'I don’t have it': Gaetz unable to pony up 'agreement' with Speaker McCarthy that 'no one is disputing'

'I don’t have it': Gaetz unable to pony up 'agreement' with Speaker McCarthy that 'no one is disputing'
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United States Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) deflected during an MSNBC segment on Wednesday when The Beat host Ari Melber grilled him about a supposed policy agreement Gaetz struck with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California) back in January.

The conversation stemmed from the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden that McCarthy initiated on Tuesday. Republicans allege that Biden engaged in "bribery" but have offered no evidence to support those accusations.

"Wouldn't it be better to finally and fully, transparently release the whole thing so both your constituents, Republicans, and the public could see what now you claim is his violation of these assorted pledges?" Melber asked.

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"Yeah, I have no problem with that," Gaetz replied, claiming that Congressman Chip Roy (R-Texas) "keeps my copy. Tim Reitz of the Freedom Caucus has copies as well. But keep this in mind, Ari. No one is disputing the authenticity of the terms that I have laid out. You know, Kevin McCarthy has two hundred allies in Congress."

Melber cut Gaetz off.

"I'll let you finish on that..." he said.

"It's important. It's really important..." Gaetz fired back.

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"I'll let you get it. But Chip Roy? This is up to Chip Roy release your agreement?" Melber reiterated.

"Well, I don't have a copy of it," Gaetz said. "I know it exists, and no one is disputing the terms. So, you are, you are picking a fight here that not even Kevin McCarthy and his top allies quibble about. Someone in the press should ask Kevin McCarthy, 'Did you commit to a term limits vote? Did you commit to a balanced budget vote?'"

Melber responded. "We'll, we're asking everybody who will come on. Are you calling on Congressman Chip Roy to release the agreement tonight?"

Gaetz continued, "Well, I leave that up to him. I have no problem with it. If Chip Roy releases the agreement, you will find it is entirely consistent with what I've said. Matter of fact, Chip Roy was asked about the agreement at a press conference earlier this week, and he said, in fact, that all of the claims that I'd made about term limits, balanced budgets, and single-subject spending bills were, in fact, reduced to writing. Again, you're, you're, let's get to something that you, that people are actually quibbling about so we can have a more interesting discussion."

Melber answered, "Well, we're, yeah, we're going back and forth, but if it's your copy, as you say, if it's part of the agreement, you and this group reached, and we showed the sound, and you're talking about how important this all has been, why don't you get your copy released again?"

Gaetz said, "I just told you I don't have a copy. But no one is disputing this. And by the way, you don't even have to look at a written agreement because back in January of this year, these things didn't just emerge."

Watch below or at this link.

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