NOT sending their best. To any college art teachers who are following me, please steer your white male students in the right direction. The last time a failed white male art student got into power, the Holocaust happened.

Watch below:

Watch the full version below via YouTube or at this link.

The House of Shades (student film)youtu.be

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