'No educational value': Florida permits schools to use right-wing PragerU materials in classrooms

'No educational value': Florida permits schools to use right-wing PragerU materials in classrooms

Florida public schools are now permitted to use right-wing PragerU's "conservative curriculum" in its classrooms, WESH reports.

The first state to do so, per Tampa Bay Times, a PragerU news release distributed earlier this week says the group aims to get "as many states as possible" to allow the implementation of its curriculum.

According to the release, "Thousands of American teachers and school board members have contacted PragerU desperate for wholesome, quality, engaging resources to help educate their students. They are sick and tired of curriculum laced with radical political agendas — from Critical Race Theory and gender fluidity to overt anti-Americanism."

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As a result of the conservative group's belief, PragerU claims to "create video, magazines and books to offer 'a free alternative to the dominant left-wing ideology in culture, media, and education.'"

While Chief Executive Officer Marissa Streit argues "parents have felt that they have been really pushed out of the education of their children," WESH reports, Tatiana Quiroga, a Florida parent and executive director of Orlando's Pride festival, is hesitant towards the new curriculum.

"This really makes me question where exactly is that separation of church and state," Quiroga said. "It's just very concerning as a parent and just starting to really question what my children will be exposed to when they enter the classroom. I am left with a lot of questions and concerns."

Additionally, according to a 2021 Education Week report, "Many educators support, to one degree or another, culturally relevant teaching and other strategies to make schools feel safe and supportive for Black students and other underserved populations."

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Florida Education Association's president Andrew Spar disagrees with the curriculum, saying, "It is clear that" PragerU has "a political agenda. It is clear they're not about educating kids. They're about promoting propaganda."

He argues, "The State of Florida wants to ban books, but they're going to allow a politically motivated program with no educational value,. It really goes to show where this administration's priorities are. Their priorities are not with the education of my child and your children. Their priority is certainly a political one."

WESH notes it is now left to individual school districts to decide whether Prager U's curriculum will be implemented.

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WESH's full report is available at this link. Tampa Bay Times' report is here. Education Week's report is here.

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