Former prosecutor outlines how Trump’s lawyers will likely respond to New York charges this week

Former prosecutor outlines how Trump’s lawyers will likely respond to New York charges this week

Americans still don't know the specifics about the charges against former President Donald Trump from the grand jury and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Media outlets have been working on getting the information and argue that cameras should be in the courtroom during the trial.

Those supportive of Trump believe that the case is a "witch hunt," and there's a concern that a conviction could prompt further conspiracies among his flock.

Renato Mariotti, a former federal prosecutor, states New York law prevents the case from being unsealed. So, even if the judge or Trump himself wanted to release the indictment, it's not likely it could happen. He thinks if it is revealed, it won't come until Tuesday.

"There is a public interest in knowing what is happening in legal proceedings," he explained about cameras in the courtroom. "And, of course, everyone has a right to a public trial, which is why the press can be present. My understanding typically in that courthouse is that there are cameras allowed in the hallway, so we would see him walk into the courtroom. We would also get to see maybe still photographs. They have one pool reporter [who] would have a still photograph. But there's an intense debate about cameras in the courtroom and a lot of judges don't like them because they believe the attorneys will showboat for the cameras..."

Still, he argued, he leans on greater transparency, not less. Trump has already made it clear that his lawyers will challenge everything, so host Jim Acosta wondered what the Trump lawyers are looking at specifically.

"I think they're definitely gonna look on the front end to untested legal theory," Mariotti explained. "So, for example, the standard of what the proof needs to be regarding [intention] to defraud is not fully settled in the court of appeals in New York. So, that's one where I could see a motion there. If this turns out to be very focused on campaign finance charges, which we don't know for sure whether or not that's the case, but if that turns out to be the case, I would expect a motion regarding that because there's really never been a case quite like this one. That is a campaign finance case under New York law. I could also see potentially, you know it, depending on if it's a tax, ultimately a tax crime that underlies this, there being a motion regarding, let's say, the allegations versus — regarding the extent to whether or not there's enough completion of a crime here regarding a tax fraud case under New York law. But I have to say an important thing to note, even if he makes those motions and he's denied, he will not be able to appeal them until after the trial."

In the past, Trump has made attempts to delay his trials as much as possible but in this case, there is no real option that will delay the trial for months at a time.

Trump also must return to the courthouse where he claimed police officers were "crying" when he was arrested. Police responded after the fact saying that it was a lie.

See the full conversation below or at the link here.

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